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Portable speaker system Logitech UE BOOM: review and testing

During last few years you can notice that the market of portable speakers has grown strong enough. This is primarily due to the popularization of portable equipment, because it can always help those who lead an active lifestyle. Even if you go through the pages of our web resource, it may be noted that the participants of the market is a large number of well-known manufacturers of IT-components as well as beginners who are just taking the first steps in the development of this direction. All they stand out by individual characteristics, starting from connection and finishing with various additional features such as a built-in MP3-player and so on. 

Logitech UE BOOM

In this review we want to introduce you to the original Logitech speaker under brand Ultimate Ears (UE). Recently the market was extended by device that can conquer even the most demanding customers. It is a portable speaker system Logitech UE BOOM. Its distinctive features are waterproof, interesting design and wireless connectivity. But that's not all the benefits of which we'll tell you in this article.

The specs:

Producer and model

Logitech UE BOOM 



More than 20 color options


Case material

Combination of plastic and water resistant fiber


Speaker system



Capacity, W



Max noise level, dB




1 x 3,5-mm audio
1 х micro-USB

Bluetooth 4.0



Frequency range, Hz

90 – 20 000


Соотношение сигнал / шум (SnR), дБ

Signal/noise level (SnR), dB




2 x 1,5" (drivers)


2 x 2" (passive radiators)


Driver impedance, Ohm



Microphone response, dB







Capacity, mA*h


Offline operation, h



Charging time, h




Omnidirectional sound

splashes protection (IPX4)

functional corporate software for Android and iOS



2 x volume buttons
activation of wireless module



Cable micro-USB
Power adapter
2 x adapters for various networks
service instruction


Dimensions, mm

180 х 65


Weight, g



Producer website

Producer website
Product page


Packaging and content

Logitech UE BOOM

UE BOOM is shipped in the original box, which has the shape of a cylindrical trunk, covered by thick cardboard. Printing is minimalist and not very informative. Naturally, there is a picture of the speaker. In this case, apparently, its real color design is demonstrated. This is done with the intention to make it easy to choose the right coloring on the stage of the sale, without having to open each box, because the option is really various (we have white and red).

As you can see, here there is the variety of all sorts of colors and eye-catching pictures, but not all of them can fit into your home decor. 

Logitech UE BOOM

In addition to the image there is a list of the main features presented by icons:

  • spatial sound over 360°, which will make it possible to enjoy your favorite tracks without specific reference to the placement of UE BOOM;
  • protection according to the standard IPX4 (Ingress Protection Rating - Liquid - Level 4: Water Resistant Acoustic Skin), that is, against the spray;
  • the ability to work from the built-in battery up to 15 hours;
  • reception range of the wireless signal si up to 15 meters;
  • the ability to simultaneously connect two columns via Bluetooth.

And, of course, here is the mentions about orientation of the device to work with a variety of portable appliances (laptops, tablets, smartphones).

Logitech UE BOOM

Inside the package the device is securely placed in a kind of tray, so the transportion will be perfectly safe.

Logitech UE BOOM

Logitech UE BOOM

The internal lateral sides include: bright lime cable USB↔micro-USB, power supply, a pair of removable plugs to connect to networks of different standards, a rubber plug for connectors with fastening and standard documentation package.

Logitech UE BOOM

The power supply is designed for networks with a voltage of 100-240 V and the output voltage is 5 V and a current of 2 A. Therefore, the charger easily fit most modern smartphones or tablets.


Logitech UE BOOM

Externally the model Logitech UE BOOM looks like a relatively small cylinder with height of 18 cm and a diameter of 6.5 cm. Such dimensions provide significant weight (538 grams).

Logitech UE BOOM

Logitech UE BOOM

The base (skeleton) of speaker (in our model white) is made of highly rubberized plastic or dense rubber material.

Logitech UE BOOM

Most of the new item has a special fabric material from a rather thick red thread. It creates a kind of diagonal pattern due to the cross-shaped intersection of the threads, but visually it is perceived as diagonal due to the reflective feature. Under closer look you can see that the thread is woven into the very fine mesh of a solid line. Moreover, it has been specially treated by water-repellent composition.

Logitech UE BOOM

Logitech UE BOOM

Due to this you can safely use it even in rainy weather, small parties or in the shower, if you want to always listen to your favorite songs. Due to the presence of protection according to standard IPX4 you should worry about the failure with splashes of water.

Logitech UE BOOM

At the same time do not forget to cover the connectors based on the speaker by complete rubber stopper, which is further pressed by the metal D-ring to mount on a stand 1/4". The metal ring is rather massive and reliable so the speaker can be easily hanged to a bag or backpack using the rifle. 

Logitech UE BOOM

The controls on the top include the power button with white LED backlight, which is extended to the power button Bluetooth.

Logitech UE BOOM

The top side of the UE BOOM includes volume control buttons. We draw your attention that the developers made it possible to monitor the status of the battery, even in the absence of any charge indicators or LCD panels. When pressing the up and down volume, a pleasant female voice tells the remaining battery power. In the central area of the housing unit is NFC module. Using it you can quickly connect the speakers to the smartphone.

Logitech UE BOOM

The bottom side has a mounting ring, micro-USB connector for charging, white charging indicator and jack AUX (mini-jack 3,5 mm) for connection of external devices that are not equipped with a module Bluetooth.

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