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NaviPower Gaming V2 Black case review

In one of the previous reviews we have tested NaviPower Gaming V8 White. Many readers have noted its improved functionality and a good ventilation system. However, such solutions are pretty expensive and not every user can buy it. The product range of Navicom company includes also cheaper gaming cases which also belong to NaviPower Gaming line. One of them is NaviPower Gaming V2 Black, which will be described more detailed in this review.

NaviPower Gaming V2 Black

The specs:




Gaming V2 Black

Case type

Middle Tower

Form-factor for motherboards

Mini-ITX / microATX / ATX




1 х 5,25 inch (external)

1 х 3,5 inch (external)

3 х 3,5/2,5 inch (internal)

2 х 2,5 inch (internal)

Slots for expansion cards


Max. length of graphics card, mm


Max. height of CPU cooler, mm



1 x USB 3.0

1 x USB 2.0

2 х audio outputs (headphones, microphone)



  • no

Installation opportunity:

  • on front panel - 2 х 80 mm / 2 х 120 mm
  • on top panel - 2 х 120 mm
  • on side panel - 2 х 80 mm / 2 х 120 mm
  • on backside - 1 х 80 mm / 1 х 120 mm
  • on the bottom panle - 1 х 120 mm

Power supply unit



Front panel is plastic

Tub is a steel with thickness 0,61 mm

Side panels are steel with thickness 0,63 mm


450 х 200 х 480 mm


5,1 kg

Producer/distributor website


Packaging and content

NaviPower Gaming V2 Black

NaviPower Gaming V2 Black case is supplied in carton box that protects it against mechanical damages and cracks. On the box you can find only company’s logo and model name. So let’s proceed to the content of the box.

NaviPower Gaming V2 Black

Set of delivery of NaviPower Gaming V2 Black includes:

  • set of fastening screws and support of motherboard installation;
  • clamps for cable bundle;
  • system loud speaker.

These components will be enough for assembling of NaviPower Gaming V2 Black.


NaviPower Gaming V2 Black

The model belongs to gaming line NaviPower Gaming but regarding the design it takes the second place after NaviPower Gaming V8 White. This model is cheaper due to the absence of inspection hole, stylish top panel, removable many-coloured strips. The only external component that makes similar to gaming cases is front panel.

The dimensions are standard (450х200х480) and have Middle Tower form-factor. It has only black color (there is no information about different colors on the website).


NaviPower Gaming V2 Black

Front panel is made of thick plastic and has high harshness. The bottom part is covered by metallic lattices with small cells. Dust foam filters were not detected as the flow of cooled air into case is provided via these cells. In our opinion the plastic trip in front of one fan is unnecessary. But on the other side it makes the case design more interesting and attractive.     

The top panel has a section for card-reader which is hidden over false panel. Also here you will find a place for optical drive. The second place is taken by “POWER” and “RESET” buttons, indicators of system and drive operation.

NaviPower Gaming V2 Black

We want to pay your attention that indicator lighting is moderate it means it won’t distract the attention during the hours of darkness for example during watching a film.

NaviPower Gaming V2 Black

The interfaces are presented by 2 USB ports (USB 3.0 and USB 2.0) and 2 audio sockets for headphone and microphone connection. They are placed on the top panel and have suitable access. Also there are removable plugs that cover each socket. 

NaviPower Gaming V2 Black

Towards the end you can find a hole with the size 23 x 12 cm that includes two spots for 120-mm fans.

The same vents (23x12cm) are on the bottom of the case. But in this case they are covered by removable dust filter mounted by magnets.

NaviPower Gaming V2 Black

Back panel has standard Middle Tower configuration: supply unit is at the bottom, fan size is 120mm. Also there are three outside hoses intended for liquid cooling.

NaviPower Gaming V2 Black

The left side panel is quite interesting because here are two spots for 80/120 mm fans mounting. The thickness of the steel sheet including paint layer is 0.63mm which in our opinion is an acceptable value for this level cases.

We didn’t have any remarks regarding harshness and build quality of NaviPower Gaming V2 Black. Everything is done at a high level: the panels are well fitted and you won’t find large gaps.

NaviPower Gaming V2 Black

Quite big four rubber legs are fixed on the corners of the case intended to protect from vibrations during computer operation. The height is 15mm and the air will be properly supplied even if the case will stand on pad.

Internal device

NaviPower Gaming V2 Black

The structure of metal part is quite the same as for the model NaviPower Gaming V8 White but there are some modifications. In particular you won’t find a plastic holder intended to support back edge of the graphics card. It is replaced recycle bin for by SSD-disks.

Despite the focus on mass user, metal part finishing remained at a high level. All inside items have well treated edge and covered with matte black paint. The thickness of the steel sheet is 0.61 mm. 

The manufacturer had used a separate system of recycle bin for the periphery. This will allow to install any type of available graphics cards. According to official data the maximum length of the graphics card should not exceed 360 mm. It means that even two chip solutions will be suitable. For example, the length of the graphics card AMD Radeon R9 295X2 with a hybrid cooling system is 307 mm.

NaviPower Gaming V2 Black

The bin with outside sections takes its proper place. Each section is equipped with special locks. It means that for fixation of optical drive and card-reader you should not use screwdrivers. In spite of the fact that the structure of metal part has two spots for 5.25inch devices there is only one external. The second one is covered by front panel with control elements of the PC.

NaviPower Gaming V2 Black

Lower bin has good arrangement. In comparison with various cases it is turned at 90°, i.e. faced to the user. In the bin there are 3 spots for drive fixing, each is equipped with special removable frame. In addition on the top you can install two SSD disks.

NaviPower Gaming V2 Black

Furthermore, each removable frame also has holes to mount 2.5 inch drive. As for the full-size hard disks, the installation process is quite intuitive and does not take much time. The structure is fixed quite firmly and without any gaps. At the points of drives contact there are rubber gaskets.

NaviPower Gaming V2 Black

Also vibration resistant elements were found out in spots of PSU mounting.

The set of NaviPower Gaming V2 Black delivery doesn’t have any fan although there are many spots for its installation inside the case:

  • on front panel - 2 х 80 mm / 2 х 120 mm
  • on top panel - 2 х 120 mm
  • on side panel - 2 х 80 mm / 2 х 120 mm
  • on backside - 1 х 80 mm / 1 х 120 mm
  • on the bottom panle - 1 х 120 mm

So if necessary it will be easy to organize an active inner air circulation or direct air blow-off of graphics card and near space.

Also the pervious review contains the information that the lack of pre-installed fans is not a disadvantage. It is an advantage. In this case you do not need to pay for the components that very often should be replaced in the first months of computer operation.

NaviPower Gaming V2 Black

The cables of ports and buttons are quite long. It means it is possible to get even the most distant part of motherboard. There is only HD Audio socket. USB 3.0 connector has USB 2.0 adapter.

NaviPower Gaming V2 Black

The tray of NaviPower Gaming V2 Black is quite the same as for NaviPower Gaming V8 White. Opposite to the CPU socket there is a big hole to install/remove coolers without dismantling the whole system. Also here there are many small holes to pack the cables.

NaviPower Gaming V2 Black

Between the tray and side panel the manufacturer had left enough space. If required you can put here all necessary cables. The side cover can be closed without any efforts.


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