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The Evil Within: review

Title: The Evil Within
Genre: Survival Horror/Action
Developer: Tango Gameworks
Editor: Bethesda Softworks
CIS editor: Софтклаб
Release date: 14 October 2014
Platform: РС / Xbox 360 / Xbox One / PS3 / PS4
Game website: http://theevilwithin.com

The Evil Within shines favorably against other projects in recent years: the game of the great masters from the moment of the announcement has intrigued by two big words «survival horror». Unfortunately, from this loud ligament now is only the first part, but still a breath of nostalgia in modern processing is better than nothing.

The Evil Within

The protagonist of The Evil Within, Detective Sebastian “Seb” Castellanos is sent to a mental hospital to investigate a strange occurrence: all patients and medical staff are dead, and the police were in a trouble. Having examined records of surveillance cameras, Sebastian stumbles upon an unknown person with a disfigured face, which in a matter of seconds deals with a formidable squad of commandos, and after a few moments is behind our sufferer.

The Evil Within

After cuff to back of the head Sebastian woke up hanging from the ceiling near the pile of bloody dead bodies, and he looks into the eyes of the local executioner. After being free the protagonist slowly (incredibly slowly) moving toward the exit. He only has to move to safe distance from the formidable enemy, when all head over heels, raise the alarm and detective turns into a funky victim who tries to save his life.

The game initially causes the protagonist to hide behind shelter, under beds and in closets, not getting on the opponent's eyes, as the preponderance of force is clearly not in favor of the authorities. Sebastian is weak, limp and can not run for more than three seconds, and the enemies catch up in a few moments.

The Evil Within

The Evil Within provides just fear for own life, which greatly exacerbated due to the incredibly uncomfortable camera and black stripes on the screen. It is impossible to spy the enemies from behind cover, since all the useful area of the monitor takes a clumsy body of Sebastian. Such inconveniences end exactly at the moment when the detective gets the first weapon and ammunition.

Component «horror» disappears in a moment, and we just deal with survival in this world. Each cartridge is worth its weight in gold, as well as the matches. Opponents are extremely hardy and do not die even from two shots to the head, and we can not say the same about Sebastian: he dies after a few punch.

The Evil Within

When you cannot hide and sneak, The Evil Within damn reminds Resident Evil 4: this will tell anyone who just stare looked the zombies. Hurry and running is another enemy of player in "Evil Within". The locations have various traps: streamers, gas and acid bombs, so hurry is better when the game requires it.

Defusing the traps allows you to extract valuable materials from there through which you can resupply ammunition to effectively and efficiently crossbow Sebastian. Firearm ammunition ends in a matter of seconds.

The Evil Within

The storyline is constantly going away somewhere out of sight and the logic of happening becomes unavailable for the player, occasionally flickering before the eyes until the final story. The rest of the journey is filled with strange detective walks in different locations, each of which affects its atmosphere and design. The developers did not go to extremes and gave full freedom of fancy flight: the piles of dead bodies, rivers of blood and vile monsters are really impressive.

On the one hand, The Evil Within stands out thanks to the atmosphere, well developed world and return to the golden time horror'ov survival, but the impression is spoiled by abhorrent camera, poorly designed and lack of narrative horror. Only one survival will not get off: Mikami fans expect another thriller, but actually get a new Resident Evil 4, though peculiar, with a noticeable influence of modern trends.

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