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Review of Edifier H750 headphones: everyday with music

Not so long ago in the pages of our web resource we’ve introduced you with full-size headphones of closed type (Edifier H850) which can be considered as the flagship of this manufacturer lineup. But what should you do when you like to listen to music, but an active lifestyle makes it impossible to stay in a comfortable chair and enjoy your favorite tracks. In such cases it is necessary to pay attention to less overall models that do not make feel uncomfortable because of the size.

Edifier H750

The company Edifier has quite interesting model that stands out medium size and stylish design, it is Edifier H750.

The specs:

Producer and model

Edifier H750 



Impedance, О



Audio jack 3,5mm

Frequency range, Hz

20 – 20 000

Level of sound pressure, dB




Inside speakers diameter, mm


Cable length, m

1,25 (in rubberized shell)


Rotatable caps

Folding structure

Flat cable

Producer website


Product page

Packaging and content

Edifier H750

The headphones are supplied in a transparent plastic package which has a dual function. On the one hand this is a protection from potential damage during transportation, and on the other - providing a decent view of Edifier H750. 

Edifier H750

When viewing the box the buyer will easily notice that there is at least one feature that sets this model a notch higher in comparison with a number of competitors. It uses elements of a folding structure. In addition, other important features are:

  • excellent natural sound and classic design;
  • flat and durable cable;
  • soft leather embouchures do not cause discomfort during extended use;
  • convenient folding mechanism;
  • availability of hinges on cups;
  • availability of red and white options.

Edifier H750

Back side copies the information from the front of box. Here are the features of headphones with data specification. 

Edifier H750

Supplied set is sufficient and corresponds to the price. It includes a fabric cover for transportation and user’s manual. 


Edifier H750

The product design can be described as a youth. It is proven by lightweight and not bulky appearance, which leaves a positive impression. 

Edifier H750

Partly this is due to the use of an attractive but impractical glossy plastic of the external part of the case. At least for the white color option any prints are not seen, but this question remains open for red option. Also it’s important to note it is desirable to wipe the surface with a soft cloth, such as microfiber, otherwise you can easily leave small scratches.

Edifier H750

The headphones are made in classic style, with overhead construction with an open type of acoustic design.

Edifier H750

A very useful feature of Edifier H750 is the so-called folding structure which greatly reduces the dimensions for the purpose of safe and convenient transportation. The weight is no more than 150 grams.

Edifier H750

Hinge is neatly integrated in the headband and is no visible at glance. It is quite rigidly fixed so you won’t face with random “folding”.

Edifier H750

The inside of the headband is decorated with a soft insert that a positive effect on the level of comfort during prolonged operation.

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