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Thermaltake NiC C4 CPU Cooler: review and testing

In 2013 the range of CPU coolers of the company Thermaltake was expanded by the lineup named Thermaltake NiC (Non-interference Cooler) which includes six models. They differ in compatibility with a number of processor sockets and with overclocking memory modules equipped with high radiators.

Thermaltake NiC C4

The most productive in the series are models Thermaltake NiC C4 and C5. They have identical dimensions and are very similar in appearance, and the only difference lies in the application of 4 and 5 are heat pipes respectively. We hope we will have the opportunity to explore how much this fact influenced the difference in cooling performance data of the CPU cooler, and now let’s look at the solution Thermaltake NiC C4.

The specs:

Producer and model

Thermaltake NiC C4 

Support of processor sockets

AMD Socket AM2 / AM2+ / AM3 / AM3+ / FM1 / FM2

Intel Socket LGA775 / LGA1156 / LGA1155 / LGA1150 / LGA1366 / LGA2011

Heat pipes

Quantity, pcs




Diameter, mm


Radiator material



2 х Thermaltake TT-1225

Fan dimensions, mm

120 х 120 х 25

Fan supply voltage, V





Summed consumption current, A


Summed consumption capacity, W


Up to 7,68

Fan rotation speed, rpm

1000 – 2000

Air flow, m3/h (CFM)

Up to 168,5 (99,1)

Noise level, dB

20 – 39,9

Static pressure, mm H2O


Up to 2,99


3-pin (manual control of rotation speed)



Resource (MTBF), h

40 000

Cooling capacity, W


Warranty, years


Thermal interface

Thermal paste Thermaltake in syringe

Cooler dimensions, mm

With fans

160 х 150,3 х 93

Without fans

160 х 140 х 50

Weight, g


Producer website


Product page

Packaging and content

Thermaltake NiC C4

Thermaltake NiC C4

As the cooler its packaging is made mainly in the red and black colors. In this case, the manufacturer has taken care of its information content. So, on the front side there is an image of cooler, its name and the ability to remove the heat up to 220 W (especially useful for users who want to buy a processor AMD FX-9590 or AMD FX-9370 with the appropriate heat package). The icons at the bottom indicate about the application in the construction of two 120-mm fans and four 6mm heat pipes, as well as the support of the connector Intel Socket LGA2011.

The reverse side with the help of images describes the above-mentioned and many other benefits of new product.

Thermaltake NiC C4

Thermaltake NiC C4

Sidewalls contain a specification of the cooler and a list of the main advantages. In general, a buyer who appreciates the capabilities of cooler according the description on the package characteristics, this information will be enough to make a decision.

Thermaltake NiC C4

The set of delivery of Thermaltake NiC C4 quite enough to install it in a motherboard that supports the current sockets. It includes:

  • universal intensiveplate and metal fittings for different platforms;
  • set of screws, nuts and racks;
  • thermal paste in the syringe;
  • installation guide and a list of manufacturer's warranty.

As it can be seen, the list includes only the most necessary which should positively affect the final cost of the device.

Design and construction

Thermaltake NiC C4

Radiator of tower type incorporates four U-shaped 6 mm copper heat pipes that pierce 53 aluminum plates. The last have a thickness of 0.4 mm, and the distance between them is 1.6 mm. According to the manufacturer, the shape of the plates reduces air resistance and improves the cooling.

Thermaltake NiC C4

In the radiator the pipes are arranged not in a row, and staggered, allowing more evenly distribute the heat through the plates. The plates are threaded on the pipes without the use of solder. The pipes are covered with a layer of nickel, which not only helps to avoid oxidation of copper and drop of its thermal conductivity uring operation, but also gives the design a more holistic and sophisticated look.

Do note the presence of holes in the plates for the installation of fans using metal clips. However, in this case the bracket should be purchased separately.

Thermaltake NiC C4

Heat-conducting pipes are qualitatively soldered to the aluminum heat sink, which will effectively remove the heat.

Thermaltake NiC C4

The cooler base is nickel-plated and polished to a mirror finish that will help to increase the thermal conductivity between it and the heat-spreading lid of processor. Any defects, such as traces of processing or irregularities were not noticed.

Thermaltake NiC C4

For active air circulation there are two fans Thermaltake TT-1225. According to the information put on them, the manufacturer is Hong Sheng. Its mean time between failures is 40,000 hours. The result is a relatively small and is likely evidence of the application available in plain bearings.

Power cables of both fans are connected in one with 3-pin connector on the end to be connected to the connector of the CPU cooler on the motherboard.

Thermaltake NiC C4

An interesting feature of the turntables is manual adjustment of the rotational speed of the blades. For this purpose there is a complete controller with two end positions: Low and High, corresponding minimum and maximum available frequency of the blades. Range of rotation is approximately 270°, but rotated at 170° turntable running at minimum speed (1100 rpm) and only the last 100° allow the set desired value (up to 2000 rpm). Due to this feature to set a desired speed is more difficult because of the need for precise movements of fingers.

Thermaltake NiC C4

Thermaltake NiC C4

To mount the turntables black plastic fixtures are used.  In general, the fastening system seems to be quite reliable, and the radiator has openings for the propeller installation by means of metal brackets.

Installation process

The process of installing of the cooling system Thermaltake NiC C4 is described in detail in a complete guide that you can download from the official manufacturer's website. Below we will share own experiences, and start with a description of this procedure for motherboards with processors AMD.

Thermaltake NiC C4

Thermaltake NiC C4

From the start wet set the reinforcement plate. It is universal for different platforms that, firstly is very practical, and secondly allows you not to overpay for unnecessary details. Then we extend screws via mounting holes and build plastic rack.

Thermaltake NiC C4

For AMD-platforms are used the metal fittings. For their fixing nuts with curly heads are used.

Thermaltake NiC C4

After installing the processor and applying thermal interface we fix the radiator with the help of a plate with the inscription «Thermaltake». Note that for the correct installation of the plate there are small notches, and on the basis of the radiator are corresponding projections.

Thermaltake NiC C4

Thermaltake NiC C4

Cooler Thermaltake NiC C4 is fully compatible with all elements of the system board. There is an access to the memory slots, which will allow to install the modules of any height in all DIMM-sockets.

Thermaltake NiC C4

Thermaltake NiC C4

The cooling system looks harmonious, perfectly combined with our black and red graphics card AMD Radeon HD 6950. Do note that the height of the testing cooling system is 160 mm, which is not very much, but limits its application in a number of cases.

Thermaltake NiC C4

Thermaltake NiC C4

Installation of cooler Thermaltake NiC C4 on motherboards with processors Intel is also very simple. The procedure is identical: install the plate, screws and plastic racks.

Thermaltake NiC C4

To top of the resulting construct you need to install metal plates (for Intel-platform they are different in shape and arrangement of the holes, which allows them to provide compatibility with a number of processor sockets), and fasten them with screws.

Thermaltake NiC C4

Then install the processor, apply the thermal paste, put the radiator and pressed it to the plate and two screws. During mounting of the cooler you will use one tool a cross-point screwdriver of any length.

Thermaltake NiC C4

Thermaltake NiC C4

As in the case with the platform AMD, the cooling system does not overlap DIMM-slots, allowing to install the memory modules of any height. Also note the full compatibility and high heat sinks mounted on the elements of the power subsystem.

After installing the cooler do not forget to connect the fan to the power connector on the motherboard.

Thermaltake NiC C4

Thermaltake NiC C4

Complete system has a nice appearance. And if your motherboard and graphics card also have red and black colors, the combination of all the components will be more pleasing to the eye.

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