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Samsung S27D390H monitor: review and testing

Samsung is among the top five of the world's manufacturers of monitors. Therefore, testing the data display, we simply could not ignore its products. Its lineup strikes by its variety: there are about 40 different names of the PC monitors. Familiarity with them we decided to start from the 27-inch solutions Samsung S27D390H, built on the basis of a matrix PLS the head of which is Samsung.

Samsung S27D390H

The specs:





Matrix type




Monitor size, mm

27 / 686

Visible screen area, mm

598 х 336

Aspect ratio


Optimum resolution and frequency, Hz

1920 х 1080 @ 60

Pixel, mm

0,31 x 0,31

Brightness, cd/m²


Contrast Ratio (statistical/dynamic)

1000:1 / -

Matrix Response Time (GtG), ms


Color numbers, M.


Horizontal scanning frequency, KHz

30 - 81

Vertical scanning frequency, Hz

56 - 75

Viewing angles (h/v) till the contrast > 10:1,°

178 / 178

Video output

1 x HDMI

1 x D-Sub

Audio output

1 х 3,5 mm

USB 2.0


USB 3.0


On-board speaker capacity, W


Power consumption, W



Function Samsung Magic Upscale to increase image sharpness on the screen, touch-sensitive control

Wall mounting


Dimensions (including stand), mm

625 х 376 (453) х 80 (210)

Weight (including stand), kg

4,3 (4,7)

Producer website


Product page

Samsung S27D390H

Packaging and content

Samsung S27D390H

Monitor Samsung S27D390H is shipped in a big cardboard box which provides protection against shock and possible mechanical damages during transportation. It is decorated in the usual for Samsung products blue and white colors. The front side has a schematic view of a device, as well as a list of its main features:

  • 27 LED Monitor - diagonal size of 27"or 68 cm, and the lights of the matrix by means of LEDs;
  • Full HD 1080p – support of resolution Full HD (1920 x 1080);
  • New Touch of Color (ToC) - corporate design of new generation Touch of Color;
  • PLS - modern matrix of type PLS with a good color reproduction and wide viewing angles is used;
  • Game Mode - the availability of special gaming profile;
  • HDMI - having a digital interface HDMI;
  • Windows 8 Compatible - compatibility with operating system MS Windows 8.

Samsung S27D390H

The set of delivery includes the following components:

  • stand;
  • leg;
  • AC adapter (AC: 100 – 240V/50 - 60 Hz / 1.5 A; DC: 14 V / 3.215 A);
  • cable with HDMI sockets;
  • audio cable;
  • mounting screws to fix leg to the stand;
  • CD with documentation and software;
  • user’s manual.

Separately we would like to note the presence of cable with HDMI interfaces which is quite rare item in the set of delivery.

Design and usage properties

Samsung S27D390H

We have already noted that the design of monitors is always under the care attention. Model Samsung S27D390H is a great proof of that. Looking at its design we thing about "amazing", "excellent" and "elegant" words. Slim case with narrow frame visually increases the screen size (27") and the narrow translucent leg creates the impression that the monitor is over the surface of the table. The glossy panels and bezel made of transparent aqua plastic is a proprietary design feature Touch of Color (ToC). On the background of most competitive solutions, the model Samsung S27D390H looks very impressive and easy to fit into any room or office.

Samsung S27D390H

The power supply unit is outside the monitor so it has a relatively small case thickness (80 mm) and small weight (4.7 kg). The rear panel has no wall mounting so the model Samsung S27D390H can be placed only on the desk.

Samsung S27D390H

The leg also has the general style of the monitor - the same elegant and graceful. Its main part is made of a translucent material (such as hard plastic) of aqua color. Good firmness, of the monitor is provided by a broad base covered by glossy panel. In principle, the design is reliable, however, the use of thin legs still made some adjustments. So, pushing or hitting the table can lead to a swinging of small vertical monitor.

Samsung S27D390H

As for the functionality of the leg, it is small traditionally for the 27-inch solutions. In these screen sizes, many manufacturers primarily focused on reliability. In this case, the user can adjust only the inclination angle of the display between -1° ... +20°.

Samsung S27D390H

Video connectors are represented by analog D-Sub and HDMI digital ports. In both cases, there is a support of resolution 1920 x 1080 at a refresh rate of 60 Hz. Also note the audio output for headphones, and the connector to the computer's sound card is missed. That is, the sound is transmitted via HDMI interface. Recall that a D-Sub video connector does not support this capability. Built-in speakers and other multimedia options are not provided. While many users will find it as an advantage because they do not need to overpay for unclaimed functionality.

Samsung S27D390H

Buttons to control the display and navigation are located in the lower right corner of the case and are touch sensitive. Each of them is equipped with a small explanatory inscription, which is easy to read even in the dark. In addition, during the setup of the monitor the bottom of the screen always displays a hint in the form of icons. So you won’t lose in menu.

Display menu and operational demonstration of proprietary technologies

Samsung S27D390H

Samsung S27D390H

The menu has a fairly simple structure: the left side shows a list of tabs, and the right - their contents. The main sections are "Image" and "Color". Here are the settings responsible for brightness, contrast and gamma of the image. Also there is the possibility of manual balancing of key colors (red, green, and blue).

Samsung S27D390H

Samsung S27D390H

Another positive side of the screen menu is the presence of small explanations that appear when you select an item. Selection of preset profiles is performed on the section "Image" in subsection «Samsung Magic Bright». The mode "Game" also can be activated via a special button on the face of the monitor.

To control the technology Samsung Magic Upscale is possible via a certain menu item. This function in hardware increases the sharpness of the image. Following are photos of image patch on the screen by using different values of the parameter «Samsung Magic Upscale».

Samsung S27D390H

The function Samsung Magic Upscale is off

Samsung S27D390H

The function Samsung Magic Upscale is on

(“Mode 1”)

Samsung S27D390H

The function Samsung Magic Upscale is on

(“Mode 2”)

We have to admit that the technology works quite well and can be useful in different circumstances, such as when reading text from scanned pages and photos or while zooming the images with low definition. However, in games or applications that use 3D-graphics, the activation of this feature can cause artifacts when displaying thin lines and boundaries of objects. Therefore, to get involved in technology Samsung Magic Upscale still not worth it, and apply it only in those cases where it really helps to improve the image quality.

The monitor has five recorded modes: "Custom", "Standard", "Dynamic Contrast", "Cinema", and "Game". First of all let’s look at the performance of profiles obtained during the test, and then analyze the results on the basis of the graphs.




«Auto contrast»


Highlight luminance, cd/m2






Black area brightness, cd/m2






Contrast coefficient, х:1






Color temperature of white point, К






Correspondence of color space with sRGB standard, %






Correspondence of color space with AdobeRGB standard, %






Average deviation dE*94 (E)






Maximum deviation dE*94 (E)






Average gamma






Power consumption, W






With the exception of mode "Standard", in all cases the brightness was at the level 311 - 313 cd/m2, which is consistent with the claimed index of 300 cd/m2. Lovers of bright pictures should like it, but for the daily work in normal lighting this parameter can be reduced to 150 - 200 cd/m2, or use the aforementioned profile "Standard". As for the static contrast ratio, it also has a very high level 940:1. Thanks to this picture on the screen will have juicy and vibrant colors. Also the rate monitor power consumption is good. Depending on the selected profile it ranges within 16 - 27 W. These values are more characteristic for the 24-inch monitors than for the 27-inch options.
Note that there is no mode for reading of the text from the screen (with a lower brightness and contrast). Therefore, if necessary the appropriate settings have to be set manually.

Now let's learn the color rendering.

Samsung S27D390H

CIE-diagram of profiles “Custom”, “Standard”, “Cinema” and “Dynamic contrast”

Samsung S27D390H

CIE-diagram of profile “Game”

Color gamut of sRGB ranges from 89.7% to 91.8%. For everyday work such indicators would be sufficient. If we analyze the nature of the color gamut, in all cases there is approximately the same pattern: the lack of turquoise, blue and pink shades, and oversaturation in light green and yellow-orange areas.

Samsung S27D390H

Diagram of main color and hue deviations from references in profiles “Custom”, “Standard” and “Autocontrast”.

Samsung S27D390H

Diagram of main color and hue deviations from references in profile “Cinema”

Samsung S27D390H

Diagram of main color and hue deviations from references in profile “Game”

During measuring of the color accuracy were recorded the excellent results. The average deviation dE*94 (ΔE) shades from the standards in the modes "Custom", "Standard" and "Contrast" are in the range 0.38 - 0.41 with an acceptable value of 1.5. The maximum values were also quite low (the green color on the charts). Thus, Samsung S27D390H is perfect for entertainment purposes as well as for the graphics processing. However, it won’t replace the professional monitor due to incomplete coverage of the color palette of sRGB.

In the other two profiles color accuracy is not so good. In our opinion, this is due to the desire to emphasize or mute certain colors.

Samsung S27D390H

Graph of RGB  level of profiles “Custom”, “Standard”, “Game”, “Auto contrast”

Samsung S27D390H

Graph of RGB  level of profile “Cinema”

In most cases the balance of RGB in the preset profiles is good: curves of the three primary colors are close to reference line 100% (range 95% - 110%). The only exception is mode "Cinema". It traditionally has overestimated blue component to give the picture more cold aspect.

Samsung S27D390H

Graph of gamma-curves in profile “Auto contrast”

Samsung S27D390H

Graph of gamma-curves in profiles “Custom” and “Standard”

Samsung S27D390H

Graph of gamma-curves in profile “Cinema”

Samsung S27D390H

Graph of gamma-curves in profile “Game”

The setting of gamma range in profile "Dynamic contrast" is perfect. The situation is slightly worse in modes "Custom" and "Standard". Here is a slight deviation of gamma curves from the reference line. However, a large coefficient of static contrast hides this disadvantage.

But in the profiles of the "Cinema" and "Game" gamma setting is far from ideal, although we propose that this is done intentionally. In these cases, the detail in the shadows will be lost, making the picture more intense and dynamic scenes more "alive". The last will be especially important in racing simulators, as it will allow to dive into the atmosphere of the game. But during watching movies such effect would prevent the perception of the action.

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