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Gaming manipulator Cooler Master CM Storm Reaper: review and testing

We continue to introduce the material about the periphery of the Taiwanese company Cooler Master, designed to meet the needs of today's most demanding gamers. In one of the previous reviews we examined mechanical gaming keyboard клавиатуру CM Storm Quick Fire Rapid-i, which made a very good impression. The hero of the next review is a gaming manipulator Cooler Master CM Storm Reaper.

Cooler Master CM Storm Reaper


This model has an interesting and modern appearance with qualitative materials. In addition, the manipulator is based on the top-end laser sensor AVAGO ADNS-9800 with an impressive resolution of 8200 dpi. We offer to start an overview with technical specifications:


Cooler Master


CM Storm Reaper (SGM-6002-KLLW1)





Sensor type

laser (AVAGO ADNS-9800)

Sampling rate, Hz


Max resolution, dpi


Max processing speed, in/s, (m/s)

150 (3,81)

Max acceleration, G


Start height, mm


Capacity of internal memory, КB


Buttons number

7 + scroll wheel

Base material


Cable length, m


Additional capabilities

Aluminum structural elements; removable rear panel; 8 programmable keys; gold-plated USB-plug; buttons to quickly change the resolution of the sensor; software and hardware (up to 4 profiles) adjustment modes; 4 illumination modes


Black and gray

Dimensions, mm

128,7 x 77,8 x 40,6

Weight, g





Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1


24 months

Producer website

Producer website

Product page

Package and content 

Cooler Master CM Storm Reaper Cooler Master CM Storm Reaper


Gaming mouse comes in a relatively small carton, which is reserved and quite informative design with a predominance of dark colors. The front side contains a large image of the manipulator, the model name and logos of manufacturer and brand. Here there is mention of the key benefits of new product: aluminum structural elements, a laser sensor with a resolution of 8200 dpi, soft keys, ergonomic design for right-handers. On the back side there is a schematic representation of a manipulator with an explanation of the features of the model and information about transportation in several languages.

Cooler Master CM Storm Reaper Cooler Master CM Storm Reaper


Under the wrapper there is a stylish box of black matte cardboard, which suggests to us the high status of the device. On the cover you will find logos «Cooler Master» and «CM Storm». Inside the device is securely fixed in a plastic form.

Cooler Master CM Storm Reaper


Kitting of CM Storm Reaper is rather ascetic, as in a box there is only documentation.

Design and elements layout

Cooler Master CM Storm Reaper


Generally speaking, CM Storm Reaper looks pretty interesting and original. This effect is achieved thanks to the harmonious combination of plastic and metal (unpainted) structural elements of the manipulator, which create a nice contrast and add a certain charm to the new product. Moreover, the effect is further enhanced by the use of pleasant white illumination. The mouse has asymmetric design that focuses exclusively on for the right-handed users. Furthermore, the device is characterized by considerable dimensions (128,7 x 77,8 x 40,6 mm) and weight (145 g), which should appeal to owners of medium or large-size hands.

The basic material is pleasant to the touch matte black plastic with a soft-touch coating. It is used for the upper panel, sides and extra buttons except large one. The material is quite practical, but still collects fingerprints (especially wet touches), which is quite easy to remove by the usual cloth or microfiber. Base and large extra buttons are made of rough matte plastic. Metal parts are made of anodized aluminum of the original form.

Cooler Master CM Storm Reaper


The top panel can be divided into two parts, which are delimited by a transparent illuminated strip. The front side contains the main keys without recesses. There is a considerable metal scroll wheel with textured notches. Near there are matte gray (and the area around them) buttons to quickly change the resolution of the sensor (no indicator). The tail part is presented in the form of a removable metal panel with curved backside (for comfort placement of the inside part of the palm) with stamped logo «CM Storm».

Cooler Master CM Storm Reaper Cooler Master CM Storm Reaper

The front part of the CM Storm Reaper has a rectangular shape with gently rounded and transparent Г-shaped inserts that resemble the eye of the robot or the headlights of a sports car. In the center there is a fairly mild wire of 1.8 meters. Also at the end it is framed by stiffness sleeve (prevents bending), hidden away in a nylon braid (protects the wire from abrasion) and ends with gold-plated connectors USB 2.0 (resistance to oxidation processes). 

Cooler Master CM Storm Reaper Cooler Master CM Storm Reaper

The left side panel has a considerable ergonomic cavity for thumb. Between the top and the left side panel there are buttons "Next" and "Back". Near to the front side there is an additional programmable button of considerable size. The right side (somewhat bevelled) is devoid of additional keys and any recesses.

Cooler Master CM Storm Reaper


At the bottom of the mouse is the eye of laser sensor (shifted slightly forward). Around it is a sticker with the logo of the brand and model name, as well as technical information. The smooth sliding is provided by three Teflon legs spaced along the edges of the case. Toward the rear end is a screw (covered with dense rubber stopper) to remove the top panel.

Gaming manipulator CM Storm Reaper is characterized by excellent build quality: all the details and elements are well adjusted, and you won’t find backlashes or extra sounds.

Mouse features 

Cooler Master CM Storm Reaper Cooler Master CM Storm Reaper

Cooler Master CM Storm Reaper Cooler Master CM Storm Reaper

As mentioned above, the gaming manipulator CM Storm Reaper is equipped with unobtrusive white LED illumination. Hardware button to change the backlight is not provided, so you should take advantage of proprietary software. It provides four modes of illumination, "Always On", "Breath", "Glimpses of Fire" and "Always off".

Cooler Master CM Storm Reaper Cooler Master CM Storm Reaper

Fans of personalization should appeal removable aluminum back panel. To remove it is necessary to unscrew the screw (covered with a plug), hiding in the bottom of the mouse. If desired, and certain skill you can decorate the panel (to change the color, add logos, signatures, prints, etc.) or completely replace it.

Cooler Master CM Storm Reaper


Used top laser sensor AVAGO ADNS-9800 supports a maximum resolution of 8200 impressive dpi and processing speed of 150 in/s. That is, when moving the manipulator with a speed of 3.81 m/s data will be recorded by sensor without problems. USB port sampling rate can reach 1000 Hz. The presence of the corresponding buttons on the body allows you to change the resolution instantly within 4 preset values for each of the four profiles (available values in the range of 100 - 8200 in increments of 100 dpi), which is enough for all scenarios. To store user profiles settings you have 128 KB of internal memory. This makes it possible to always have manipulator optimized for convenient use at LAN-parties, without the need to install the appropriate software. Sensor perfectly copes with its tasks, working even on lacquered or fabric surfaces, not to mention the usual mouse pads. However, glass and mirror surfaces still are not suitable.

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