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Wasteland 2: game review

Title: Wasteland 2
Genre: RPG / Strategy
Developers: inXile entertainment and Obsidian Entertainment
Editor: Deep Silver / Бука
Release date: 19 September 2014
Platform: PC
Website: http://wasteland.inxile-entertainment.com

To tell the truth, Fallout won’t be available without the original Wasteland published in 1988. But cult status was given not the great-grandmother of post-apocalyptic RPG, but its descendants. It is unlikely that many of today's gamers can boast of personal acquaintance with creation of Interplay because of its venerable age. And despite the fact that the buyers can get the free original of sequel, not all of them will use it as this game is pretty ancient. So Wasteland 2 is perceived by current generation only in the context of Fallout. For more than three million dollars collected through crowd founding campaign, inXile entertainment could create a real old school diamond required in the gaming industry of XXI century.

Wasteland 2 is played as a guest from the past due to complete absence of gloss and newfangled features. It generously rewards those who are willing to spend a few hours learning skills and characteristics, followed by creation: from scratch, if you have enough playing experience, or through the selection of ready-made characters, if such experience is absent. It encourages those who carefully look at each pixel of the screen in search of secret places. And it does not like impatient players.

Wasteland 2

The most important thing is to overcome the initial disappointment caused by the starting lpaces when the atmosphere postapocalypse is not felt, and heroes have frankly boring tatsk. Over time, everything falls into place, and nothing can prevent the total involvement in the process.

Wasteland 2 brings back to life the forgotten feeling when RPG really provides a role, but not the aim to perform a series of missions on the way to the final credits. In ward you have the detachment of four Rangers, who are actually the law, but in the lands burned with radiation each has own law. No one will prevent you to follow geeks’ tastes and kill whole peace settlement for fun. This game has any scenarios down to the smallest dialog quests. That is why it is hardly to find two players with absolutely identical gameplay.

Wasteland 2

The creation inXile is far from to the scale of Fallout: New Vegas. But if the first can be learn far and wide, for the Wasteland 2 this trick won’t work. Depending on the behavior, decisions, skills and parameters of the group settings of fighters the player can not see the whole location, miss the line of quests and dialog options that lead to unexpected consequences. On the other hand, stake to non-combat abilities and you won’t defeat bit strong squad: ranger trying to fight with weapon will miss the enemy in 85% of cases.

Wasteland 2

You will constantly seek a balance between the skills. Skills are very much, and almost all of them useful. However the experience is issued extremely reluctant, so it is important to lean all at once. In addition, the game sometimes plays a dirty trick on. The joint fighter may suddenly leave the battlefield. At the same time, new characters have the same abilities as for the Rangers.

Wasteland 2

Internet is full of advices for speedrun, the selection of the ideal team and step by step solutions quests, but do not look at them at least on the first time. Wasteland 2 is necessary to develop a method of trial and error and numerous save/load. It is too late to blame yourself for the optimal solution; to become angry at insufficiently studied conversational skills; spend time for implements, redistributing resources between fighters and exchanging unnecessary thing for scrap (local currency); swear to overcharge the complexity of some battles and give all the money to good armor and weapons.

Wasteland 2

This game does not lead by the hand, not poking the nose into the right decisions and provides the player megabytes tips. If you are asked to find the thief, so it really has to be found, talking to the NPC and sweeping the area in search of clues. The lovers to skip dialogues and mindlessly shoot in all directions will finish the game, but they won’t feel the main charm of the project, concluded in conversations, jokes and funny dialogs.

Wasteland 2

The only thing that could spoil the impression are bugs. Due to such aspect the 2/3 of game part did not work correctly. But after two months, developers have already released a few heavy patches that fix most of the problems and continue to improve their creation. Newly Steam has fifty achievements, so now is the time to plunge into a wasteland of Arizona and the ruins of Los Angeles.

Wasteland 2

Fallout: New Vegas still remains the main post-apocalyptic role-playing game of the third millennium, but Wasteland 2 is lack up to it for two percent. This does not prevent the creation of Brian Fargo to be required to exhibit the collection of any connoisseur of the genre.

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