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Kingston HyperX Cloud II Gaming headset: review and testing

Last year the company Kingston has announced the extension of its products, encroaching on the segment of gaming headsets. This event took place at CES 2014 where the gaming headset Kingston HyperX Cloud was presented. Since then time the engineers carried out work on the bugs and now we have a modernized version of the headphone Kingston HyperX Cloud II. By the way, the announcement of the device occurred at CES 2015.

Kingston HyperX Cloud II

The specs:

Producer and model

Kingston HyperX Cloud II


Impedance, Оhm


Sensitivity, dB



mini-jack 3,5 mm

(USB, using control panel)

Frequency range, Hz

15 — 25 000

Speaker dome (diameter), mm


Max capacity, mW


Noise suppression, dB


≈ 20

Nonlinear distortion ratio, %



Pressure of headband, H




Cable length (including extension cord), m

1 (3)


USB extension cord with remote controller and integrated sound DSP-card, adapter and removable embouchure;

tactile pleasant materials;

support for 7.1 Virtual Surround Sound


on USB-remote controller

Weight (including microphone and cable), g

320 (350)


Microphone type


Sensor type

Condensing (converse type)

Principle of operation

Pressure gradient

Radiation pattern


Power source

Power AB

Voltage, V


Max current consumption, mA


Impedance, КОhm


Voltage of idling (at f=1 KHz), mW/Pa


Frequency characteristic, Hz

50 − 18000

Nonlinear distortion ratio (at f=1 KHz), %



Max level of noise pressure (distortion coefficient ≤ 1,0% at 1 KHz), dB


Microphone sensitivity, dB

-39 ± 3

Microphone mounting length, mm


Membrane diameter, mm



single mini-plug stereo (3.5 mm)


Producer website

Producer website

Product page

Specifications are at the highest level. First of all it concerns the openness of the company to customers. For example, a knowledgeable buyer can easily evaluate the capabilities of the device based on the information provided on the website. In fact, it is very valuable, because not all manufacturers offer such comprehensive data. If compare the parameters of the new product with Kingston HyperX Cloud, it is easy to notice that the main changes were in the microphone, and also there is a special element a built-in DSP-sound card that supports virtual surround sound 7.1. The microphone is now more sensitive (range expanded to 50 - 18,000 Hz), which will better convey the voice. In order to increase comfort there is a digital noise reduction, because the increase in sensitivity may lead to the capture of unnecessary and unwanted sounds.

Package and content  

Kingston HyperX Cloud II

The package is very similar to the previous model. The box has enough bright red and black colors. The front side depicts the headset and the name of the model. In order to attract the attention of potential buyers there are the main features.

Kingston HyperX Cloud IIKingston HyperX Cloud II


The sidewall provides a brief description of the headset, as well as a list of compatible software for voice communication. The other partially duplicates key benefits in the form of compact photos.

Kingston HyperX Cloud II

The back side of the package contains the main elements of the headset together with a brief description. Level of the box information can be described as quite high.

Kingston HyperX Cloud II

Key role in ensuring the safety of HyperX Cloud II performs inner red box. It is made of fairly thick cardboard. Each element has individual foam cell.

Kingston HyperX Cloud II

Supplied set of HyperX Cloud II includes the following elements: cover with pocket, removable velor ear pads, adapter-extender with built-in external sound card to connect to USB-port, detachable microphone, as well as an adapter for headphones in the cabin. Pay attention to the fact that not all headsets Hi-Fi-class have such a complete set.

Kingston HyperX Cloud II

Complete case will allow to bring all the necessary elements even for a long trip. The quality of the headset is at a high level.

Kingston HyperX Cloud II

Adapter for headphones in the cabin will be useful in the case of a long flight, during which you want to view the video.


Kingston HyperX Cloud II

The exterior of the headphones and individual elements remained the same. Only the colors of individual parts are changed.

Kingston HyperX Cloud II


Kingston HyperX Cloud II


Now you can select a red version, the color "blued steel" and limited edition in pink and white design.

Despite the change of color, the perception of the headset remains basically the same. If you don’t take into account the pink and white color options, it can be described as rather strict.

Kingston HyperX Cloud II

Edge of headband is trimmed by red thread, which in combination with an embroidered name and high-quality leather imitation complements the overall positive impression. To ensure an adequate level of stiffness the headband has an aluminum frame.

Kingston HyperX Cloud II

Like in many other headphones the depth is adjustable. The ear cushions and headband used a nice filter of shape memory material. This provides a snug fit to the head and comfort using. A weight of 350 grams is almost imperceptible.

Kingston HyperX Cloud II

Cups are made in the teardrop shape and have a lot of space as their diameter is 53 mm.

On the outside there are matte inserts. They add practicality and emphasize the high-end aspect of the device.

Kingston HyperX Cloud II

A great addition to HyperX Cloud II are removable velor ear pads which provide less fogging ears in case of long-term use.

Kingston HyperX Cloud II

Cups are attached to the metal frame on hinges. This allows them to change their position in a given range. They easily take the correct position and sit as a "native".

Kingston HyperX Cloud II

Kingston HyperX Cloud II

An Individual feature of HyperX Cloud II is a removable microphone with flexible design. On the one hand, it will also appeal to those who mainly use the device as a classic headphone, and on the other it is practical for transportation.

Kingston HyperX Cloud II


Kingston HyperX Cloud II

Microphone jack is closed by plug, and the microphone has a bulge at the base of the plastic fold. Such step provides a higher level of durability and fixes it in one position.

Kingston HyperX Cloud II

Special attention is given to remote controller. This is actually a full-fledged external sound card that supports technology 7.1 Virtual Surround Sound. For the first time to the remote controller there is a feeling that the device is not completely grom the kit. This is caused by the use of plastic in housing material and easy negligence in the finishing of ends. It is absolutely safe to say that the efficiency and convenience of this device are the highest level.

Kingston HyperX Cloud II

The front side has button to adjust the volume of the headphones and the microphone. In the center there is button to activate the surround sound.

Kingston HyperX Cloud II

Operation of the control is very simple. First of all you need to connect the 3.5mm jack into the socket on the card, and the extension to the USB-port of a PC, while the drivers are automatically installed. After that the device is ready for use. For the convenience working it has a light red color. The length of the remote with interface cable is 2 meter. This is enough even to connect it to the back of the PC chassis.

Kingston HyperX Cloud II

The back side has a clip to out the remote controller to clothe.

The slider on the side will disconnect the microphone and sometimes is very useful.

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