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Wolfenstein: The New Order game review

Name: Wolfenstein: The New Order
Genre: Shooter
Developer: MachineGames
Producer: Bethesda Game Studios / 1С-СофтКлаб
Release date : 20 May 2014

In the gaming industry "B.J." Blazkowicz kills Nazis more than 20 years, and each time he has more difficult tasks. Starting with the unforgettable Wolfenstein 3D released in 1992, to date has become a brand that has no relation to Wolfenstein castle. And according the plot each game is not connected with the previous and reminds rethinking of the universe.

In Wolfenstein: The New Order Blazkowicz more has serious problems in comparison with all other combined games of the series. During 14 years he was in prostration in one of the psychiatric hospitals in Poland, Nazi Germany not only won the war, but could conquer the entire planet and near-Earth space. Now enemies are everywhere and they have incredible technologies developed by enemy of the American special agent Dr. Wilhelm Strasse with nickname "Deathshead".

Wolfenstein: The New Order

Machine Games debut creation significantly is different from its predecessors. If Wolfenstein 2009 according plot and gameplay was based on occult experiments of the Nazis, then Wolfenstein: New Order refused them completely. There are no revived dead persons, magic special skills and supernatural creatures: foreground is taken by scientific achievements that have helped them to enslave the world. Robots, super-soldiers, laser rifles and machine guns are the main actions.

Wolfenstein: The New Order

Generally, Wolfenstein: New Order is a typical example of the "old school" shooter who constantly looks at the realities of the present. Squeeze the trigger is not the only thing you can do: now the game throws new entertainment. Sprightly shootout are replaced by stealth tasks, and then completely peaceful episodes with the possibility to overhear conversations of characters, read newspaper clippings and follow the simple, almost quest assignments. Constantly changing dynamics with extremely good storyline and stunning scripted scenes attracts much more than endless gunfire.

Wolfenstein: The New Order

Another interesting innovation is perks tree, allowing to get more bonuses for combat achievement. Do you want to increase the capacity of the gun shop? Shoot 15 enemies from it hiding in the woods. Would you like to receive reduced damage from explosions? Kill 50 opponents with grenades or rocket launcher. The effect of such improvements is minimal, but their presence adds to the game competitive spirit and makes us constantly change the tactics.   

Wolfenstein: The New Order

Unusually long campaign Wolfenstein: The New Order is 15 to 20 hours, depending on whether will you carefully play levels in search of the secrets. Geography of Blazkowicz travel runs through Berlin, London, Poland, Croatia and Gibraltar. Also you can down to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean and walk on the moon. And all this together with one of the most powerful and diverse soundtracks in recent years, which include many stylish melodies: from deep ambient and acoustic ballads to covers of rock 'n' roll classics and heavy metal.

Wolfenstein: The New Order

However, wherever we are basically we are sent to roam the enclosed space. In terms of plot this approach is justified: the Nazis are everywhere s you need to penetrate objects and commit the diversion. But we would like to see more levels in the fresh air.

Wolfenstein: The New Order

Unlike to Return Castle Wolfenstein, stealth is mandatory in some episodes or highly desirable. For example, if you do not remove officer quietly, he will kick up a row and call the reinforcements. In levels with forced quiet mode the hero walks with a knife and a pistol with a silencer. However, the opponents for some reason are not armed, so even in case of failure of espionage operations you can be overcome them hand to hand.  

Wolfenstein: The New Order

Perhaps, enemies or rather their low level of intelligence are the most significant drawback of Wolfenstein: The New Order. They calmly walk past the dead bodies and cannot hide behind cover, and sometimes they freeze on ground. In any case we recommend to choose the difficulty of higher level not to deprive yourself of a good portion of drive.

In other respects, Wolfenstein: New Order is a project that was destined to be born as “blockbuster”.

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