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Gaming headset Mionix NASH 20: review and testing

Our readers are already well-known about the products of the company Mionix, which successfully promotes its lineup of gaming devices worldwide. We have played for a long time and tested lineup of gaming controllers Mionix NAOS and Mionix AVIOR, and to supplement this tandem we decided to try gaming headset Mionix NASH 20.


It is noteworthy that now the lineup contains only one model, which also managed to win several awards.

What we are doubly interesting to know what features distinguish this headset from the competition and will it stand the load of installed gaming controllers of this company. Since Mionix products are still rare in our country, only due to distributor Syntex we have the headset Mionix NASH 20 for testing.

Mionix NASH 20

The specs: 

Producer and model

Mionix NASH 20


2 × mini-jack 3,5 mm

Cable length, m




Features t

Ear pads and headband of memory foam; the volume control on the left cup


Speaker diameter, mm


Frequency range, Hz

20 − 20000

Impedance, Ohm


Sound pressure level, dB


Nominal/maximum input power, mW

40 / 80

Coefficient of nonlinear distortion at frequency of 1 kHz/300 kHz, %

<2 / <5




Switching off


Sensitivity, dB

-42 ± 3

Frequency range, Hz

15 − 16000

Signal/noise ratio, dB


Microphone diameter, mm


Dimensions, mm

215 x 220 x 121

Weight, g


Producer website

Producer website

Product page

Package and content 

Mionix NASH 20

Headset comes in a box from a sufficiently hard cardboard, which is painted in a deep black color. The logo with the model name on the front of the package adds some brightness to the printing design. Also it features a large image of headphones.

Mionix NASH 20

The back wall contains a detailed description of the design and specifications of Mionix NASH 20:

  • Soft-touch plastic coating;
  • volume control on the left cup;
  • optimization of sound is provided by technology Mionix DACT;
  • 50 mm speakers;
  • cups with memory effect.

Mionix NASH 20

All these and other features can be found on the bottom of the box, where the information is presented in a variety of languages.

Mionix NASH 20

To get to the headphones, it is enough to move to the side of the inner packaging.

Mionix NASH 20

Headset is neatly recessed into a rigid frame and fixed by flexible clips.

Mionix NASH 20

Delivery set is limited only by the headset. Any additional accessories are not provided.

Design and ergonomics

Appearance of Mionix NASH 20 is strict as possible. Its black whole structure suggests that the headset is designed for the special order of Bruce Wayne, the protagonist of the comic book and movie about Batman.

Mionix NASH 20

Headphone cups are decorated with a distinctive logo Mionix looks like the Latin letter «S».

Mionix NASH 20

The entire structure is covered by tactile pleasant, but quite easily soiled plastic soft-touth that require extra care during the operation.

Mionix NASH 20

Frame of headband uses an internal metal framework that provides the reliability and strength of the structure. Under deliberate bending the headband good flexibility is provided, and the construction doesn’t produce any overtones or squeaks.

Mionix NASH 20

The top of the headband contains a mention of the name of the headset in the typical style of the company.

Mionix NASH 20

The comfortable wearing is realized due to inner headband with very soft filler. Leather-cloth is used to finish the soft parts of the headphones.

Mionix NASH 20

Ear cups are also very soft. According to the developer, the inner filler has memory effect. Headphones do not put pressure on the ears. However, in case of prolonged use in hot weather ears sweat.

Mionix NASH 20

Perhaps the only drawback is the finish and performance of ear cup performance. The fact that the seam that sews leatherette part passes through the inside of the cup, so in case o long-term you may have not very pleasant feelings.

Mionix NASH 20Mionix NASH 20

For the convenience of fixing the cups have the horizontal and vertical tilt mechanism.

Mionix NASH 20

Phase inverter holes are the bottom.

Mionix NASH 20

Microphone uses fixed structures and, if necessary is revealed from the left cup. It automatically turns on and off when folding.

Mionix NASH 20

Microphone design consists of three parts, the middle of which is flexible. This will allow to find a comfortable position.

Mionix NASH 20

Also the manufacturer has provided the volume control on the rear wall of one of the cups of the headphones. This option is more convenient than the usual placement on the cable.

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