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Dell Venue 8 tablet review and testing

While modern mobile industry did not fully realize the idea of "designer" allowing users to choose the required components and characteristics of a new purchase, the manufacturer combines different strong and weak sides of future devices. As a result of this approach, not all the available tablets have a good ratio of advantages and disadvantages.

Dell Venue 8

Tablet Dell Venue 8 at first glance should appeal to those users who don’t want to overpay for not always useful features, applications, and the extra power unit of hardware item. Characteristics of the device looks quite balanced, which should provide good performance on all fronts. So let's move on to the review, in order to find out what lies behind the numbers.

The specs:




Venue 8


Intel Atom Z2580: 2 cores, 4 threads, frequency up to 2000 MHz, L2 cache– 1 МB

Graphics adapter

PowerVR SGX 544MP2 (up to 533 MHz) 


8", IPS, 1280 x 800 p, Multi-touch up to 5 touches  




16 GB

Memory card support

microSD (SD, SDXC, SDHC) up to 128 GB

SIM-card socket


1 x micro-USB (OTG)

1 x combined audio mini-jack 3,5 mm









5 Мp, aperture f/2.4, video recording in 720p


2 Мp, video recording in 720p



802.11 b/g/n (2,4 GHz)


Bluetooth 4.0








Accelerometer, gyroscope, electronic compass, illumination sensor

Battery capacity

Lithium-ion cell: 4100 mА·h (15,5 W·h)


Input: 100~240V AC at 50/60 Hz

Output: 10 W, 5 V DC 2 А


212 x 130 x 9,5 mm


350 g




Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean


12 month

Producer website 


Packaging and content

Dell Venue 8

The tablet is shipped in a relatively large cardboard box, without the use of color printing. Package design is absent: there are only a couple of icons on the sidewall and the manufacturer's logo on the front side. Also there is no any technical information about the device. Apparently, the manufacturer decided to reduce the cost of the tablet or take care of the environment.

Dell Venue 8

The inner part of the box is divided into two sections, one of which contains Dell Venue 8. New product is well fixed in the cell and surrounded by a fairly wide inserts made of cardboard, which enhances its safety during transportation.

Dell Venue 8

The second cell has standard items: charger of 10 W (5 V at 2 A), cable micro-USB ↔ USB, quick start guide and a card with information about the security and compliance.

Dell Venue 8 Dell Venue 8

Dell Venue 8 Dell Venue 8

In addition to this list, for an extra cost the delivery set can include: cover for the table, spare battery charger, leather case and a few other components. In general, manufacturer minimized the cost of Dell Venue 8, while providing the choice to select the desired kit.

Design and elements layout

Dell Venue 8

Modern tablets very radically different design, especially on the front side. This is not surprising, because almost all of its area takes the display and frame. Dell Venue 8 also is consistent with this trend and visually does not differ from other 8-inch models. Perhaps the only thing that can be isolated from the external features of its design is the design of rear part of the case and the sidewalls which has a soft-touch coating. The case is made of plastic and has a good performance and build quality: there are no structural defects and characteristic sounds in case of twisting. The device is very compact and lightweight: its dimensions are 212 x 130 x 9,5 mm and weight of about 350 grams.

Dell Venue 8

Dell Venue 8

The front face is completely covered by protective glass. Along the contour of the display there is a small glossy plastic insert (10 mm on the sides and 19 mm at the top and bottom) which also protects the glass against damage. Its width is enough for a comfortable hold the tablet without accidental contact with the touch layer. It should be noted that the cover glass does not always perfectly cope with its task: in case of press the display has stains. Arrangement of elements on the front side is quite familiar: the hole of front camera and illumination sensor is placed on top, and the lower part contains three touch-sensitive buttons. Notification sensor is not available.

Dell Venue 8

Soft-touch coating of the back of the tablet has excellent tactile properties. However, the surface is easily soiled (it collects litter and fingerprints that can be easily cleaned with a soft cloth), and can be easily damaged.

In addition to the black version of the back part there is more interesting color, namely red, which is also more practical and fingerprints are less noticeable.

The center of the lid has the manufacturer's logo, made of chromed plastic, and is closer to the bottom there is the logo «Intel Inside», which gives the user the first impression of the hardware platform of the device. The main camera hole is a little above of the surface, so if you put the tablet screen up the chrome edge of the module takes the role of a support device.

Dell Venue 8

Dell Venue 8

Dell Venue 8

On the right side there is a slot for memory cards microSD securely covered with a plug. Here you can see the dead spot to install SIM-cards that implies a version of the device with the ability to install the maps of mobile communication. To the left there is the volume rocker and the port micro-USB with support of OTG. Subjectively, the micro-USB port is located very convenient, because the charging device does not prevent to use it in the usual horizontal orientation.

Dell Venue 8

Dell Venue 8

On the top edge there is audio mini-jack 3,5 mm, one microphone hole, and "Power" button. Below is a fairly large mesh covering the multimedia speaker. The arrangement of the above elements can be called very successful, so the device leaves a good impression in terms of ergonomics.

Dell Venue 8

Dell Venue 8

It is worth to note that in addition to the back side a pleasant tactile soft-touch coating is applied on the sides of the tablet. On the one hand, this solution improves the holding, but on the other - makes the corners are the weak spots due to poor wear resistance. Therefore, we recommend to pay attention to this fact in order to prolong the preservation of its original appearance.


Dell Venue 8

Dell Venue 8 is equipped with not the most advanced display (in terms of performance) with a resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels, which together with the 8-inch gives the pixel density at level 188 ppi. The basis of the screen is enough qualitative IPS-matrix, which is characterized by good color rendering, sufficient saturation (with a slight predominance of cool colors) and excellent viewing angles.

Dell Venue 8

The display has a good stock of brightness and contrast, as well as anti-glare filter. The last is not enough for comfortable work in direct sunlight. Besides air gap greatly increases the amount of glares on the display. Under optimal conditions, or in case of the shade, the difficulties with the perception of information from the screen do not appear.

Dell Venue 8

Touch screen layer detects up to 5 simultaneous touches and has a good sensitivity, and the finger sliding on the safety glass is easy enough. However, its correct operation was not constant: during testing there were situations in which the one-touch caused a series of operations over the entire surface of the sensor. However, we are completely confident that it is the lack of a specific test sample, but when buying a tablet it is better to pay attention to this nuance.

According overall performance the screen of new item is at quite an acceptable level, corresponding to its affordable price. The only notable disadvantage lack of display is the absence of oleophobic coating, which leads to a rapid collection of the fingerprint, as well as difficulty to remove them.

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