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Edifier R1600TIII 2.0 Speaker System review and testing

Almost every owner of PC at least one time faced with the choice of speaker system especially for home systems. The market of speaker system is overflowed by various types from compact to various 5.1 and 7.1-channel solutions. In most cases buyers prefer classical 2.0 systems which typically have relatively small dimensions and can satisfy most of owner needs.

Using our website you can learn various systems types of Edifier Company: Edifier MP300 plus, Edifier MP250, Edifier Exclaim e10. Today we are going to introduce to you a classic 2.0 speaker system Edifier R1600TIII.

Edifier R1600TIII

The specs:

Producer and model

Edifier R1600TIII



Speaker system


Case material


Output capacity, W

13 х 2 + 17 х 2


2 inputs with RCA sockets

Frequency response, Hz

High frequency

3300 – 20 000

Low frequency

30 - 3000

Signal to noise ratio (SnR), dB

≥ 85

Input signal, mV


700 ± 50


550 ± 50

Speaker diameter, inch (mm)

Bass speaker

4 (101,6)


0,75 (19)

Speaker impedance, O

Bass speaker





Whole digital path for D class amplifier


Remote control


Remote control includes:  



Control devices on active speaker: 


low frequency level

high frequency level

power on/off


2x Audio cable

1x Cable for speakers connection
1x Remote control
User’s manual


Dimensions, mm

154 х 254 х 214

Warranty, month


Weight, kg






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Characteristics of the speaker are quite impressive. It is important to note that speakers are not small, so probably you won’t pace 21'' -23'' monitor and speakers Edifier R1600TIII on a work surface. Wide frequency range creates an aura of expectation of good sound and it is justified.

To connect the new product with the signal source you can use two pairs of RCA-sockets. Supplied RCA-mini-jack cable eliminates possible discomfort during connection to the traditional PC, laptop, tablet, etc. The remote control will provide additional comfort because during movie watching or listening to music you can adjust volume to the desired level.


Edifier R1600TIII

For testing we have got an engineering sample of Edifier R1600TIII model that’s why we could not examine the design. However, the scope of delivery includes:

• 1.7 m RCA-mini-jack cable;
• 2.93 m cable to connect the speakers.

Edifier R1600TIII

In addition, for ease of use here is a remote control. It allows you to turn on the power and adjust the volume. Each of its pressing is followed by LED flashing. If the power is turned off using the remote control the LED flashes continuously until power off.

Edifier R1600TIII

The attribute of Edifier R1600TIII sound system can be described as classic. Two speakers are medium sized, however as it was mentioned it is not suitable for small desktop.

Edifier R1600TIII

Rectangular design is relieved by speakers shape. You can see that the front face is performed angularly relative to the base. In addition to original design it focuses sound directly to the user in case of PC usage and the speakers are placed on both sides so even at low volume you won’t feel discomfort.

Edifier R1600TIII upper part is gray. Thanks to this color the dust won’t be very visible.

Edifier R1600TIII

The front side is completely covered with a plastic lattice which is covered with a transparent cloth. At the bottom of each speaker there is a stylish manufacturer emblem.

Edifier R1600TIII

After removing the protective lattice tweeter, bass driver and phase inverter hole are available. Pay your attention that the front arrangement of phase inverter allows the close speaker placing to the wall and it will not affect the sound quality.

Edifier R1600TIII

Form tweeter optimizes thy phase response. It is designed using computer modeling techniques. Also we can see oval flange opening which is required to comply the calculated distance between the centers of the speakers.

Edifier R1600TIII

Edifier R1600TIII

Tweeter backside has heat removal plates.

Edifier R1600TIII

Edifier R1600TIII

Bass speaker with impedance of 6 O is used to play middle and low frequency.

Edifier R1600TIII

Edifier R1600TIII

Nomex material was used for cone of 4’’ speaker. Due to its perfect characteristics it is suitable for electrical engineering. The basic advantages are: dielectric strength, mechanical strength, thermal stability, moisture resistance, non-toxicity, etc.

Edifier R1600TIII

Edifier R1600TIII

Key role in Edifier R1600TIII speaker system performs active speaker which contains the main controls. From one side there are three controls responsible for overall volume, low and high frequency intensity. Treble and Bass knobs can be easily put in central position. Additionally, there is LED-indicator which can check the speaker status.

Edifier R1600TIII

The manufacturer indicates about wood enclosure. However, to be precise it is medium density Medium Density Fibreboard. Boards used for its production are of the highest quality (E0 class). They do not contain undesirable impurities that could harm the owner, especially under vibration influence. In addition to ecological compatibility the material has good acoustic properties. For a more aesthetic design the side walls are covered by textured wooden film.

Edifier R1600TIII

It is important to note that the manufacturers of low-cost solutions refer to this fact carelessly. In some cases MDF boards are manufactured from low-quality pressed wastes so they can absorb moisture and become deformed under its influence making worse the characteristics and durability. Mostly such solutions have unattractive design.

Edifier R1600TIII

On the back side of the active speakers there are all connection sockets that are grouped as a single block. Here are: two-position power button and two pairs of RCA-connectors the purpose of each is specified (PC and AUX). Please note that it is important to comply with recommendations for the connection due to different sensitivity of each pair. Below there is passive speaker connector.

Edifier R1600TIII

Edifier R1600TIII

Four-core cable is used for the connection of this speaker. Also it is sufficient for Bi-amping organization. Its thickness is large enough so it can operate for a long period of time. Cable length is less than three meters, which is enough for comfortable speakers’ arrangement.

Edifier R1600TIII

Edifier R1600TIII

At the bottom of each speaker there are four soft legs. They will save the table surface from scratches and minimize possible vibrations at high volume.

100-240 V universal power supply on the basis of the pulse transformer is used to provide power supply. This solution provides reliability, high efficiency, low heating and more power.Transformer is at the bottom of the main speaker and covered with a cardboard enclosure.

Digital path is made on the basis of D-class, namely Texas Instruments TAS5707. All supply voltages are stabilized. Chip PCM1808 is used as analog-digital converter.

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