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PocketBook Touch Lux: review and testing

Current popularity of e-books can be considered a truly unique phenomenon. While the high functionality of the tablet has almost completely replaced netbooks as a class, and the screen size of the modern smartphone is enough for comfortable reading, the market of electronic readers is not only afloat, but every year extends with new devices. And this in our opinion has a fairly clear explanation. The advantages of e-book are high battery life and relatively low cost. However, the main advantage compared to tablets and smartphones is the technology E Ink. Screen made by this method can transmit high-quality images comparable to the paper version of the book, thus providing the effect of comfort and convenience. Moreover, they do not create strain on the eyes and does not tire the user guaranteeing easier to read for a long period of time.

PocketBook Touch Lux

One of the undisputed leaders in world market of e-books is a company PocketBook International. Due a wide range of devices, quality and features it for many years successfully wins the hearts of many buyers. According to the manufacturer, o this list includes the model PocketBook Touch Lux. The advantages of the new item are the compact dimensions and light weight, broad functionality, as well as high-quality 6-inch touch screen with a resolution of 1024 x 758 pixels, which is built on modern technology E Ink Pearl HD.

The specs:




Touch Lux (PocketBook 623)


Freescale i.MX507: 1 core ARM Cortex-A8, 800 MHz,

L2 cache– 256 КB


6", 1024 x 758 (212 dpi), 16 gradations of gray,

technology E Ink Pearl HD, touch with lighting 


128 МB


4 GB


microSD (up to 32 GB)


1 x microSD

1 x micro-USB

1 x audio mini-jack 3,5 mm




Communication capabilities

Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g/n)


Additional capabilities

ReadRate, Dropbox, Bookstore, Browser, Audio player, calculator, Dictionary, Clock-calendar, chess, photograph album, RSS- aggregator, Sudoku, Scribble

Book format


Audio format


Image format



lithium-ion cell, 1000 mАh


(to charge the connection to PC is required)


114,5 х 175 х 9,5 mm


198 g


Black, white, silver



12 months

Producer website


Packaging and content

PocketBook Touch Lux

E-book PocketBook Touch Lux is shipped in a small pretty stylish black box. It is made of thin cardboard with high quality printing. On the front side of the box is the device name, big picture, as well as the label «Save For Eye Sight». It informs us that the basis of the display e-book technology is E Ink Pearl, which is gentle on the eyes of the reader.
On the reverse side of the box you can find information about the main advantages of the device, which is presented in the form of icons, as well as the list of specifications in several languages.
Package is standard and does not differ in any sophistication. The box contains:

  • USB-cable;
  • User's Guide
  • warranty card.

As you can see, cover, charger, headset are absent. Therefore, the company decided to reduce the final cost of the product. To charge the reader you can use the connection via USB-cable to your computer. Case is a very individual thing. If it is needed, it is best to purchase to your taste and color. A headset for e-book can not be called a necessary accessory, which must necessarily enter in the box. Therefore, in our opinion, the absence of these components is justified.

Design, elements layout

PocketBook Touch Lux

For the creation of corporate design of model PocketBook Touch Lux is responsible a special division of the company Obreey Products. Look of the novelty is very pleasant and stylish. This is achieved not only by the elegant shape of the body, but also an intelligent combination of black and white elements.

Ergonomics of the device is also high. To use the e-book is very convenient, and the reading process does not cause any complaints. Due to the modest dimensions (114.5 x 175 x 9.5 mm) and low weight (198 g), the device is very easy to hold with just one hand, including for use in both portrait and landscape orientation.

PocketBook Touch Lux

A significant part of the front of the e-book PocketBook Touch Lux is taken by 6-inch screen. The outline of display has rather broad strips which are made of white matt plastic. The width of this framework is more than enough for a confident hold the device without accidental screen taps.

PocketBook Touch Lux

Below the display, except the logo of the manufacturer, are almost all available control elements. They are represented by three buttons: "Home", "Menu" and the rocker "Back and forth" in the middle. The keys have a slightly concave surface and a rather bright backlight that makes it easy to manage e-book, even in complete darkness.

PocketBook Touch Lux

The top and two side faces of the electronic reader are free from any elements. All connectors are available and extra buttons are brought to the lower bound. There are 3.5-mm audio jack for headphones, micro-USB port, hole of emergency restart button, a slot for memory cards microSD, as well as a power button device.

PocketBook Touch Lux

The back side of the e-book is made of high-quality soft-touch plastic. It is completely painted black, and very pleasant to the touch, but quite easily soiled. Even after non-durable use the surface collects visible clear fingerprints. Fortunately, they are removed without any problems. In addition to manufacturer's logo, other symbols or elements on the rear side are absent.

Body of model PocketBook Touch Lux has good rigidity, which ensures high reliability throughout the structure. With moderate exposure the geometry of the device can not be changed, and the display remains without stains. Build quality is also quite good: all the elements fit tightly without gaps.


PocketBook Touch Lux

PocketBook Touch Lux is equipped with a 6-inch touch screen with a resolution of 1024 x 758 pixels, 212 dpi pixel density and display up to 16 shades of gray. The display is made using the latest technology E Ink Pearl HD, which is characterized by high resolution and high contrast. This allows you to make the image more detailed, and the font becomes clear and perfectly readable.

PocketBook Touch Lux PocketBook Touch Lux

Display is matte, made of unprotected glass. It copes with the glare, allowing you to use the e-book even in bright light. However, you should be careful, because the unprotected surface of the screen is exposed to mechanical damage in the form of scratches and chips.

Also, the display of PocketBook Touch Lux has a backlight, which is designed as a five LED located at the bottom of the screen. They illuminate a special optical fiber, which is located on the entire surface of the display matrix. Lighting is pretty bright and has a good range of adjustment that allows you to use thedevice even in complete darkness. The user also has the ability to quickly enable or disable it by clamping key "Menu".


The software part of e-book, as well as most of the products from the company PocketBook International has excellent functionality and intuitive interface. The icons, menu items and settings are very well thought out. Even the most inexperienced user without problems will cope the control of the device in a relatively short time.

The main task, namely, reading a book, the PocketBook Touch Lux coped perfectly well. 6-inch E Ink Pearl HD-screen displays text clearly and without any comments. Speed of turning pages and updates the display is quite fast, which also has a positive effect on the overall experience. During the reading of the screen is almost completely released from the menu. Leaving only a small icon to display the settings. There is the ability to quickly select text and increase the font. As for the benefits of thePocketBook Touch Lux, they are operation with a wide list of formats of books, namely: EPUB DRM, EPUB, PDF DRM, PDF, FB2, FB2.ZIP, TXT, DJVU, HTML, DOC, DOCX, RTF, CHM, TCR, PRC (MOBI).

PocketBook Touch Lux PocketBook Touch Lux

PocketBook Touch Lux PocketBook Touch Lux PocketBook Touch Lux

The main screen e-book can be divided into three sections. In its upper part is a list of recent events which consists of previously opened books and useful recommendations. Slightly below is the block of main sections: "The Library", "Store", "Notes", "Music", "Dictionary", "Applications", "Search" and "Settings." And at the bottom, near the edge of the screen is located a digital clock and menu icons through which you can adjust brightness of the screen, the status of the Wi-Fi module and battery power, as well as cause the Task Manager with the possibility of closing unnecessary applications.

PocketBook Touch Lux PocketBook Touch Lux

PocketBook Touch Lux PocketBook Touch Lux

The section "Library" contains the entire collection of literature, which is stored on the device. Here you can configure three types of display the list of books, display information (such as the internal memory reader, and from memory cards microSD), and sort text files in folders, author, series, genre, format and date. There is also a convenient search, which allows to find the right book a few seconds.

PocketBook Touch Lux PocketBook Touch Lux

PocketBook Touch Lux PocketBook Touch Lux

Due to built-in Wi-Fi module and main menu item "Store", which gives access to proprietary trading platform BookLand, the user can freely buy favorite books and instantly download them to the device. It's nice that the prices are displayed in local currency, so there is no need to convert and pay extra charges.

PocketBook Touch Lux PocketBook Touch Lux

PocketBook Touch Lux PocketBook Touch Lux

In the section "Notes" the user can add custom tabs, as well as to leave little comments and remarks about read books.

PocketBook Touch Lux PocketBook Touch Lux

PocketBook Touch Lux PocketBook Touch Lux

In the menu item "Music" is a decent music player that supports playback of MP3-files. In addition to displaying a list of music tracks and their playing time, you can configure the switch and repeat mode of tracks, change the volume, add favorite audio file in the playlist, or delete it and learn about it all the available information.

PocketBook Touch Lux PocketBook Touch Lux PocketBook Touch Lux

The "Dictionary" section as you may guess has installed dictionaries. It is possible to add custom options from various sources including ABBYY Lingvo, it would be very useful feature for people who have decided to learn a foreign language or to tighten existing skills.

The menu item "Applications" contains a large list of pre-installed software. They include a good web browser, the firmware application to synchronize PocketBook Sync, client cloud service Dropbox PocketBook, RSS-aggregator of news PocketNews, as well as some interesting board games. Such list of programs will allow to spend quite a good time in addition to reading books.

The "Settings" section has a huge list of options that allows you to configure the e-book. Thus, the user can adjust the display backlight, change the date and time, select a language, select system fonts and a number of other useful features.

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