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Watch Dogs game review

Name: Watch_Dogs
Genre: Action
Developer: Ubisoft Montreal
Release date : 27 May 2014
Platform: РС\X360\XONE\PS3\PS4
Game website: http://watchdogs.ubi.com


The main character of Aiden Pearce is a hacker who can crack anything including the operating system controlling the city. He acts as crook who hacks ATMs, safes, electronic cash accounts, etc.

Watch Dogs

At one time or another time he crosses the road with the wrong people and everything sadly ends. After some period of time he returns to his craft, only this time the sense of all his work is a personal vendetta ...

Watch Dogs takes place in Chicago on a fairly large area. Externally the game tries to remind GTA, but, frankly speaking it is not the same: the city is empty and faded.

Over the street walk indifferent lovely girls sometimes screaming if you accidentally pull out a gun; cars are moving along scheduled scenario; in short, there is no sense that the city is alive.

Watch Dogs

Although there are some backgrounds to revive each moving object. Using a special application Profiler Aiden can learn everything about every person in the virtual Chicago, namely his name, occupation, earnings and disease. But this information is abstract: all people have equally frozen look radiating indifference to everything, and the hero is not interested in the obtained information: he can save the girl from the maniac and at the same time kill the mother with three children.

Watch Dogs

The feelings of traveling through the virtual Chicago are the same as traveling through the empty locations: city exists on its own and the only ways to interact with the player is designations of task begin and switching of traffic lights and barriers of police pursuit.

Watch Dogs

Much more interesting are the tasks. Most often they are aim to get into a room surrounded by a crowd of guards and steal, hack or neutralize some object. Since all important objects are connected to electronic system our hero can connect them with via personal phone.

And here we have several passing ways: take a gun and just shoot everyone, which is the most boring way; just sneak unnoticed or that much more interesting to use the delights of hacking.

Watch Dogs

Using the phone hero can overload transformers to burst them, to arrange various traps using improvised materials and electronic lock, to activate cranes, switch on the car alarm etc.

The most interesting are the missions of burglary for example, the servers. When being in the opposite end of the building the character need to get to the room using surveillance cameras. And the whole process became a quite exciting mini-game.

But in general, this is not what we were promised and showed two years ago at E3. One more unclear thing is what options were changed in the game since last extension of game release. There are a lot of bugs, errors, defects and other unpleasant things.

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