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HIS Multi-View USB Portable Docking Station USB-video adapter: review and testing

During testing the USB-video adapter HIS Multi-View II Adapter, we have already noted that this type of device has a rather narrow specialization. In addition, the insufficient hardware platform performance could not fully realize the transmission of the gameplay to the connected display. 

However HIS Multi-View II Adapter is a entry-level solution in the range of USB-video adapters produced under the brand HIS. This company can offer more productive models with additional features that greatly expand their scope. Even in own lineup they are not called as display adapters. They are docking stations. Although, of course it doesn’t influence their main purpose. Devices like the HIS Multi-View USB Portable Docking Station (HIS HDOCKP, still primarily allow the opportunity of duplication and expansion of screen space, and other functions are secondary.


HIS Multi-View USB Portable Docking Station (HIS HDOCKP)

The specs:


HIS Multi-View USB Portable Docking Station (HIS HDOCKP) 


PC connection

1 x USB 3.0

Monitor connection

1 x HDMI

1 x D-Sub (VGA)

Other devices

1 x USB 3.0

1 x RJ45 (Gigabit Ethernet)

Supported video interfaces


(DisplayPort 1.1 – for external controller)

Sound transmission

Up to 6 channels

Max resolution

2048 х 1152

Color depth, bit


OS compatibility

MS Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1

Mac OS X 10.9

Dimensions, mm

124 х 55 х 17

Producer website


Product page

HIS Multi-View USB Portable Docking Station 

Packaging and content

HIS Multi-View USB Portable Docking Station (HIS HDOCKP)

HIS Multi-View USB Portable Docking Station is shipped in a compact cardboard box which provides protection against shock and possible mechanical damages. Almost its entire upper part is a large cutout through which the buyer can see the appearance of new item.

The reverse side of the package has a detailed diagram of devices connecting to the USB-adapter. Also, it clearly describes the capabilities of the product. Below is a list of features. It will be described in more details in the course of the review.

HIS Multi-View USB Portable Docking Station (HIS HDOCKP)

Delivery set of HIS HDOCKP includes a user’s manual and driver disk. Since all functionality is implemented in the docking station, no additional cables or adapters during its operation are required.


HIS Multi-View USB Portable Docking Station (HIS HDOCKP)

Model HIS Multi-View USB Portable Docking Station has a very compact size (only 124 x 55 x 17), so the word «Portable» is not unnecessary. It expands the scope of its use: a USB-video adapter is not tied to a single workplace and can easily be transported even in long trips.

Externally the dock looks like a small box with no fancy in terms of design, although it is not the main thing. The case is made of thick plastic and painted in white color, which obviously will please fans of Apple. The build quality has no complaints: the panel is well treated and fitted tightly to each other. In general, the reliability of the device is at high level: it can be used for long trips in a bag with other things.

HIS Multi-View USB Portable Docking Station (HIS HDOCKP)

Manufacturer didn’t use a separate USB-cable. It is built-in into the case. Taking into account that HIS Multi-View USB Portable Docking Station is a portable device, such a solution is justified. In travelling position it can be hidden in a special niche. And it will take few seconds to reach it.

HIS Multi-View USB Portable Docking Station (HIS HDOCKP)

Firstly we considered such organization of cable quite unreliable. However, after disassembling the enclosure, all our doubts were disappeared. The above picture clearly shows that the place of fastening the wires to the circuit board has a special retaining ring. It is intended to protect the node against any damage.

HIS Multi-View USB Portable Docking Station (HIS HDOCKP)

To connect to a computer HIS HDOCKP uses modern high-speed interface USB 3.0. Also here is full compatibility with the port USB 2.0. However, in this case its capacity may not be sufficient for high-quality image output to the connected display. Also there is a high probability of performance degradation of other dock services in case of simultaneous usage. Therefore the manufacturer and we recommend to connect HIS Multi-View USB Portable Docking Station to a computer via interface USB 3.0. The same port USB 3.0 is used for powering.

HIS Multi-View USB Portable Docking Station (HIS HDOCKP)

We said a lot of words about the high functionality of the model. Let's take a closer look at its implementation in practice. And first of all we will touch upon the main purpose of USB-video adapter, namely the possibility of transferring the image to the connected display. For this purpose there are two types of interfaces: digital HDMI and analog D-Sub (VGA). Thus, a quite large range of devices to display images, including TVs and projectors is covered. Using the appropriate adapters to HIS HDOCKP the user can connect solutions equipped with connectors DVI and DisplayPort. However, in the last case, the side of the display device needs to apply an external controller-transmitter.

In addition to the video output on the side of the case we can observe a USB 3.0 port and LAN input for connecting a wired network. Thus, HIS Multi-View USB Portable Docking Station can connect an external drive and use it as a network card. Especially such an option will be appreciated by the owners of compatible tablets and ultrabooks without connector LAN.

Internal device

HIS Multi-View USB Portable Docking Station (HIS HDOCKP)

HIS Multi-View USB Portable Docking Station (HIS HDOCKP)

Unlike HIS Multi-View II Adapter here the main components are not covered by heat-spreading plate, so we can take closer look at the internal structure of USB-video adapter HIS Multi-View USB Portable Docking Station. To avoid any further questions let us note that the absence of such a kind of radiator did not affect the temperature range of new item. After a long load on graphics adapter (watching a movie), its body temperature was 36,3°C. By the way for HIS Multi-View II Adapter it was even a little higher.

HIS Multi-View USB Portable Docking Station (HIS HDOCKP)

The basis of this model is a modern multimedia processor DisplayLink DL-3700-N. Its main advantage lies in the support of port HDMI, and the ability to transmit six-channel audio stream. For HIS Multi-View II Adapter such functions are not available or are realized by external controllers. But that's not all. Using a more efficient algorithm for video compression DisplayLink DL3 and interface USB 3.0 with high bandwidth allowed to organize the display output simultaneously with the work of other nodes in the docking station. However, the video stream can be sent to only one of the connectors: HDMI or D-Sub (VGA). Parallel operation of video interfaces is implemented only in top-end multimedia processors DisplayLink DL-3900.

As for the maximum resolution, it is still limited to the value of 2048 x 1152. In most cases this will be enough. Although formats WQHD (2560 x 1440) and 4K Ultra HD (3840 x 2160) are already established in the market, but they do not have a mass character as Full HD (1920 x 1080). Also here is a support of 32-bit color depth. That is, the display of graphics interface with transparent elements (eg, theme Aero 3D in MS Windows) won’t be a problem for HIS Multi-View USB Portable Docking Station.

In the list of compatible operating systems the company HIS indicates only modern software: MS Windows 7/8 / 8.1 and Mac OS X 10.9. Although the manufacturer of multimedia processors declares the support of older versions, particularly MS Windows XP SP3 / Vista and Mac OS X, starting with revision 10.6.

RAM subsystem is a chip Nanya NT5CB64M16FP-DH of standard DDR3 and capacity 256MB.

HIS Multi-View USB Portable Docking Station (HIS HDOCKP)

USB 3.0 port for connecting external storage functions under control of the controller Genesys Logic GL3521, and the support of gigabit wired network connection (1000 Mb/s) is implemented by the chip Realtek RTL8211E.

To test the capabilities of USB-adapter HIS HDOCKP we used the following configuration:


Intel Core i7-4770K (Socket LGA1150, 3,5 GHz, L3 8 МB)


AsRock Fatal1ty Z97X Killer


Scythe Kama Angle Rev.B


2 x 4 GB DDR3-2400 TwinMOS TwiSTER 9DHCGN4B-HAWP

Graphics card

Intel HD Graphics 4600

Hard disk  

Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 ST3500418AS, 500 GB, SATA-300

Optical drive



Seasonic X-660 Gold

External portable  drive

Verbatim Store 'n' Go USB 3.0 External SSD (47622)

Before proceeding to a description of the impression obtained during working with the device, we recall once again that it is not a full graphics adapter, but acts only as a kind of video signal repeater. The image is originally formed at the level of bond CPU+GPU of laptop or computer. Therefore, there is no point to use the traditional technique for testing graphics cards.  

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