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Gazer Tegra NOTE 7 tablet review

The first public presentation of the mobile platform NVIDIA Tegra 4 was held in January 2013 in the framework of the exhibition CES. It attracted considerable attention, given quite a high demand for the previous generation platform. However, the popularity of the novelty was not very high. The most important feature is the development of Californian manufacturer a very unique game console NVIDIA SHIELD providing the ability to run full-fledged PC games under certain conditions.

Gazer Tegra NOTE 7

 In view of the not very high demand for NVIDIA Tegra 4, the manufacturer has decided to accelerate on the market valuable and more mass devices. But not by own forces, and with the help of its partners who had all marketing obligations with advertising and selling. The only thing for NVIDIA was to create a “reference” design of 7-inch device that is able to reflect all the important features of the hardware platform. So this is the reason of cheap tablet Tegra NOTE 7 appearance.

The specs:




Tegra NOTE 7 (TN740)






NVIDIA Tegra 4 (T114): 4+1 cores Cortex-A15 (ARMv7), up to 1,8 GHz, L2 cache with capacity 2 MB, technological process 28 nm HPL

Graphics adapter

NVIDIA GeForce UPL: 72 thread cores, up to 672 MHz, support of OpenGL ES 2.0 and DirectX 9.0a 


7", IPS, 1280 x 800 P (215 ppi), sensor, multi-touch up to 10 touches, protective glass 


1 GB LPDDR3-1600, dual-channel


16 GB


microSD (up to 32 GB)


1 x micro-USB (OTG)

1 x micro-HDMI

1 x mini-jack 3,5 mm



Stereo speaker + phase inverter

Sound processing

NVIDIA PureAudio






5 MP, back matrix highlighting, aperture f/2.0, autophocus, video-1080p recording


0,3 Mp, video-VGA recording



802.11b/g/n (Wi-Fi Direct, Wireless Display)


V4.0 LE (A2DP)








Accelerometer, gyroscope, illumination sensor, electronic compass, Hall sensor, LED notification indicator


lithium-ion cell, non-removable: 4100 mА·h


Input: 100~240V AC at 50/60 Hz

Output: 5 V DC at 2 А


Support of operation with proprietary stylus   NVIDIA DirectStylus


199 x 119 x 9,6 mm


320 g




Android 4.4.2 KitKat

Official warranty

12 month

Producer website

Gazer Limited

NVIDIA Corporation

Packaging content and accessories

Gazer Tegra NOTE 7 is shipped in a small box of very thick cardboard that reliably protects the inner contents. Design is performed in the original color scheme NVIDIA, i.e. a combination of black and light green colors.

Gazer Tegra NOTE 7

So, without the unpacking you can see the appearance of the tablet and brand stylus, learn about the set of delivery and accessories which are available for separate purchase. In addition, there is a detailed description of the main features and full specifications (on location label) including the warranty period and the date of manufacture.

Gazer Tegra NOTE 7

Supplied set is quite ordinary and includes: user manual, warranty card and a small power supply unit (5 V at 2 A) with a removable cable USB ↔ micro-USB to synchronize device with your PC. But that's not all, because here is a corporate stylus NVIDIA DirectStylus placed in a special slot on the case.

Gazer Tegra NOTE 7

As additional separately purchased accessory sold, is more official version of stylus NVIDIA DirectStylus Pro with additional nozzles and corporate cover Slide Cover, which has a segmented cover that can be transformed into a convenient stand and the ability to lock/unlock the screen due to the built-in magnets. Also for easy hanging in games you can get the compatible game controller, for example Nyko PlayPad/PlayPad Pro.

Design elements layout  

Tablet Gazer Tegra NOTE 7 though is the firstborn in this class and for the British Gazer and California NVIDIA companies, but its shape is very well thought out. The device looks interesting and memorable. This is the merit of the individual design elements.

Gazer Tegra NOTE 7

Faceplate of the tablet almost entirely is covered with protective glass factory film. The manufacturer does not specify what kind of glass is used to protect the screen. The upper and lower parts (left and right in landscape orientation) there is a pair of multimedia speakers hidden under a stylish matte inset with rather large perforated grilles. By the way, this insert is whole and surrounds the tablet around the outline, thereby significantly increasing the safety of the glass panel in the event of unforeseen circumstances. In addition, near the top insert is almost invisible front camera which is located next to the light sensor. Built-in microphone presented in mono version is hidden from the eyes of the user under the lower grille.

Gazer Tegra NOTE 7

A characteristic feature of Gazer Tegra NOTE 7 is the design of rear side of the case where there are three types of surfaces. Central part of the back is a large rubberized inset with perforated texture and stamped inscription “Tegra NOTE”. Space along the long sides is represented in the form of two symmetrical panels of matt plastic decorated with glossy lines at the junction with the rubber part of the case. On one panel you can see a small company logo Gazer, and on the other NVIDIA Tegra logo and informational signs including the exact model name and serial number. Also on the back side you can see the main camera chrome edging of the lens and jack storage firm stylus.

 Gazer Tegra NOTE 7

A separate item is the presence in the case of several magnets that are needed for locking and unlocking the screen when using a corporate cover. However, only due to random circumstances we could found extremely unusual feature of Gazer Tegra NOTE 7. Four powerful magnets located in the corner areas of the back side of the case make it easy to magnet the device to any metal surface such as a refrigerator. The degree of fixation is very high and the plate does not change its position.

Gazer Tegra NOTE 7

Gazer Tegra NOTE 7

Lateral faces have gently rounded ends at the back part. However, they contain a considerable amount of interesting elements. In the case of portrait orientation to the left there is a special slot for connecting corporate cover. It is covered with a special plug. On the right side is in convenient volume control button and open slot with a spring-loaded mechanism for microSD.

Gazer Tegra NOTE 7

Gazer Tegra NOTE 7

Upper part is given to the power/lock button (it is much more convenient than volume rocker), audio mini-jack 3,5 mm, as well as micro-HDMI and micro-USB ports. The latest has a support of technology On-The-Go (OTG) and a unique feature USB- cable connection is carried out at a slight angle. On the bottom you can find the top of the stylus bay and relatively large cavity of phase inverter of speaker system covered by a black metal mesh.

Gazer Tegra NOTE 7 Gazer Tegra NOTE 7

As for the enclosure, it is a predominantly matte version (except the front side), made of black plastic and doesn’t collect the fingerprints.

Case rigidity is quite high and the table is almost impossible to deform at moderate attempts of torsion or pressure. However, the typical creaking can appear.

Gazer Tegra NOTE 7

Due to the presence of high-grade stereo speakers and the small side display frames Gazer Tegra NOTE 7 is slightly larger among its main competitors. Case thickness is 9.6 mm, which is a millimeter larger than the main Android-tablet. In any case, the device is very compact and lightweight (only 320 g) and does not cause any specific complaints in everyday.

Display, stylus 

Gazer Tegra NOTE 7

Gazer Tegra NOTE 7 is equipped with a very decent 7-inch display, which has quite enough opportunities for almost any tasks with the display completely different information. Of course, the resolution IPS-matrix according by today's standards may seem small - just 1280 x 800 pixels, which favors the formation of a pixel density of 215 ppi. This is not a record figure, but it is quite enough.

Brightness of the display is quite high and offers the user a wide range of adjustment: at the minimum value the brightness you can easily work with your tablet even in the darkness, and at the maximum - despite the absence of anti-reflective coating and air gap  it is quite comfortable to read the information on a bright sunny day but not under the direct rays. It is important to note the support of proprietary technology Tegra PRISM (or NVIDIA PRISM) which is designed to reduce energy consumption for the display backlight, while improving the color quality, but due to a slight reduction of the maximum brightness.

Gazer Tegra NOTE 7 Gazer Tegra NOTE 7

Color rendering quality is very pleasant, although according to general impression the color saturation is not enough, and the color temperature is shifted towards the cold colors. However, this display behavior is common for Native mode of color correction, which is used to increase contrast and darker shades. It is also possible to put an sRGB mode with an extended range of colors and more natural colors, but at a lower overall contrast.

Gazer Tegra NOTE 7 Gazer Tegra NOTE 7

Touch panel as a very good sensitivity. It is capable of handling up to 10 simultaneous touches. However, the quality of their processing is not always correct, because sometimes even double-touch the failures appear: a sensor stops responding for a second or two or phantom touch occurs in a completely different area of the display. Sliding of finger on the safety glass is very smooth.

Gazer Tegra NOTE 7

Gazer Tegra NOTE 7 Gazer Tegra NOTE 7

An important feature of Gazer Tegra NOTE 7 is the presence of a very comfortable proprietary stylus NVIDIA DirectStylus. It is lightweight, fairly thin and has a two-way design: on one side the pen is flat and relatively thin, and on the other it is broad and oval capable to perform the role of "eraser" at long touch. It is important to note that when painting the user has the ability to change the thickness of the drawn line by changing the contact area of the pen.

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