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Power supply Seasonic Platinum 860: review and testing

Having expanded its lineup of "platinum" power supplies, the company Sea Sonic Electronics also provided the update of its family. Basically, this process has touched the top solutions, in particular Seasonic Platinum 860 (SS-860XP2). After testing in our lab this power unit has demonstrated impressive results. However perfection has no limit. In addition, the new revision received a lower price tag, which should please the potential customers.


Seasonic Platinum 860 (SS-860XP2)

The specs:


Seasonic Platinum 860

(Seasonic SS-860XP2)



Rated capacity, W


12V channel capacity, W


+3,3V and +5V channel capacity, W


Q-ty of +12V lines


Outputs, А









+5VSB (stand-by power line)



6 (6+2-pin)

Support of technologies NVIDIA SLI / AMD CrossFireX




Efficiency, %

> 91

Certified 80 PLUS


Power factor, %


Method of Power Factor balancing


Input voltage, V

100 - 240

Frequency, Hz

50 - 60

Input current, А

5,5 - 11

Fan dimensions, mm

120 х 120 х 25

Fan speed controller

Yes (hybrid cooling system)

Noise level, dB

Uo to 30,0

Support for energy saving states C6 / C7(Intel Haswell Ready)


Correspondence to environmental standards, electromagnetic safety and compatibility (EMI/EMC)

CB, CCC, TUV, cTUVus, GOST-R, BSMI, CE, FCC, C-tick, RoHS, WEEE, ErP Lot 6 2013



Dimension, mm

160 х 150 х 86


Power cord, fastening screws, modular cables, ties, manual, sticker with company logo

Warranty, years


Producer website


Product page

Seasonic Platinum 860 

Packaging and content

Seasonic Platinum 860 (SS-860XP2)

Power supply Seasonic Platinum 860 is shipped in a cardboard box which provides protection against shocks and possible mechanical damage. The package is painted in colors that mimic the surface of platinum. Traditionally the front face has the image of the power supply, as well as its rated power (860 W) and energy efficiency class (80 PLUS Platinum). Pay attention to the appearance of support of energy-saving states C6/C7 that are common for processors Intel Haswell.

Seasonic Platinum 860 (SS-860XP2)

As for the rest, the pack of Seasonic Platinum 860 repeats the box from the other members of the series Seasonic Platinum. We note only that it has excellent informative: the user can find all necessary information about the power supply and applied technologies.

Seasonic Platinum 860 (SS-860XP2)

Although, it is important to underline one particular feature in more detail, because it is not common for every solutions of similar capacity. We are talking about a hybrid cooling system. It differs by the fact until a certain temperature fan does not rotate, and after that the rotation speed of the blades is determined by heating of components and the load level. That is, under low loads (in this case up to 30% (± 5%) of the nominal value) Seasonic Platinum 860 runs completely silently. Although we have seen that this threshold is quite relative, and under more or less well-organized cooling inside the computer case it can be shifted to the level of 50% of the declared capacity.

Seasonic Platinum 860 (SS-860XP2)

Supplied set of Seasonic Platinum 860 is fully consistent with "Platinum" status of the device: the power supply is in a fabric pouch and for storage modular cables there is a special two-piece bag. Also we were pleased with the presence of additional clamps and ties for accurate arrangement of the output cables. The whole package is as follows:

  • AC power cord;
  • screws to secure;
  • modular cables, which are in a special bag;
  • five clamps to secure the cables;
  • three reusable ties;
  • sticker with the logo of the company;
  • manual.

Modular cables are not represented on the photo and they will be described in more details later.



Seasonic Platinum 860 (SS-860XP2)

Externally Seasonic Platinum 860 is virtually identical to the other "box" models produced under the brand Seasonic. Its belonging to the "platinum" series is specified only by the characteristic emblem and the absence of any cables from the power supply. And the same are dimensions 160 x 150 x 86 mm. Thus, this model is suitable for any size of the system unit to the Mini Tower Full Tower.

Seasonic Platinum 860 (SS-860XP2)

The case of Seasonic Platinum 860 is painted in a stylish black color. The top cover, instead of the usual grill you can find firm stamped grille with comb mesh. According to the manufacturer, this design better affects the resistance to air flow. Also, vents can be found on the front side. Here is the power outlet and the power button. The remaining panels are solid.

Seasonic Platinum 860 (SS-860XP2)

The back side has a traditional configuration for top solutions: only modular plugs. This approach makes the process of connecting components and cabling simple and convenient, especially if we are talking about some kind of multi-functional assembly. All connectors are signed and have a different design. But at the same time we will specify the purpose of each of them:

  • 18-pin and 10-pin («M/B») - to power the motherboard;
  • five 6-pin («Peripheral IDE/SATA») - to supply periphery;
  • six 8-pin («CPU/PCI-E») - for additional power processor and graphics card.

In the upper right corner you can also find a switch that is marked as «Fan Control». In position «Hybrid» fan will operate as described in the previous section diagram. And in mode «Normal» it rotates immediately after starting the PC, that is, even at minimum load. In other words, the user can determine which option is more preferable. For example, the mode «Normal» would be useful if the power supply is operated in an environment of high temperature.


Seasonic Platinum 860 (SS-860XP2)

Removable cables are made in the form of strips that positively affects their usability. Main power connectors have the following configuration: collapsible 20+4-pin ATX and two 8-pin ATX12V (one of which is also collapsible). That is the model Seasonic Platinum 860 is suitable for dual-processor systems and for overclocking experiments using extreme cooling systems such as liquid nitrogen. And the rated power makes it suitable for such purposes.

The manufacturer did not forget about the fans of the game, equipping this power supply cables with 6 PCIe connectors in the 6+2-pin version. Thus, Seasonic Platinum 860 can power 3 powerful graphics accelerators without the aid of additional adapters. 


Seasonic Platinum 860 (SS-860XP2)

Also we have no complaints according to the configuration of cables with connectors for connecting peripherals. The number of available connectors will be enough to create a small file server or torrent client, as well as to power the fans and other devices within the body. Here you will find proprietary feature of all "platinum" models from Sea Sonic Electronics i.e. FDD connector made as a separate adapter PATA-FDD.

Socket type


Cable length to socket (connectors), cm

Modular (detachable) cables

20+4-pin power socket ATX



4+4-pin power socket ATX12V



8-pin power socket ATX12V



two 6+2-sockets PCIe



6+2-socket PCIe



three PATA sockets



two PATA sockets



four SATA sockets



two SATA sockets



adapter PATA-FDD



Seasonic Platinum 860 (SS-860XP2)

Now let's take a closer look at the technical characteristics of the power supply. Its nominal power is 860 W. Channel +12V is formed as a single line with a loading capacity up to 71 A. In other words, if necessary, it is possible to "lift" the 99% of the total capacity, which is quite relevant today. Lines +3.3V and +5V have a maximum total power of 125 W and are designed for a load of 25 A each.

As you might guess from the title, in terms of energy efficiency Seasonic Platinum 860 complies with 80 PLUS Platinum. This is also indicated by the picture on the label. Don’t forget that the power supplies are standardized 80 PLUS Platinum, if their efficiency for voltage 230 V at load of 20%, 50% and 100% does not fall below 90%, 94% and 91%, respectively.

Also do note a wide input voltage range (100 - 240), which eliminates the external voltage regulators in an unstable power supply.

Internal device  


Seasonic Platinum 860 (SS-860XP2)

The process of dismantling the power supply Seasonic Platinum 860 is standard: you need just unscrew the screws securing the top cover. We draw your attention to the presence of a special sticker with the inscription «Warranty void if removed».

120mm 7-blade fan SANYO DENKI 9S1212F404 is used to cool internal components used. It is based on a rolling bearing. This fan can often be found in the power supplies Sea Sonic Electronics. In own experience we can say that it is one of the most balanced 120mm propellers in terms of "performance/noise." Although, of course, much more depends on the settings of the cooling system.






Supply voltage, V


Current, А


Capacity, W


Max rotation speed, rpm


Air flow, CFM


Noise level, dB

Up to 30,0

Dimensions, mm

120 х 120 х 25

To optimize air flow within the housing a small transparent plastic plate is attached to the fan.

Seasonic Platinum 860 (SS-860XP2)

Since we are dealing with a new revision PSU Seasonic Platinum 860, rather than a completely new model, it is quite logical that here is the same platform Seasonic KM3. Do not forget that Sea Sonic Electronics has a newer circuitry codenamed «Seasonic XP3». Apparently, it will be installed only in "platinum" solutions with capacity more than 1 kW.

In any case this do not reduce the capabilities of the platform Seasonic KM3. On the contrary, in the PSU market it can be called as one of the most reliable and efficient. 


Seasonic Platinum 860 (SS-860XP2)

Seasonic Platinum 860 (SS-860XP2)

In order not to waste the space on the main two-layer PCB some elements of the EMI-filter is soldered directly at the outlet. Recall that the purpose of this site is to smooth high frequency noise emitted in the power supply network. Also it bears the function of lightning protection.

Implementation of the input filter is at the highest level, as evidenced by the presence of all necessary components (three X- and four Y-capacitors, three chokes and varistor), as well as the manufacturer's careful approach to their isolation and shielding.


Seasonic Platinum 860 (SS-860XP2)

Also the engineers have worked over the passive part of the cooling system. Thus, each group of power elements has separate aluminum radiators with branched tops. Do not forget that until a certain load Seasonic Platinum 860 can work with inactive state so fast heat dissipation in this case is one of the most important tasks.

Seasonic Platinum 860 (SS-860XP2)

Rectification of the input electrical current is carried by two diode arrays. Behind them are the active unit power factor correction (APFC) and two high-voltage capacitors. Set of elements in the new revision Seasonic Platinum 860 has not been changed: APFC power section presents, Schottky diode CREE C3D08060 and a pair of field-effect transistors Infineon 6R125, and capacitors with two banks and nominal value of 390 uF x 420 V produced by the Japanese company Nippon Chemi-Con. Naturally, we have no complaints to the realization of the node, as well as to the quality of selected components.

Note that the high-voltage capacitors are connected in parallel, and their total capacity equals to 780 uF which is an excellent result for the 860-watt device.

Seasonic Platinum 860 (SS-860XP2)

The model Seasonic Platinum 860 has resonant converter with a full bridge. Its keys are the four transistors Infineon 5R250P that work in pairs under the control of the PWM controller CM6901.

Seasonic Platinum 860 (SS-860XP2)

The voltage of main line +12V from is formed by a synchronous rectifier. The organization of low-voltage part in the Seasonic Platinum 860 (platform Seasonic KM3) is a bit different from what we saw in the Seasonic Platinum 1200 (platform Seasonic XP3). Here, the power transistors on the channel +12V are not located at the rear side of the PCB, but on a separate PCB. Their cooling is realized by U-radiator.


Seasonic Platinum 860 (SS-860XP2)

In this case, the engineers kept the brand features inherent in all top-end devices Sea Sonic Electronics. We are talking about the transfer of the heat to the power supply enclosure, whereby it acts as a kind of huge radiator. Indeed, it is a very reasonable solution from a technical point of view.

Seasonic Platinum 860 (SS-860XP2)

Converters of remaining voltages are wired on a separate board. The lines +3.3V and +5V are formed by six transistors Infineon BSC0906NS (three for each channel). Their heating during operation is so small (on-state resistance 4.5 milliohms), and blowing by preinstalled fan is more than enough. Control of DC-DC-converters lies on the shoulders of the PWM controller APW7159.


Seasonic Platinum 860 (SS-860XP2)

On the reverse side of the card are part of the modular connectors and other components of converters: two coils and filter capacitors of polymer type (470 uF x 16 V and 560 uF x 6.3 V).

Outputs which bear a large load (for additional power connection cards) are located directly on the main PCB to minimize the energy loss due to underwater lines.

Seasonic Platinum 860 (SS-860XP2)

In addition to the abundance of solid capacitors (471 uF x 16 V), the channel +12V has a few capacitors with liquid electrolyte. Their manufacturer is company Nippon Chemi-Con, and the elements refer to high-temperature series (up to 105°C). All this indicates about the high quality and long service life.

Seasonic Platinum 860 (SS-860XP2)

According to the technical specifications, model Seasonic Platinum 860 has an entire row of protection (OVP / UVP / OPP / SCP / OCP / OTP), including protection against overload and overheating. The node is based on chip-supervisor Weltrend WT7527V.

Seasonic Platinum 860 (SS-860XP2)

As always, the quality of the soldering has no complaints. All tracks are smooth, stains and other defects were not found. In this regard, the products of company Sea Sonic Electronics can be considered as a reference.

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