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Kingston HyperX Cloud gaming headset review

Sooner or later most of the major manufacturers with a worldwide reputation begin to expand own product range. Company Kingston being one of the leading participants of RAM, flash drives and many other computer components associated with memory and storage has unveiled the gaming headset Kingston HyperX Cloud at the Exhibition at CES 2014. It is the first sample of a new branch of the peripheral of HyperX product line. Its range is primarily popular among gamers and casual users due to high-speed RAM and SSD-drives.

Kingston HyperX Cloud

Gaming headset Kingston HyperX Cloud is created jointly with the Swedish company QPAD namely on the basis of the model QPAD QH-90 Black. It had earned positive reviews from foreign users. The product of the two companies claims to be not only an excellent gaming headset, but also very comfortable headphones for listening to multimedia.

The specs:

Producer and model

Kingston HyperX Cloud 


Impedance, Оhm


Sensitivity, dB



mini-jack 3,5 mm

Frequency rate, Hz

15 — 25 000

Speaker dome (diameter), mm


Max capacity, mW


Noise cancellation, dB

≈ 20

Nonlinear distortion ratio, %

< 2

Headband pressure, H




Cable length (including extender), m

1 (3)


Presence of extenders, adapters and replaceable embouchures



Weight (including microphone and cable), g



Microphone type


Sensor type

capacitor electrets (converse type)

Principle of operation

pressure gradient

Directional pattern


Power source

Power AB

Voltage, V


Max current consumption, mA


Impedance, kOhm


Idling voltage (at f=1 kHz), mV/Pa


Frequency characteristic, Hz

100 - 12000

Nonlinear distortion ratio, (at f=1 kHz), %


Max level of sound pressure (distortion coefficient≤1,0% at 1 kHz), dB


Microphone sensitivity, dB

-39 ± 3

Length of microphone fastening, mm


Membrane diameter, mm



Producer website

Producer website

Product page

Many manufacturers of gaming headsets segment often do not reveal all the technical characteristics of own products. Kingston is definitely not one of them. On the official website of a new product you can find an exhaustive list of the main characteristics not only the headphones, but also a removable microphone. The characteristics at a high level. First of all we note the 53 mm speakers that have a wide frequency range (15 Hz - 25 kHz) which guarantees a rich and detailed sound. Also it is important to mention the increased impedance which is 60 Ohms.

Packaging and content

Kingston HyperX Cloud

The product is shipped in a large and relatively heavy box. Naturally, the dimensions and weight of packaging indicate that inside you won’t “ordinary headphones” but a serious representative gaming headsets with good delivery set.

Externally the box has a colorful atmosphere with predominance of red color. The front side shows the headset and its name, as well as a small list of the main features.

Kingston HyperX Cloud

On the back side of the package there are the main elements of headset together with a brief description. The second side face contains a small “presentation” of HyperX product in three languages. A good level of information capability of packaging should be noted.

Kingston HyperX Cloud Kingston HyperX Cloud

After opening the outer “cover” we’ve found another box with supplied set. It has a completely opposite style namely black cardboard labels and minimum inscriptions (only new item name). All items are located in individual foam cells. On the back side of the inside package cover there is a friendly appeal of HyperX team to the buyer.

Kingston HyperX Cloud

Supplied set of Kingston HyperX Cloud includes all the necessary elements, namely, storage cover, removable velor ear pads, audio adapter, two extensions (one of them with remote control), removable microphone, as well as a three-pin cable adapter with a microphone on two mini-jack connectors. It is worth to note that such an impressive list of components have not all Hi-Fi-class headsets. 

Kingston HyperX Cloud Kingston HyperX Cloud

For users who use the headphones out but do not want to burden themselves with a large box, the manufacturer had added a special case. It is very easy to keep the product and in the side pocket it is convenient to store a couple of adapters or replaceable ear pads.

Kingston HyperX Cloud

Kingston HyperX Cloud

As we’ve already mentioned above, the gaming headset Kingston HyperX Cloud is a modified headphones QPAD QH-90 Black. The new design of the product made it recognizable gaming solution on the market. Its design is not oversaturated with an abundance of bright elements. In general the novelty looks expensive and high-quality product. Important role for good first impression play mat pleasant materials and application in leatherette ear pads and headband. Touch to any structural element causes only positive emotions.

Kingston HyperX Cloud

Kingston HyperX Cloud Kingston HyperX Cloud

Cups are made in the form of a teardrop. On the external part there are insets with red HyperX logo. Standard leatherette ear pads can be easily changed on velour. However, after such replacement we’ve noticed some loss of bass and volume while the listening to media that are not particularly significant in the game mode. The usage of 53 mm speakers partly contributed to an increase of the cups. However, they are completely closed and to some extent isolated from external noises.

Kingston HyperX Cloud

The set of delivery has all the necessary adapters. First of all draw your attention to the combined audio jack adapter which mainly is used to connect Kingston HyperX Cloud to the laptop. Its presence allows to reveal the full potential of new item during the usage in tandem with some tablet models. Also there is one extension for the headphone cable without remote control which is useful for active gamers. In addition to cables there is one adapter which performs the function of splitter from three-pin cable with a microphone on two mini-jack connectors for PC. It should be noted that the cavities of adapter and cables provide a reliable fixation.

Kingston HyperX Cloud

Headphones are equipped with a removable microphone of flexible design. Location of plug is protected by base thickening which is covered with pleasant tactile materials.

Kingston HyperX Cloud Kingston HyperX Cloud

The second extension item is equipped with a volume remote control which includes mute button. Remote controller has a hard travel and firm fixation. When using this extension the basic cable length (1 meter) is increased to 3 meters

Kingston HyperX Cloud

One of the main features of the Kingston HyperX Cloud is a very flexible design which at the same time is reinforced by aluminum frame. Therefore the headset easily takes any position.

Kingston HyperX Cloud Kingston HyperX Cloud

Cups height is easily adjustable thanks to the traditional retractable headband design.

Kingston HyperX Cloud

Cups are attached to a metal frame by joints allowing them to change their position. During normal operation the load on the structure is absent.

Kingston HyperX Cloud Kingston HyperX Cloud

Strong, but flexible enough and soft headband is covered by leatherette which in points of high wear probability is sewed by red thread. On the one hand, this provides an interesting design, but on the other promotes longevity of headband. On the inside of the arch you can notice soft stuff. From the outside there is a logo HyperX made in the form of stripe. Also according to official information soft design of headset provides pressure on the user's head of 5H.

Kingston HyperX Cloud Kingston HyperX Cloud Kingston HyperX Cloud

Connecting of a microphone to the headphones is performed by mini-jack connector which is on the cup near to the attachment spot of the cable. Plug is not attached to the cup.

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