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UPS EATON 5P 1550i Rack 1U: review and testing

EATON company is well established in the market of uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) thanks to the combination of price and capabilities of its products. And this applies not only to the devices for home use, but it is true for professional solutions aimed at the corporate segment. In the latter case, the manufacturer has more than ten different lineups including a solution with power up to 30000 V·A. But, of course, such UPSs are pretty specific, so in this review we will talk about a more "civilian" version with power of 1550 VA (1100 W).

Although for many users this value may seem extraordinary. That's right in the home use such performance will be redundant. But the model EATON 5P 1550i Rack 1U (5P1550iR), which will be discussed aims to work in the server side with greater loads.

EATON 5P 1550i Rack 1U (5P1550iR)

The specs:


EATON 5P 1550i Rack 1U




Output signal

pure sinusoid

Capacity, VA / W

1550 / 1100

Input supply parameters 

Operating supply voltage, V

200 − 240

The voltage adjustment range without switching to battery operation, V

160 − 294 / 150 − 294

Frequency, Hz

47 − 70

Max current strength at nominal load, A

Output supply parameters

Operating supply voltage, V

200 / 208 / 220 / 230 / 240

Deviation of the supply voltage in AC mode (AVR), %

Deviation of the supply voltage in battery mode, %


Frequency in battery mode, Hz

50 / 60 ± 0,1

Current strength (at voltage 230 V), A



Sealed, maintenance-free and quick-changeable

Quantity of batteries


Voltage, V


Capacity of each battery, A*h


Battery life, min

under voltage 50%


under voltage 70%


under voltage 100%


Full battery charge, h

Overall performance


Noise level, dBА

< 40


USB, RS232, SNMP, socket to connect remote controller


6 x IEC-320 C13 (weight with  battery power backup)

LCD display




Automatic diagnosis of the battery state; protection against deep discharge and battery recharge; availability of programmable outlets; fine-tune the parameters of the input and output voltages

Dimensions, mm

43 х 438 х 554

Weight including battery, kg 


Warranty, years

3 (for electronics) / 2 (for battery)

Producer website


Product page

EATON 5P 1550i Rack 1U


Package and content

EATON 5P 1550i Rack 1U (5P1550iR)

UPS EATON 5P 1550i Rack 1U comes in the usual cardboard box which provides protection from shock and possible mechanical damages. Informative is at the low level, so let’s go to the description of its contents.

EATON 5P 1550i Rack 1U (5P1550iR)

The package includes the following components, you may need to connect the UPS and the process of its further exploitation:

  • two power cables (type IEC-320 C13 / C14) for connecting devices to the UPS;
  • AC power cord;
  • cable with USB;
  • cable with RS232 (COM);
  • CD with software and documentation;
  • manual.


EATON 5P 1550i Rack 1U (5P1550iR)

Since the model EATON 5P 1550i Rack 1U is designed for installation in rack-mounted servers, that in terms of appearance and size it differs significantly from conventional devices used at home or in the office. Thus, the height of the case is only 42 cm, which corresponds to the standard 1U. In other words, rack server the UPS will occupy one spot, while most competitive solutions are designed for two (standard 2U).

The case is made of thick metal; decorative plastic overlay is present only on the front panel. Again, this design is primarily caused to the scope of application and the conditions under which the device will be operated.

EATON 5P 1550i Rack 1U (5P1550iR)

All outputs and available connectors are traditionally grouped on the back. As the UPS has a relatively low height, they are arranged in a row next to each other. According to practical tests, this doesn’t affect the ease of connecting cables.

Now let's talk about the connectors. The left side has the input (closed with black cap) to install SNMP-expansion card (Network-MS, ModBus-MS and Relay-MS), which provides network monitoring of UPS or implementing additional functionality. The communication interfaces are presented by ports USB and RS232 (COM), which are used for direct connection to a computer.

EATON 5P 1550i Rack 1U (5P1550iR)

To their left is the power outlet to connect an external power supply and vent. On the right side you can find terminals for connecting external control panel that allows you to forcibly disconnect the UPS or its outputs. The latter are represented by six sockets with standard IEC-320 C13, therefore their use will require special cables IEC-320 C13/C14. Don’t forget that two of these are already included to delivery set, and the rest will have to be purchased separately. Fortunately, they are sold in every store computer equipment.

It is worth noting that the backup power is supplied to all outputs. And for three extreme (gray) have additional functionality. For example, using the menu you can configure the de-energization circuit for outputs or set the interval to wait before applying power.

Also we would like to see connectors for LAN or telephone line with the implementation of surge protection. In our opinion this is quite useful option, especially when it comes to server side.

EATON 5P 1550i Rack 1U (5P1550iR)

Front panel is a decorative element, but also has certain functionality: there is a ventilation grille, screen, navigation items and on/off button.

EATON 5P 1550i Rack 1U (5P1550iR)

Despite the relatively small size the display is quite informative with well readable symbols. Using the scroll the menu items you can view all the necessary information about the parameters of the input and output voltage, as well as the status of the UPS and battery. Also the operating status of the device is displayed via LEDs. Overall ergonomics of model EATON 5P 1550i Rack 1U is good.

Battery and battery compartement

EATON 5P 1550i Rack 1U (5P1550iR)

The battery compartment access is realized by removing the front panel. Due to this design you don’t need to disassemble the entire UPS, and the extraction or replacement of the battery takes a few minutes.

EATON 5P 1550i Rack 1U (5P1550iR)

This scheme demonstrates our words.

EATON 5P 1550i Rack 1U (5P1550iR)

The tested model is the most productive in the family, so it applies battery consisting of six batteries. Due to the design features of the case, the manufacturer had to use low-profile elements. In this case - B.B. BATTERY HR9-6 with a working voltage of 6 V and a capacity of 8 A*h (10-hour discharge mode). The specification of EATON 5P1550iR has a figure of 9 A*h, but there is likely, it is a 20-hour discharge mode. In any case, the values are quite high, and the manufacturer of batteries inspires confidence.

EATON 5P 1550i Rack 1U (5P1550iR)

According to the official website of the company, pre-installed battery provides autonomous operation for 42 minutes at 20% load (220 W), 13 min at 50% load (550 W) and 4 min at 100% load (1100 W). Note that the model EATON 5P 1550i Rack 1U contains the protection against deep discharge and recharge the battery, and there is support for the method of charging with temperature compensation and mode «ABM». The latter allows you to save battery life further by optimizing its charging cycles.

Internal device

EATON 5P 1550i Rack 1U (5P1550iR)

EATON 5P1550iR layout is determined by its form factor (1U): all major components are arranged parallel to the base, and the battery compartment is separated by the metal wall. Despite this, the manufacturer could to make a good air circulation within the case, the "hottest" elements are directly placed in the area of direct airflow by preset 40mm fan.

EATON 5P 1550i Rack 1U (5P1550iR)

The last is based on the bearing type VAPO (an improved version of the plain bearing) and has the following performance indicators: power 0.6 W; value of generated flow 7,7 CFM; maximum speed  6200 rpm. However, in our opinion, it should be better to adjust the algorithm of its work, for example, to bind to the temperature inside the case or power consumption. And now we have that the fan always rotates at maximum speed when the UPS has battery power or while it is charging, providing increased noise at the same time. Do note that the manufacturer has provided the opportunity to transition to a lower rotation speed (3500 rpm) in case of fully charged batteries.

Don’t forget that the server racks are typically installed in special cases or even in separate rooms. So in this case is unlikely to pay particular attention to the acoustic characteristics of the device.

EATON 5P 1550i Rack 1U (5P1550iR)

UPS has a filter to smooth the noise, which includes several X- and Y-capacitors, chokes and varistor. The network wires aimed to reduce the high-frequency interference is passed through the ferrite ring.

The scheme structure includes an autotransformer with switchable winding that expands the range of input voltage at which the device does not pass to battery operation. Here it is 160 - 294 V, which can be manually extended up to 150 - 290 V. This significantly saves battery life. In addition, there is no need to purchase an external stabilizer.

Note that autotransformer belongs to the «B» class and can withstand temperatures up to 130°C. So you won’t face with overheating. Switching between stages AVR and units UPS is performed by mechanical 16- and 10-ampere relays.

EATON 5P 1550i Rack 1U (5P1550iR)

An inverter that converts the DC voltage from the battery to AC with the required amplitude and applies it to the output for connection to the load, in the model EATON 5P 1550i Rack 1U has a more complicated structure than conventional solutions of Line-Interactive class. This is due to high nominal power (1100 W) and the nature of the output signal (pure sinusoid instead of approximated one).

EATON 5P 1550i Rack 1U (5P1550iR)

EATON 5P 1550i Rack 1U (5P1550iR)

Power switch is cascade of eight MOSFETs IRF3710. Also, it includes a rectifier to four "ultrafast" diodes U880E and a group of powerful high-voltage transistors P20NK50Z. Note that all power elements are equipped with aluminum radiators of impressive size.

EATON 5P 1550i Rack 1U (5P1550iR)

Inverter controller controls the operation of Fairchild KA3525A, but marking the CPU, unfortunately, could not be established.

EATON 5P 1550i Rack 1U (5P1550iR)

All circuits use mainly Taiwanese electrolytic capacitors Jamicon and Elite. Judging by the reviews of radio amateurs, their quality can be measured as an average. Most capacitors belong to the high-temperature series (up to 105°C), which inspires confidence in their long service life.

Summarizing the interim results, we can say that the layout and hardware of EATON 5P1550iR are satisfied. Hopefully, during testing the UPS will provide good results.

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