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Edifier Tick Tock MF240 multifunction speaker

In the assets of some companies producing the speaker system you can find quite original devices with broad functionality. Edifier Company is not exclusion and we present material devoted to the multifunction speaker system Edifier Tick Tock MF240.

Edifier Tick Tock MF240

This device is positioned as a sound system of 2.0 format with small dimensions and wide functionality. It combines: loudspeaker, FM-radio, alarm clock, the player to read data from SD-card and USB-flash drives. Also there is AUX-connector for an external signal source. The highlight of device s is a retro design in a classic alarm clock. 

The specs:

Producer and model

Edifier Tick Tock MF240 




Sound system


Case material


Total output capacity (RMS), W

2 х 3,5


3,5 mm audio (Mini-Jack), USB

Card reader


Frequency span, Hz

70 – 20 000

Signal/ noise ratio (SnR). dB

≥ 80

Level of input signal, mV

450 ± 50

Speaker diameter, inch (mm)

1,5 (40)

Speaker impedance, О



SD-card reader (max 16 GB)



LCD display for indication of the operation of FM / SD / USB / AUX / alarm clock/ time and date

Alarm clock function with SD, USB, FM input choice




FM- tuner

Input selection controls


Audio cable
User’s manual

Dimensions, mm

130 х 126 х 89

Warranty, month


Weight, kg





Producer website

Producer website
Product page

Functionality of this speaker is impressive. It combined a number of diverse devices such as clock, FM-radio and versatile MP3-player. Original design in the form of an alarm clock and two color options (black and silver) will allow you to decorate the interior of your house. At the same time the small dimensions provide its placement on virtually any surface.


Edifier Tick Tock MF240

Multifunction speaker Edifier Tick Tock MF240 is shipped in the combined box made of cardboard and plastic. Such an approach is justified because one of the main highlights of this device is the unusual design.

The boxes appearance is quite informative and has pleasing style which is typical for all products of Edifier. Company. On the front side in addition to specifying the name of the model, the manufacturer has placed icons reflecting the basic functional capabilities of the device.

Edifier Tick Tock MF240

Edifier Tick Tock MF240

The back side of the box shows all available connection ports and control elements of Edifier Tick Tock MF240. In addition the manufacturer focuses the attention on the specific features of the speaker:

  • presence of SD card reader;
  • availability of USB ports;
  • support of FM radio (including 24 channels);
  • presence of 3.5mm audio socket to connect external signal source;
  • support of alarm clock with the choice of playing signal (SD, USB, FM, auxiliary input);
  • usage of two 1.5’’ broadband speakers;
  • integration of LED display for indication of operation of FM / SD / USB / AUX / alarm clock/ time and date;
  • control of volume, FM-tuner, navigation over audio files and input choice.

Edifier Tick Tock MF240

According to manufacturer words the lifecycle of this speaker is 5 years although we all know that it depends on the conditions. The international warranty is 2 years.

Edifier Tick Tock MF240

Complete set of speakers can be described as enough for work. In addition to the standard documentation complete set includes a universal power supply unit which is suitable for usage in networks with a voltage of 110-240 V. Also there is a cable with 3.5 mm mini-jack used for connection of external signal sources.

Edifier Tick Tock MF240

The length of power unit audio cable and cord is 0.75 m and 1.5 m, respectively. It is enough for comfortable usage of the device.


Edifier Tick Tock MF240

The first thing that attracts the attention is device unusual design. This design probably will impress fans of modern devices.

Edifier Tick Tock MF240

Of course the “alarm clock” is not made of a metal but from the plastic. All case design is qualitative. All parts fit together and look as monolithic.

Edifier Tick Tock MF240

Central place on the front side of Edifier Tick Tock MF240 takes LCD screen which displays information about the selected mode, the signal source, etc. Along the perimeter there is a perforation, but it is a design element and does not bear any functional load.

Edifier Tick Tock MF240

Two broadband speakers are placed on top of the product and they are hidden under plastic domes which are metal stylized.

Edifier Tick Tock MF240

The most intense part of the tested model is the back side. Here you can find all media connectors (memory cards, flash drives, AUX). PSU is arranged in the center. On each side there are control buttons. Using these buttons you can select the mode of speaker, set certain settings, etc.

Edifier Tick Tock MF240

For convenient usage the buttons are made with a few differences: upper buttons use convex shape, and the bottom has a dimple. Although first time you need to get used for such control elements.

Edifier Tick Tock MF240

The top of the device has additional buttons: double FUNC-INPUT as a “roller” and multifunctional joystick that in different modes operates with different functions. For example, when playing the music from memory cards or flash drives it acts as a remote control of the player (tracks, volume rolling, etc.). INPUT button is used to switch the source signal, while FUNC opens up the additional opportunities of each mode if it is possible. For example in FM-radio mode you can select the type of station searching (automatic or manual), using player mode you can specify the play mode (repeat all audio files, etc). If you press and hold this button in mute mode (FM-radio, AUX), the software version will be displayed. In general and as a whole functionality of the device is pretty wide.

Edifier Tick Tock MF240

On the bottom side there is a sticker with specified speaker model and power parameters (9 V, current 1.3 A). Also here is a rubberized insert that provides a more secure adjoining with the surface.

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