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Review of applications for Android. Release 6

The Android platform is rapidly and successfully came into our lives. In the field of smart phones and tablets it confidently holds the leading position. By the highest standards it is a merit of Google, which could find the optimal model that satisfies the key players: device manufacturers, application developers and users. As a result, during only a few years a huge ecosystem of various software products has created.

Their main mass is located at the company store Google Play, where they are very convenient categorized. But if you don’t want to waste your time looking for interesting new products, or in the news flow you are afraid to miss something interesting, we offer you to dive into the list of the most interesting and useful (in our opinion) programs. Traditionally, the focus will be on free applications. Let’s finish the introduction and go directly to the very novelties.

System utilities 

Hola Launcher 1.7.4

Hola Launcher is designed to organize convenient and quick access to applications and preset service programs. Developers focuse on the fact that it uses 20% - 40% less system memory than its competition, so it can be used even at budget level devices.

After installation, Hola Launcher provides users with the following features:

  • quick access to the smart-menu, which houses frequently used applications and system settings;
  • advanced search among programs or contacts on the Internet (available as a voice search query information);
  • hide any application from the desktop;
  • the release of wrongly used memory;
  • customize the graphical interface;
  • convenient system of notifications of missed calls, SMS, etc.;
  • the ability to lock the phone by double tapping on the screen;
  • creating special folders for easy sorting of all applications (for example, Games, Social, and others).

Hola Launcher Hola Launcher Hola Launcher

The new version of Hola Launcher 1.7.4 contains:

  • the ability to change the size of icons and labels;
  • the ability to share desktop wallpaper with other users;
  • bugs fixation.

Developer: Team Hola
Size:  2.2 MB
OS Android: 2.3.3 and next
Method of distribution: free    
Download: Hola Launcher 1.7.4

                DU Speed Booster 2.4.7

A new version of the DU Speed Booster, which is used for optimization of Android-devices and improves their productivity. It is a comprehensive solution that allows to implement several useful functions. For example, it will help clean the system from unnecessary files. Or close unnecessary processes to reduce the load on the battery.
The list of capabilities of DU Speed Booster is as follows:

  • complex cleaning and optimization of device in one touch;
  • optimization to speed up games;
  • the ability to delete installed programs and system applications;
  • built-in benchmark to measure the speed of Wi-Fi-connection and delays in data transmission;
  • support for the built-in anti-virus to scan for malicious objects and their removal.

DU Speed Booster DU Speed Booster DU Speed Booster

The new version of DU Speed Booster 2.4.7 boasts of the following improvements:

  • added a new level of performance optimization;
  • implemented the ability to accelerate the launch of games for a maximum of 30%;
  • expanded the list of affected optimization components.

Developer: DU Apps
Size:  depends on device
OS Android: depends on device
Method of distribution: free    
Download: DU Speed Booster 2.4.7

Blur 4.5.16

We put A lot of personal information online. For example, when registering for any website you indicate real e-mail address or phone number. Using passwords or phone numbers only for all of our accounts. We trust the information about credit card for online purchases. However, it is not safe and can be used against us. Therefore, many users wish to further protect the data.

A program Blur, which even in the free version can boast of a number of useful features:

  • Generation of strong passwords, storing and binding them to the login, so you do not need to memorize them. And thanks to the expansion of Blur for the web browser Google Chrome you can synchronize all saved passwords and logins to access the sites between all devices.
  • Masking of electronic box. Blur creates multiple virtual boxes, which you can substitute the actual registration process. Then automatically adjusts all mail messages from site to your real mailbox. If any of the virtual box has a spam, it can be quickly removed without clogging your work inbox.
  • Autofill forms. It allows you to quickly fill standard form for registration.

The paid version also provides the ability to mask your credit card’s number (each purchase has its own number, so even hacking the server seller will not give hackers information about your credit card) and phone number.

Blur Blur Blur

Among the changes in the version of Blur 4.5.16 do note the following new features:

  • automatic entry to the expansion of the web browser Google Chrome and Android-application;
  • bugs fixation.

Developer: Abine Inc.
Size:  7.5 MB
OS Android: 2.3.3 and next
Method of distribution: free (the program allows the purchase of additional features for real money)   
Download: Blur 4.5.16

PCMark for Android 1.3.3083

Buying a mobile device, many people wonder what is the performance of its individual components (processor, memory subsystem, and so on), but much more interesting to know the overall picture. This concerns the level of performance in everyday tasks, and not for specially developed algorithms for realizing the potential of the individual components. In other words, it is helpful to know how a device will handle the common applications: handling office tasks, speed surfing on the Internet, etc.

For such purposes you can use the benchmark PCMark for Android. It evaluates the complex level of performance of the entire device rather than its individual components. In this test the algorithm is based on the daily tasks (real applications and API are used). The result displays not abstract maximum buts actual results. Additionally, using PCMark for Android can know offline capabilities of built-in battery.

PCMark for Android PCMark for Android PCMark for Android

The new version of the benchmark PCMark for Android 1.3.3083 has increased compatibility with Android 5.0 and some bugs fixed.

Developer: Futuremark
Size:  30 MB
OS Android: 4.1 and next
Method of distribution: free 
Download: PCMark for Android 1.3.3083


AVG Zen 3.1

The competition among Android-application is so great that the developers are constantly expanding functionality in order to attract users versatility. AVG Zen program in this respect compares favorably against the backdrop of its direct competitors.

Firstly, it allows you to combine all user devices in the same virtual space (smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop PC) to monitor and configure their operation. Secondly, it combines the functionality of anti-virus capabilities to clean system and speed up its work.

In particular, AVG Zen allows:

  • scan the system for different kinds of viruses and delete detected malware objects;
  • improve the performance of a mobile device by removing unnecessary tasks, optimizing memory usage, clean temporary and unnecessary objects;
  • monitor the battery of the mobile device;
  • protect personal information while surfing the Internet;
  • to receive messages in real time, if any one of the devices requires user intervention (e.g., the system detects a virus);
  • perform remote actions on the combined devices (eg, from a smartphone to give the task to check your PC for viruses).


AVG Zen 3.1 version is characterized by small improvements and bug fixation.

Developer: AVG Mobile
Size:  5.9 MB
OS Android: 2.3.3 and next
Method of distribution: free 
Download: AVG Zen 3.1

Dr.Web v.9 Anti-virus Light

It is a new version of the antivirus software Dr.Web v.9 Anti-virus Light, which provides the minimum essential protection from viruses. If you want to increase the level of protection for your device against all types of viruses, then you need to use a paid full featured version.

However Dr.Web v.9 Anti-virus Light offers a number of very useful and efficient tools and features:

  • quick or full scan of the file system;
  • check of individual files or folders by the user's request;
  • verification of the file system in real-time by monitor SpIDer Guard for any saving files;
  • use the technology Origins Tracing to detect new unknown viruses;
  • protect the flash card from viruses;
  • relocation of the detected threats in quarantine unit with full disposal;
  • careful use of system resources.

Dr.Web v.9 Anti-virus Light Dr.Web v.9 Anti-virus Light Dr.Web v.9 Anti-virus Light

The new version of the antivirus Dr.Web v.9 Anti-virus Light boasts of the following improvements:

  • implemented ability to neutralize a new type of Trojan programs;
  • added support for Android 5.0;
  • improved module quarantine;
  • added new language localization (Hindi);
  • bugs fixation.

Developer: Doctor Web, Ltd
Size:  depends on device
OS Android: depends on device
Method of distribution: free 
Download: Dr.Web v.9 Anti-virus Light

Communication and travelling

Opera Mini 8.0.1807.91281

Updated popular web browser Opera Mini, which promises improved opportunities to surf the internet. It is characterized by a pleasant and convenient user interface with support for gesture control, good functionality and a number of other unique advantages.

Here are some of its key features:

  • convenient file download module, which can operate in the background while maintaining multiple objects;
  • integrated data compression algorithm that speeds up the process of downloading web pages and reduces the amount of consumed traffic;
  • availability of a confidential mode in which a record of web sites is not included in the log;
  • presence of three visual shells with additional features to personalize the graphical interface;
  • the ability to synchronize bookmarks between different devices per user (smartphones, tablets, computers, etc.);
  • easy to work with tabs;
  • the panel Discover for the latest information on topics of interest.

Opera Mini Opera Mini Opera Mini

List of changes in the web browser Opera Mini 8.0.1807.91281 is as follows:

  • updated interface;
  • added support for new gestural commands;
  • support for high resolution screens;
  • new meter records the amount of data downloaded;
  • added the ability to open Web sites in sensitive tabs;
  • updated module to create notes;
  • home page is combined with panels Speed dial and Discover.

Developer: Opera Software ASA
Size:  2.8 MB
OS Android: 2.3 and next
Method of distribution: free 
Download: Opera Mini 8.0.1807.91281

Navitel Navigator GPS & Maps

The program Navitel Navigator GPS & Maps are well known to many motorists. It includes detailed maps of 59 countries with the possibility of an accurate and correct navigation with a built-in smart phone or tablet of GPS-module. At the same time it can be used even in offline mode without a permanent connection to the Internet.

Additional benefits of Navitel Navigator GPS & Maps contain the presence of a number of useful services. Here are some of them:

  • Navitel.Traffic - provides current information about the various congestion and traffic jams in the selected city;
  • Navitel.Friends/Cloud - allows you to chat with friends, track their location, and to lay them the shortest route;
  • Navitel.Weather - reports weather forecast for the next three days to anywhere in the world;
  • Dynamic POI - provides a variety of useful information (fuel prices, movie trailers in theaters, etc.);
  • Navitel.Events - warns of recorded traffic accidents, scheduled repairs, and pre-installed security cameras, etc.;
  • Navitel.SMS - allows you to send SMS-messages.

Navitel Navigator GPS & Maps Navitel Navigator GPS & Maps Navitel Navigator GPS & Maps

The new version of the program Navitel Navigator GPS & Maps has minor errors fixation.

Developer: Center of Navigation Technologies
Size:  depends on device
OS Android:
Method of distribution: free (the program allows the purchase of additional features for real money)    
Download: Navitel Navigator GPS & Maps


Retrica 2.4.2

Our life is a collection of experience. One immerse in the virtual world of literature or games, others turn their life into the game with the most intricate plot on the chosen topic (family, religion, politics, society, and others), and others love to travel. We are all united only the fragility of our memories, because many of the details are lost. Therefore, whether to blame mankind in desire to preserve accumulated memories as accurate as possible?

Today's users can use the smartphone. And improving the quality of picture and expanding creative options can be assigned to the program Retrica. It has over 100 different filters that can be applied even in the shutter to real time to see the final result. Also, using Retrica you can:

  • add a nice frame in one-touch;
  • implement a fun collage of multiple images;
  • set the interval timer shooting photos in automatic mode;
  • focus or defocus any objects on the photo;
  • immediately put processed pictures in social networks.

Retrica Retrica Retrica

Version Retrica 2.4.2 has some bugs fixation.

Developer: Venticake Inc.s
Size:  35 MB
OS Android: 2.3.3 and next
Method of distribution: free (the program allows the purchase of additional features for real money)    
Download: Retrica 2.4.2

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