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Monitor Dell UltraSharp UZ2315H: review and testing

For some time past the company Dell is active in the market of monitors, expanding not only the range of existing series, but also introducing completely new lineups. One of them is Dell UltraSharp UZ, which includes a new generation of multimedia solutions. It sounds pretty tempting and the recommended price of new products can also attract the attention: $ 329 and $ 350 for low-end Dell UltraSharp UZ2215H and Dell UltraSharp UZ2315H respectively; $ 565 for the older version of the Dell UltraSharp UZ2715H.

In our view, in regard the ratio "price/performance" the monitor Dell UltraSharp UZ2315H is the most interesting option for purchase. So we decided to start the review namely using it.

Dell UltraSharp UZ2315H

The specs:


Dell UltraSharp UZ2315H

Matrix type




Monitor size inch, mm

23 / 584

Visible screen area, mm

509 х 286

Screen format


Optimum resolution and frequency, Hz

1920 х 1080 @ 60

Pixel, mm

0,265 x 0,265

Brightness, cd/m²


Contrast Ratio (statistical/dynamic)

1000:1 / 8 000 000:1

Matrix Response Time (GtG), ms


Color numbers, M.


Horizontal scanning frequency, KHz

30 - 83

Vertical scanning frequency, Hz

56 - 76

Viewing angles (h/v) till the contrast > 10:1,°

178 / 178

Video output

2 x HDMI / MHL

1 x DisplayPort

1 x D-Sub (VGA)

Audio output

1 х 3,5 mm

USB 2.0


USB 3.0


On-board speaker capacity, W

2 x 3

Power consumption level, W


Additional capabilities

Presence of two speakers and 2 MP camera, touch control, monitor optimization for the software Microsoft Lync

Wall mounting

Yes (VESA 100 mm)

Dimensions (including stand), mm

564 х 361 (377 - 502) х 45 (180)

Weight (including stand), kg

3,5 (6,08)

Producer website


Product page

Dell UltraSharp UZ2315H

Packaging and content

Dell UltraSharp UZ2315H

Dell UltraSharp UZ2315H is shipped in cardboard box which provides protection from shock and possible mechanical damage. It is decorated in the traditional style of the company: a large picture of the device and the number of icons that report the main features of the monitor. They will be learnt in more detail in the course of the review, but now let's look at the package.

Dell UltraSharp UZ2315H

Dell UltraSharp UZ2315H

In includes: 

  • leg with assembled stand;
  • AC adapter 90 W (AC: 100 - 240 V / 50 - 60 Hz / 1.5 A; DC: 19,5 V / 4.62 A);
  • AC power cord;
  • USB-cable;
  • adapter cable from Mini DisplayPort connector to a standard DisplayPort;
  • cable with HDMI;
  • cable with D-Sub (VGA);
  • CD with software and documentation;
  • manual.

Do note a pretty impressive package. Especially we were pleased due to the presence of all kinds of cables. Even the top solutions often do not have such diversity.

Design and operation conditions

Dell UltraSharp UZ2315H

Design of Dell UltraSharp UZ2315H can not be called very refined. It seems like that the manufacturer primarily relied on the practicality of the monitor, not on the appearance. Especially clearly it is seen when looking at its dimensions. Dell UltraSharp UZ2315H with 23-inch screen was larger compared with the 24-inch solutions visited our test lab. The reason is a thick frame (about 3 cm), which surrounds the display. But it greatly increases the strength and durability of the housing. In some cases, this factor is more in demand than the design (for example, in schools or offices). The plastic is matt and painted black. The outer part of the display is protected by scratch-resistant anti-reflective coating.

Dell UltraSharp UZ2315H

We pleased the build quality of the case: all the panels are perfectly processed and fitted tightly to each other. Using silver legs, absence of sharp corners and smooth lines of the back panel slightly hide the austere exterior of conceal the body. Therefore, the design cannot be called “dull”. More suitable word is "strict".

Separately want to note the small thickness of the housing (42 mm). An important role played the use of a matrix with a relatively small diagonal of 23" and an external power supply unit. After removing the leg, you can access the mounting holes of standard VESA 100 mm. Therefore, if necessary Dell UltraSharp UZ2315H can be placed on the wall. The benefit is the weight of the monitor of only 3.5 kg.

Dell UltraSharp UZ2315H

Dell UltraSharp UZ2315H

Monitor leg is quite functional, which is important for office equipment. It can adjust the angle of the screen (-5°...+21°), its height adjustment (0...+125 mm) and spatial orientation (portrait / landscap)..

Dell UltraSharp UZ2315H

Also, it is possible to monitor the rotation around its axis by 45° in the direction clockwise and r anti-clockwise. Stand with a large footprint makes the monitor Dell UltraSharp UZ2315H fairly stable on the table, and the use of metal structure in the leg eliminates rolling the display. By the way, its weigh with a stand is a little more than 2.5 kg. Looking at these figures, questions about its reliability should disappear.

Dell UltraSharp UZ2315H

Video outputs are presented by more relevant analog ports D-Sub (VGA) and digital interfaces DisplayPort and HDMI. And there are two HDMI-ports, and in each of them supports standard MHL. It allows you to connect compatible smartphones and tablets, using the monitor to display the stored content. However, technology of the simultaneous display images on the screen from two sources is not provided.

The maximum resolution is 1920 x 1080 at a frequency of 60 Hz. Type of used interface in this case doesn’t play any role.

Dell UltraSharp UZ2315H

Despite the modest appearance, the monitor is quite technological and functional product. In particular this applies to its multimedia capabilities. Model Dell UltraSharp UZ2315H is equipped with two speakers with total capacity of 6 W, two built-in microphones and 2-megapixel front camera. Thus you additionally will get complete set for video calls or video conferencing. We were pleasantly surprised by the sound quality of the speakers. Perhaps, Dell UltraSharp UZ2315H is the first product that correctly plays the bass among solutions tested in our lab. So if you do not have external speakers, a built-in audio system can easily replace them. Volume range is enough for watching movies or listening to music.

As for the front video camera, then there are no complaints. The process of shooting in the resolution Full HD (1920 x 1080) at 30 fps. The lens forms the image with the correct color and without any visible distortion, and the viewing angle to 72,4  is enough for its tasks. Even in the absence of ambient light (light is only on the monitor screen), the quality of the recording remains at a high level, there is only a slight graininess. In other words, built-in video camera is almost identical to its external USB-analog.

Dell UltraSharp UZ2315H

Audio output for headphones is on the side face of the housing. Also, the model Dell UltraSharp UZ2315H boasts of the presence of two ports USB 3.0, which are located near the video interface.

Dell UltraSharp UZ2315H

Controls are touch sensitive and traditionally are located in the lower right corner of the monitor. Inscriptions are pretty good read even in poorly lit room, so in the process of setting up the monitor should not have any problems. Moreover, there is a tip with a small icon. The only drawback in this case is the overly bright illumination of sensor elements.

Dell UltraSharp UZ2315H

A distinctive feature of the model Dell UltraSharp UZ2315H is the presence of additional "hot" buttons for video calls. However, they are optimized only for the software Microsoft Lync (analogue Skype). If you use other services the correct operation of the data elements is not guaranteed. But due to the fact that few years ago Microsoft Lync and Skype become friends, and customers of both platforms without any problems can communicate among themselves, the serious inconvenience to support only one type of software won’t arise.

Display menu and operational demonstration of proprietary technologies

Dell UltraSharp UZ2315H

Dell UltraSharp UZ2315H

Like many monitors of the company Dell, the model Dell UltraSharp UZ2315H has quite simple and intuitive menu: to the left are tabs, and on the right the contents.

The main parameters that influence the display of images on the screen are grouped in the sections "Brightness/Contrast" and "Color Settings". Traditionally it is offered to set the brightness, contrast and gamma. However, the usual scale for setting the balance of the primary colors (R, G, B) are absent.

Dell UltraSharp UZ2315H

The selection of preset modes is realized in tab “Color setting” from the submenu “Modes”.


During testing the hardware was mini-computer ZOTAC ZBOX nano ID65 PLUS. The full disruption of research methodology of the monitor capabilities you can find in appropriate material.

Dell UltraSharp UZ2315H

Dell UltraSharp UZ2315H includes seven modes: “Standard”, “Multimedia”, “Movie”, “Game”, “Paper”, “Color Temperature”, and “Custom Color”. First of all let’s look at the performance profiles obtained during the test, and then on the basis of the graphs in more detail analyze the results. Also note that for testing we have a monitor «A00», released in March 2014. We do not exclude the possibility that the market may have other variants of this model. Therefore, we cannot guarantee the comparability of results of different revisions Dell UltraSharp UZ2315H.






«Color temperature»

«Custom color»

White area brightness, cd/m2








Black area brightness, cd/m2








Contrast coefficient, х:1








Color temperature of white dot, К








Correspondence of color space with sRGB standard, %








Correspondence of color space with AdobeRGB standard, %








Average deviation dE*94 (E)








Maximum deviation dE*94 (E)








Average gamma








Power consumption, W








The maximum recorded brightness level of 202 cd/m2 doesn’t correspond to the claimed mark 300 cd/m2, although it is a significant disadvantage. After all, for the usual type of lighting, this parameter is often reduced to a level of 150 - 200 cd/m2. The only exception is the case when the direct sunlight comes on the screen. Here the lack of brightness will have its effect. However, such operating conditions are quite rare to be focused. If you spend a lot of time at the computer, it is advisable to use a profile «Paper». It is not perfectly tuned mode for reading, but will slightly reduce eye strain.

As for the level of static contrast, here we had a lot more complaints. Its maximum value was 393:1 and declared value is 1000:1. And this figure was recorded only in the selection profile "Movie", and in other cases it ranged from 273:1 - 325:1. So instead of juicy and rich images on the screen, you can get it duller version. Don’t forget that competitive models have a level static contrast around the mark of 800:1 or higher.

Model Dell UltraSharp UZ2315H has relatively low power consumption that does not exceed 22 W. Approximately the same figures has the solution with a diagonal 24" tested in our lab.

Now let's learn the color rendering.

Dell UltraSharp UZ2315H

CIE-diagram of profile “Movie”

Dell UltraSharp UZ2315H

CIE-diagram of other profiles

If we do not take into account the profile “Movie”, CIE-diagrams of other modes are very similar to each other. Slight shift can be observed in all control points, which leads to deficiencies in turquoise, green, blue and pink shades, as well as oversaturation of light green and yellow-orange areas. In numerical terms, this is expressed in the form of 85.7% - 89.7% color gamut of space sRGB. For normal applications, movies and games such indicator is quite enough. However, if you work in professional programs to process graphics, video or layout of publications, it is best to look for a monitor with a wider gamut (95% and above).

On the CIE-diagram of profile "Movie" red reference point is shifted to the zone of supersaturation, so in this range of shades you will observe the excess od colors. As for the other top points, then the situation is not significantly different from the above cases. As a result, after activation the profile "Movie", you will get the lowest gamut space sRGB - about 74.5%.

Dell UltraSharp UZ2315H

Diagram of main color and hue deviations from references in “Standard”, “Color temperature”, “Custom color” profiles

Dell UltraSharp UZ2315H

Diagram of main color and hue deviations from references in “Multimedia” and “Game” profiles

Dell UltraSharp UZ2315H

Diagram of main color and hue deviations from references in “Paper” profile

Dell UltraSharp UZ2315H

Diagram of main color and hue deviations from references in “Movie” profile

When measuring color accuracy in modes "Standard", "Color temperature" and “Custom color” we have recorded pretty good results. In all the above profiles the average deviation of dE*94 (ΔE) is 0.69 - 0.71, which is significantly less than the permissible level of 1.5. If we analyze the obtained chart, we can see that there are only minimal problems when displaying shades of black (90% and 80% saturation). Although in general such inaccuracies can be identified only by the equipment.

The worst was the mode "Movie", where color accuracy is significantly different from the reference samples. Though, most likely this is done deliberately to mute one shade and, conversely, to strengthen others.

Dell UltraSharp UZ2315H

Graph of RGB  level of “Standard”, “Color temperature” profiles

Dell UltraSharp UZ2315H

Graph of RGB  level of “Multimedia”, “Custom color”, “Game” profiles

Dell UltraSharp UZ2315H

Graph of RGB  level of “Movie” profile

Dell UltraSharp UZ2315H

Graph of RGB  level of “Paper” profile

As you can see, our hypothesis was confirmed. The profile "Movie" really has overstated blue component and on the contrary the red is understated. It is standard practice for such a mode, since such settings more naturally transmit color and the background. The fail of the blue curve is on the chart of profile «Paper», but we would like to see such a pattern in the entire scale, not only in the range of 80-100%. In this case, we would get warmer colors on the screen and would reduce eye strain during extended reading of the text.

In other cases, the balance of the primary colors is set up very well, and in the mode of "Standard" and "Color temperature" it is fine.

Dell UltraSharp UZ2315H

Graph of gamma-curves in profiles “Standard”, “Multimedia”, “Color temperature”, “Custom color”

Dell UltraSharp UZ2315H

Graph of gamma-curves in profiles “Movie” and “Game”

Dell UltraSharp UZ2315H

Graph of gamma-curves in profile “Paper”

After activation of the majority of profiles ("Standard", "Multimedia", "Color Temperature" and "Custom Color") we have underestimated the average value of the range and shift all three gamma curves upward relative to the reference line of black color. Thus, the picture on the screen will be duller than the original. The closest to the nominal value of 2.2 were modes "Movie" and "Game".

But here the state of the graphics is not perfect: the dark areas of the scene will not have the details of objects in the shadows and the brightest objects will look even brighter. It will be a kind of light of HDR-filter on the screen. Although, taking into account the relatively low level of contrast, this effect may be useful as it will make the image a little saturated.

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