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CPU cooler Noctua NH-C14S: review and testing

Many users will agree that when it comes to high-performance air CPU coolers, the first solution you think is Tower one. And this is a rule, because the vast majority of high-end coolers have a tower configuration. It should be noted the, at the end of 2011 the company Noctua has decided to break this stereotype and announced the cooler Noctua NH-C14. It is characterized by the horizontal arrangement of the radiator, and two 140 mm fans placed on both sides for the active removal of heat. 

Noctua NH-C14S

In 2015, Austrian engineers decided to release a similar solution, but with the prefix «S» in the title. Cooler Noctua NH-C14S is characterized by using only one fan, so its height is only 115 mm. At the same time the use of a massive radiator should have a positive effect on the efficiency of the device. And in today’s review we will lean this aspect.

The specs:

Producer an model

Noctua NH-C14S  

Support for CPU sockets

AMD Socket AM2 / AM2+ / AM3 / AM3+ / FM1 / FM2 / FM2+

Intel Socket LGA1156 / LGA1155 / LGA1150 / LGA1151 / LGA2011-0 / LGA2011-3

Max TDP level of supported CPUs, W





Heat pipes


Nickel-plated copper


7 (6 + 1)

Diameter, mm


Radiator material


Thermal interface

Thremal compound Noctua NT-H1 in syringe

Fan model

Noctua NF-A14 PWM

Fan supply voltage, V


Feed current, A



Supplied capacity, W


Max fan rotation speed, rpm

Excluding L.N.A.


Including L.N.A.


Min fan rotation speed, rpm


Noise level, dB

Excluding L.N.A.


Including L.N.A.


Power socket


Air flow, m3/h (CFM)

Excluding L.N.A.

140,2 (82,5)

Including L.N.A.

115,5 (67,9)

Fan dimensions, mm

140 х 140 х 25

Bearing type


Time before failure, h

150 000

Dimensions, mm

Excluding fan

140 х 163 х 115

Including fan

140 х 163 х 115 / 142

Weight, g

Excluding fan


Including fan


Warranty, years


Producer website


Product page

Package and content 

Noctua NH-C14S

Even a quick glance at the packaging lets you know firm handwriting of Noctua. It is not just about the familiar color scheme, but also the typical information content. Thus, the front side lists all the most significant advantages of the cooler Noctua NH-C14S, but only in English.

Noctua NH-C14S

A more complete list of the special features can be found in the back of the box: 

  • based on the award-winning NH-C14 - the base of the cooler is a precursor Noctua NH-C14 received more than 200 awards from various IT-sites and magazines. The letter «S» in the title traditionally shows better compatibility with neighboring slots.
  • C-Type top-flow design - the use of design typical for lineup Noctua NH-C provides good performance at low noise level and low heat sink, as well as additional cooling components near the CPU.
  • NH-C14S Features Low Profile Mode – the use of low-profile mode (when placing the fan under the heatsink) makes the cooler very low (height of only 115 mm) and allows its use in the HTPC or small PCs.
  • NH-C14S Features High Clearance Mode - top arrangement of fan ensures free space under the ribs, which allows you to install RAM modules up to 70 mm.
  • NF-A14 140 mm premium fan - high-quality fan Noctua NF-A14 PWM with technology optimization Flow Acceleration Channels is used for active cooling using. Coupled with an improved heat sink it guarantees efficiency at the level of many productive solutions with two propellers.
  • SecuFirm2 mounting system - a proprietary mounting system SecuFirm2 provides excellent compatibility with all relevant platforms, allowing to install the cooler.
  • Offset design for PCIe clearance - in comparison with the Noctua NH-C14, the construction of new item has been shifted along two axes to ensure good compatibility with the upper expansion slot.
  • PWM support and Low-Noise Adaptor - bundled fan provides automatic PWM adjustment of the rotational speed of the blades depending on the CPU temperature, and complete L.N.A.-adapter allows forced to limit the maximum speed mark of 1200 rpm.
  • Compatibility with past and future sockets - the novelty is compatible with platforms Intel Socket LGA1366 and LGA775 mounting using Noctua NM-I3 (not supplied).
  • NT-H1 thermal compound – delivery set of the product icludes high performance thermal compound Noctua NT-H1, which received more than 100 different awards and recommendations from the world IT-editions.
  • 6 years warranty - Noctua offers a 6-year warranty on the cooler, which indirectly indicates the confidence of the manufacturer of the high quality of its products.

Noctua NH-C14SNoctua NH-C14S

One of the sides in nine languages, including Russian, duplicate these features, but in a slightly abridged form. On the second buyer can find the detailed specifications of the cooler and a list of compatible connectors, packaging and graphic symbol of its dimensions.

Noctua NH-C14S

Noctua NH-C14S

The most interesting is inside the package. Here all the necessary components are in little boxes. Thanks to the care of the Austrians the buyer will receive a huge set of a variety of useful items:

  • reinforcement plate for the platform Intel;
  • metal fasteners for different platforms;
  • set of racks, screws and nuts;
  • two brackets for mounting an additional fan;
  • screwdriver;
  • thermal compound Noctua NT-H1 in the syringe;
  • adapter to reduce speed (L.N.A.);
  • metal logo Noctua;
  • installation guide on different platforms (AMD, Intel Socket LGA115x and LGA2011).

The cooler is placed inside a cardboard damper, providing adequate safety during transportation.

Design and structure 

Noctua NH-C14SNoctua NH-C14S

The base of the radiator Noctua NH-C14S is provided by seven copper heat pipes of 6 mm in diameter, which have 66 aluminum plates. The latter have a thickness of 0.42 mm and are placed at a distance of 1.7 mm from each other.

Noctua NH-C14S

The radiator base is shifted relative to its center, which can be noticed due to different distances from the outer pipe to the edges of the plates. As stated on the package, these measures have been taken to improve the compatibility of new item with motherboards equipped with upper expansion slot (mainly for microATX solutions).

Noctua NH-C14SNoctua NH-C14S

Copper pipes are coated with nickel to prevent oxidation. And the use of solder at fixing aluminum plates should provide a good distribution of heat on the radiator.

Noctua NH-C14S

Noctua NH-C14S

An interesting feature of the design Noctua NH-C14S is the use of the seventh heat pipe. It is mounted on top of the base and is equipped with additional stiffening ribs, wherein radiator pierces only 2/3 of its length. When comparing the structure with precursor (Noctua NH-C14), it can be concluded that it is used primarily for providing radiator additional rigidity.

Noctua NH-C14S

Noctua NH-C14S

To improve the thermal conductivity of the pipes are soldered at the base. The latter has a size of 38 x 40 mm and is made of nickel-plated copper. Polishing is at the high level despite the absence of mirror shine. 

Noctua NH-C14SNoctua NH-C14S

Unlike its predecessor, using two round turntables here mount is designed to fit exclusively with the square profile propellers. The active air movement is provided by the 140 mm fan Noctua NF-A14 PWM. It rotates at a speed of 1500 rpm and uses LNA-adapter, this value is reduced to 1,200 rpm. However, even at maximum frequency manufacturer promises comfortable background noise (24.6 dB).

Noctua NH-C14S

Noctua NF-A14 PWM has absorbed all the most effective achievements of Austrian engineers. They include: the use of a self-stabilizing bearings of the second generation (SSO2), which ensures impressive MTBF (over 150 000 hours); acoustic optimization technology AAO (Advanced Acoustic Optimisation), which includes three components, positively affecting the noise level; technology Flow Acceleration Channels, the essence of which is the presence of specific channels that allow to reduce the noise of the vortex air flow and improve the efficiency of the fan. More information about these features you can learn from the corresponding review.

Noctua NH-C14S

The fan is fixed to the radiator with the help of two metal clips that provide good downforce. Do note that the delivery set includes a pair of similar fixtures intended for mounting a second fan.

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