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PSU Seasonic X-1050: review and testing

Kilowatt solutions are crown of any engineering idea of any company engaged in the production of power supplies. Here the producer can realize the full potential of applied platforms and their work in this area. Naturally, in such circumstances the issue price comes into the background. Everyone understands that the power supplies of such power, are not cheap and are mainly produced for enthusiasts of computer equipment, not for the masses.

Seasonic X-1050 (Seasonic SS-1050XM2)

Such devices include the model Seasonic X-1050, which will be discussed in this review. Like other members of the series Seasonic X, it recently undergone modernization interns to change the platform. The updated version has a new nomenclature index Seasonic SS-1050XM2.

The specs:


Seasonic X-1050

(Seasonic SS-1050XM2)


ATX12V v2.31

Rated capacity, W


Rail 12V capacity, W


Rails +3,3V and +5V capacity, W


Quantity of rails +12V


Выходы, А









+5Vsb (stand-by power line)


Input supply voltage, V

100 − 240

Frequency, Hz

50 − 60

Input curreny, А

6,5 − 13

Efficiency, %

> 88

Certifies 80 PLUS


Power factor (PF), %


Method of Power Factor balancing


Configuration of system output cables

Completely modular


8 (6+2-pin)

Fan dimensions, mm

120 х 120 х 25

Fan speed controller

Yes (S3FC)

Noise level, dB

Support for energy saving states C6 / C7(Intel Haswell Ready)


Correspondence to environmental standards, electromagnetic safety and compatibility (EMI/EMC)

CB, CCC, TUV, cTUVus, BSMI, CE, FCC, C-tick, RoHS, WEEE, ErP Lot 6 2013, Energy Star 5.0, REACH



Dimension, mm

190 х 150 х 86

Warranty, years


Operating time between failures, hours

150 000

Producer website


Product page

Seasonic X-1050  

Package and content

Seasonic X-1050 (Seasonic SS-1050XM2)

The power supply Seasonic X-1050 is packaged in a box of medium size, which is sustained in golden black traditional for Seasonic X Series. On its side the user can find detailed information not only about the characteristics of the device, but also about the peculiarities of the realization of its individual components.

Seasonic X-1050 (Seasonic SS-1050XM2)Seasonic X-1050 (Seasonic SS-1050XM2)


The package includes all the necessary components, you may need when connecting new item and its further operation, namely:

  • AC power cord;
  • set of modular cables;
  • installation screws;
  • collars and reusable ties of adhesive type;
  • sticker with the logo of the manufacturer.

Seasonic X-1050 (Seasonic SS-1050XM2)

The power supply is placed in a velvet bag with the company logo.


Seasonic X-1050 (Seasonic SS-1050XM2)Seasonic X-1050 (Seasonic SS-1050XM2)

The appearance of model Seasonic X-1050 has the features of kilowatt-solutions produced by Sea Sonic Electronics. First, it increased size (190 x 150 x 86 mm instead of the standard 160 x 150 x 86 mm), and secondly here is a proprietary ventilation grille painted in golden color. As always, the build quality of case is at high level: the panel is made of thick steel, well processed and tightly fitted to each other.

Seasonic X-1050 (Seasonic SS-1050XM2)

System of cables output has completely modular configuration, which greatly simplifies the assembly of PCs, especially when it comes to efficient configuration with multiple graphics cards and a lot of peripherals.Seasonic X-1050 (Seasonic SS-1050XM2)

Overall, the rear panel contains 15 connectors, which have the following purposes:

  • 18-pin and 10-pin («M/B») - to power the motherboard;
  • five 6-pin («Peripheral IDE/SATA») - to supply the periphery;
  • eight 8-pin («CPU / PCI-E») - for additional power of processor and graphics card.

In the upper right corner you can also find the switch «Fan Control», responsible for the selection scheme of the cooling system.

Seasonic X-1050 (Seasonic SS-1050XM2)

In hybrid mode fan runs only when the temperature inside the power supply reaches a certain point. Usually this happens under the loads of 25-35% of the nominal power. Although if you want the fan start threshold can be shifted. It's enough to organize a good air circulation inside the computer case.

Also note that the algorithm of the cooling system S3FC has a zone of hysteresis, which avoids the situation with constant switching on/off the fan at low loads. Such innovation should further improve the acoustic properties of the power supply and the efficiency of its cooling, as well as extend the life of installed fans.

If transfer switch to «Normal», the fan starts to rotate immediately after turning on the PC. This option can be useful in cases where the Seasonic X-1050 to be used in environments with high temperature or in overclocking bench.

Seasonic X-1050 (Seasonic SS-1050XM2)All cables, except the cable to the motherboard power are made in the form of long flexible ribbons, which greatly simplifies the hidden laying inside the case. As a result, the assembly will look more accurate and you will have improved air circulation.

To power the motherboard you have a standard connector ATX (20+4-pin) and a pair of ATX12V (8-pin and 4+4-pin). But to connect the video card manufacturer has provided just 8 connectors PCIe, and all in the 6+2-pin version. The number of available peripheral connectors (PATA and SATA) is also impressive: 5 and 14 respectively.

All available types of connectors and wiring length are given in the table below:



Cable length to socket (connectors), cm

Modular (detachable) cables

20+4-pin ATX connector



4+4-pin ATX12V connector



8-pin ATX12V connector



6+2-pin PCIe connector



two 6+2-pin PCIe connectors



three PATA



two PATA



four SATA



two SATA



adapter PATA-FDD



Seasonic X-1050 (Seasonic SS-1050XM2)

Before analysis of the hardware platform, we offer a look at the electrical power supply characteristics specified on the label. Its nominal capacity is 1050 W, with virtually the same value is suitable for the rail +12V, which is configured as a single 87-voltage line. So the manufacturer won’t face with problems with the installation and further overclocking CPU and graphics card. The same can be said about the other components: the total power lines +3.3V and +5V for 150 watts is more than enough to sum up the power supply to peripheral devices.

Seasonic SS-1050XM2 can operate over a wide input voltage range (100 – 240 V). That is in an unstable power supply you should not use external voltage regulators.

Internal device  

Seasonic X-1050 (Seasonic SS-1050XM2)Seasonic X-1050 (Seasonic SS-1050XM2)

Despite the presence of designations «XM2», it is built on the platform Seasonic XP3, which has been successfully used in a series of kilowatt solutions Seasonic Platinum. Today it is the most advanced circuit design in the arsenal of Sea Sonic Electronics, and it is suitable only for top-level device.

Seasonic X-1050 (Seasonic SS-1050XM2)Seasonic X-1050 (Seasonic SS-1050XM2)

The cooling system of power supply is represented by 120-mm fan SANYO DENKI 9S1212H403 with capacity of 4.68 W, based on two ball bearings, and four aluminum radiators. Three of them are installed in high-voltage part and serve to remove heat from the power components of the diode bridge, APFC and the main inverter. Another one is used to cool the transistors participating in the formation of the +12V line, which are mounted on the back side of the PCB. They come into contact with the power supply cover through a layer of thermally conductive material, thus turning its whole body into one large radiator.

Seasonic X-1050 (Seasonic SS-1050XM2)Seasonic X-1050 (Seasonic SS-1050XM2)

EMI filter is set in the input (three X and six Y capacitors, three chokes and a varistor); a diode bridge composed of two assemblies; the main converter is built on a highly resonant circuit with two pairs of power switches (4 x Infineon 5R399P); all capacitors are produced by the Japanese company Nippon Chemi-Con and belong to a series of high temperature (up to 105°).

Special mention is given to storage capacitors in high-voltage circuit, the total capacity of which is 990 uF and is an excellent indicator for the device power 1050 W.

Seasonic X-1050 (Seasonic SS-1050XM2)Seasonic X-1050 (Seasonic SS-1050XM2)

Low-voltage part of the model Seasonic X-1050 is a synchronous rectifier: with the help of the power transistors (4 x Infineon 027N04LS) a line +2V is realized/ It allows to receive the voltage +3.3V and +5V.


Seasonic X-1050 (Seasonic SS-1050XM2) Seasonic X-1050 (Seasonic SS-1050XM2)

In the latter case, the group corresponding power elements (6 x Infineon BSC0906NS), as well as components of LC-filter located directly on the board with modular connectors. Such a design not only simplifies the development and manufacturing of the power supply, but also avoids energy losses due to underlines. We note that this model uses separate voltage regulation principle (the nature of the load on the +12V channel will not affect the state of the channel +5V and vice versa), and solid capacitors are used for ripple filtration (330 uF x 16 V, 470 uF x 16 V and 560 uF x 6,3V).

Seasonic X-1050 (Seasonic SS-1050XM2)Seasonic X-1050 (Seasonic SS-1050XM2)

In addition, the line +12V has several elements with a liquid electrolyte (1000 uF x 16 V). This approach to the organization of the anti-aliasing noise on the power supply outputs is a good idea. In addition, as we mentioned above, all the capacitors have Japanese origin. The warranty period for this model increased from five years to seven.

Seasonic X-1050 (Seasonic SS-1050XM2)

The Seasonic SS-1050XM2 has a full list of necessary protection:

  • protection against overvoltage (OVP);
  • undervoltage protection (UVP);
  • short-circuit protection (SCP);
  • overload power (OPP);
  • over-current protection of each channel (OCP);
  • overtemperature protection (OTP).

The corresponding joint is a separate unit, which operates under the control of the chip Weltrend WT7527V.

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