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AMD FX-6350 review and performance testing

Recently we have examined APU AMD A8-6500T which combines both computational and graphics cores. Such devices are an attractive solution for users who want to get a well-balanced home or office computer at the same time allowing to explore various modern games.

AMD FX-6350

This review will be devoted to CPU AMD FX-6350, which is representative of a high-performance line of AMD Company. It is not equipped with a graphics accelerator, but at the same time it has a fairly high speed and six computational cores. Nowadays AMD FX lineup has two six-core processor which are based on AMD Piledriver microarchitecture and included in the family of AMD Vishera:

CPU model

AMD FX-6300

AMD FX-6350

Number of CPU cores/streams

6 / 6

6 / 6

Frequency of CPU cores (Basic /Turbo Core), GHz

3,5 / 4,1

3,9 / 4,2

L3 cache memory capacity, MB



The maximum speed of supported DDR3 memory, MHz



Thermal package (TDP), W




The hero of the present review AMD FX-6350 has a quite high TDP level (125W) which significantly increases the demands on packaged cooling system.

Packaging, set of delivery and  packaged cooling system

AMD FX-6350

The main colors painted on the box are white and red. Also here is a stylish image in arrow format. In the center of the front panel there is an icon illustration of the processor. Lower there is an inscription which notifies that the CPU refers to AMD FX series and the prefix «Black Edition» indicates about its unlocked multiplier.

AMD FX-6350

AMD FX-6350

Traditionally on side face there is a transparent window which allows us to examine the labeling and country of origin without opening the package. On the bottom there is a sticker with data about base frequency of the CPU and the overall size of its cache memory. Next to it you’ll find a protective hologram and serial number.

AMD FX-6350

Inside the package there are: the processor, cooling system, sticker on the computer case and manual of brief installation. This set is quite enough to build the computer based on this CPU.

AMD FX-6350

AMD FX-6350 cooling system consists of two parts each of which performs a specific function. The first is a fan AVC DV07020B12U based rolling bearing with operating voltage of 12 V and current 0.7 A.

AMD FX-6350

The second part is more interesting because it is a fairly massive radiator based on 48 nickel plates. Heat is removed from a large copper base contacting with the processor through a thin layer of thermal paste and then is transmitted to the four 6 mm heat pipes.

AMD FX-6350

AMD FX-6350

AMD FX-6350

Heat pipes are soldered to both fan edges and to a copper base, which should positively affect the efficiency of the cooling system. Also it’s important to note that they are nickel-coated and this can lead to oxidation during operation.

In any case you should pay attention that the tested processor has enough high TDP level (125W), so if you build a computer based on this element you need to take care about the correct blowing through the case fans. This operation will promote the release of the heated air outside the system unit. A more radical option requiring additional investments is to buy a high-performance cooler and replacing of packaged cooling system.

Design and technical specification

AMD FX-6350 AMD FX-6350

Processor AMD FX-6350 has a classical case analogous to other models of AMD. According to the inscription at the bottom of the front side you can see that the chip is produced in Germany and the final building was made in Malaysia. As for the marking of CPU, after decoding it is possible to get a detailed picture of the device. In our case FD6350FRW6KHK has the following meaning:

  • F – Family AMD FX;
  • D – Workstation segment;
  • 6350 – Model number;
  • FR – Thermal package 125 W;
  • W – Processor Socket AM3+;
  • 6 – total number of active cores;
  • K –L2 cache memory capacity – 2 MB per each 2-core module and 8 MB of total L3 cache memory;
  • HK – Processor core OR-C0.

The specs:


AMD FX-6350



CPU socket

Socket AM3+

Basic clock frequency, MHz


Maximum clock speed from AMD Turbo Core 3.0, MHz



21 (unlocked)

System bus basic frequency, MHz


L1 cache-memory capacity, KB

6 х 16 (data memory)

3 х 64 (instruction memory)

L2 cache-memory capacity, KB

3 х 2048

L3 cache-memory capacity, KB


Micro architecture


Code name


Number of cores/streams


Instruction supported

MMX(+), SSE, SSE2, SSE3, SSSE3, SSE4A, SSE4.1, SSE4.2, x86-64, AMD-V, AES, AVX, XOP, FMA3, FMA4

Supply voltage, V

0,888 ~ 1,404

Max design power (TDP), W


Critical temperature, °C


Technological process, nm


Technology supported

AMD64 (AMD 64-bit)

Virtualization (AMD-V)

Balanced Smart Cache

Wide Floating Point Accelerator

Turbo Core 3.0


On-board memory controller

Max memory capacity, GB


Memory type

DDR3 (frequency up to 1866 MHz)

Number of memory channels


Producer website


Unlocked multiplier of the product offers great opportunities for its overclocking and is going to check it in this test.

AMD FX-6350

AMD FX-6350

Using utility CPU-Z 1.69.2 we obtained detailed information about the AMD FX-6350. Including a full load, with switched on AMD Turbo Core 3.0 function the clock speed was at level 3913 MHz with a multiplier “x19,5”. Core voltage was 1.356 V.

In accordance with the algorithm of the AMD Turbo Core 3.0 sometimes the frequency raised to the maximum value 4200 MHz, and the core voltage was 1,404 V.

AMD FX-6350

After the transition to idle mode the multiplier value was dropped to the lowest value “x7”. This lead to reduction of clock frequency up to 1404 MHz. Voltage supply was reduced to 0,888 V.

AMD FX-6350

Cache memory in AMD FX-6350 is distributed as follows. L1 cache memory: 16 KB per core is given for caching of data with 4 associativity channels and 64KB per each of the three dual-core modules for instruction with 2 associativity channels. L2 cache memory: 2 MB per each dual-core module with 16 associativity channels. Also there is 8 MB of total L3 cache memory with 64 associativity channels.

AMD FX-6350

DDR3 memory controller runs in dual channel mode and supports modules with the effective frequency up to 1866 MHz. Also it can operate with low-voltage modules on 1.35 V and 1.2 V.

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