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Intel Celeron G1830 review and testing

With the release of the entry-level models Intel Celeron G1820/G1830, Intel Company has demonstrated that it is still interested in the market of low cost solutions which last months was occupied by another manufacturer of processors namely AMD Company. Confirmation of these words is the cost of new products which is approximately 42 and 49 USD respectively.

In one of the previous reviews we have estimated the capabilities of Intel Celeron G1820, now we are going to explore the potential the “older” model Intel Celeron G1830. Its clock frequency is 100 MHz higher than Intel Celeron G1820 but its price is $ 7 more.

Intel Celeron G1830

Packaging, set of delivery and  packaged cooling system

Intel Celeron G1830

Intel Celeron G1830 is shipped in a small box with predominance of blue and yellow colors. Packing is quite informative. Here you can find all the necessary information related to this processor model, namely the compatibility with the CPU socket (Socket LGA1150), the clock frequency of processor cores (2.8 GHz), the capacity of L3 cache memory (2 MB), the number of processor cores/threads (2/2), a series of integrated graphics core (Intel HD Graphics) and the warranty period (3 years).

Intel Celeron G1830

In the box except the CPU packaged in a plastic blister pack for extra protection you can also find the user’s manual and cooler.

Intel Celeron G1830

Nominal cooling system is the same as for the younger model Intel Celeron G1820 which is quite logical. Both solutions have the same level of TDP (53W) and similar characteristics. The cooler consists of low aluminum radiato, which is blown by low-profile fan Foxconn CNFN3466S1 with capacity of 2.04W.

Intel Celeron G1830

Cooler structure is quite standard as for low cost solutions of Intel: aluminum core with plates. Initially the base is coated with a layer of thermal paste.

Intel Celeron G1830

Heating of CPU Intel Celeron G1830 at idle mode

Intel Celeron G1830

Heating of CPU Intel Celeron G1830 at maximum load

For all practical tests we have used bench cooler Scythe Mugen 3. At idle mode the CPU temperature didn’t exceed 29°C and at maximum load 43°C. In both cases obtained figures are far from critical.

Design and technical specification

Intel Celeron G1830

Externally Intel Celeron G1830 is the same as previously examined models of the family of Intel Haswell. On the heat distribution cover there are: model name, its marking and clock frequency. Also it contains the information about manufacturing country (Malaysia). The reverse side contains the contacts for connection to Socket LGA1150.

The specs:


Intel Celeron G1830 



CPU socket

Socket LGA1150

Clock frequency, MHz




Basic frequency, MHz


L1 cache-memory capacity, KB

2 х 32 (instruction memory)

2 х 32 (data memory)

L2 cache-memory capacity, KB

2 х 256

L3 cache-memory capacity, KB



Intel Haswell

Number of cores/threads

2 / 2

Instruction set

MMX, SSE, SSE2, SSE3, SSSE3, SSE4.1, SSE4.2, EM64T, VT-x

Power voltage, V


Max design power (TDP), W


Critical temperature, °C


Technological process, nm


Technology support

Virtualization of Intel (VT-x)

Intel VT-x with tables Extended Page Tables (EPT)

Architecture Intel 64

Idle condition

Intel SpeedStep

Technologies of thermal control

On-board memory controller

Max memory capacity, GB


Memory type


Max frequency, MHz


Number of memory channels


On-board graphics core Intel HD Graphics

Uniform shader pipelines


Texture blocks


Rasterization modules


Nominal frequency GPU, MHz


GPU frequency in Turbo Boost mode, MHz


Maximum quantity of supported displays


Technologies and instructions support

DirectX 11.1

Shader Model 5.0

Intel Quick Sync Video

Intel Celeron G1830

Intel Celeron G1830 does not support Intel Turbo Boost technology e.i. at maximum load it operates with its nominal speed 2800MHz. The frequency reference is 100MHz and multiplier index was “x28”. The core voltage was 0.978V.

Intel Celeron G1830

In idle mode the multiplier index was dropped to “x8” which led to a reduction of clock frequency up to 800MHz. In this mode the supply voltage was 0,709V.

Intel Celeron G1830

Cache memory of Intel Celeron G1830 is distributed in the same manner as in the tested earlier Intel Celeron G1820:

  • L1 cache memory: for each of the 2 cores there are 32 KB for data with 8 associativity channels and 32 KB for instructions with 8 associativity channels;
  • L2 cache memory: for each core there is 256 KB with 8 associativity channels;
  • L3 cache memory: 2 MB for all cores with 8 associativity channels.

Intel Celeron G1830

DDR3 memory controller operates in dual channel mode and supports modules with frequency up to 1333MHz. Maximum memory capacity is 32 GB.

Intel Celeron G1830

Intel Celeron G1830 uses graphics core with codename Intel HD Graphics. It cannot boast with outstanding features, especially compared to the GPU of hybrid processors of AMD Comnpay. According to information received from the utility GPU-Z 0.7.8 it uses 10 unified shader pipelines, 2 rasterization blocks and 2 texture units. Nominal GPU frequency is 350 MHz.

Intel Celeron G1830

But for higher loads it can be dynamically increased up to 1050MHz.

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