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Review of Android applications. Release 7

The Android platform is rapidly and successfully came into our lives. In the field of smart phones and tablets it confidently holds the leading position. By the highest standards it is a merit of Google, which could find the optimal model that satisfies the key players: device manufacturers, application developers and users. As a result, during only a few years a huge ecosystem of various software products has created.

Their main mass is located at the company store Google Play, where they are very convenient categorized. But if you don’t want to waste your time looking for interesting new products, or in the news flow you are afraid to miss something interesting, we offer you to dive into the list of the most interesting and useful (in our opinion) programs. Traditionally, the focus will be on free applications. Let’s finish the introduction and go directly to the very novelties.

System utilities 

Ookla Speedtest

 A new version of Ookla Speedtest is available to download. It is designed to accurately testing the actual speed of the packet via the Internet. Thanks to the global coverage and thoughtful work algorithms application will specify download speed sending data, as well as the amount of delay (ping). Additionally, you can check the speed of Wi-Fi-network.

Thus, using Ookla Speedtest you can check the accuracy of your network link, as well as to compare the promised provider data rate with the real. If you wish, you can save the previous results for a detailed report.

Ookla Speedtest Ookla Speedtest Ookla Speedtest

The new Ookla Speedtest version has improved operation and some bugs fixation.

Developer: Ookla
Size:  depends on device
OS Android: depends on device
Method of distribution: free    
Download: Ookla Speedtest

AnTuTu Benchmark 5.7.1

A new version of one of the most popular mobile benchmarks. AnTuTu Benchmark is used as industrial companies in the creation of new models of its products, as well as by ordinary users to calculate the level of performance of its own device and compare it with competitive solutions.

AnTuTu Benchmark offers the following tests:

  • User Experience (UX) shows the overall level of performance with the detailed results of individual indicators;
  • CPU measures the performance of the processor;
  • RAM calculates the actual computing power of memory subsystem;
  • GPU counts level graphics performance;
  • I/O measures the level of performance I/O.

AnTuTu Benchmark AnTuTu Benchmark AnTuTu Benchmark

The key points of changes in the benchmark AnTuTu Benchmark 5.7.1:

  • information on the sensor model;
  • new graphical interface elements;
  • 64-bit test for the appropriate OS Android;
  • support for NVIDIA Denver;
  • support for Android TV;
  • updated some language localization;
  • bugs fixation.

Developer: AnTuTu
Size:  36 MB
OS Android: 4.0 and next
Method of distribution: free    
Download: AnTuTu Benchmark 5.7.1


McAfee Mobile Security & Antivirus

All who want to provide comprehensive protection for your Android-based device may use program McAfee Mobile Security & Antivirus. It was awarded by several prestigious awards for its capabilities and performance.

Of course, first of all, McAfee Mobile Security & Antivirus protects mobile devices from malware and ensures a secure web browsing. However, this list of useful features includes:

  • optimization of the load on the battery for longer battery life;
  • cleaning of memory by closing unnecessary background programs;
  • blocking access to any installed application;
  • blocking unwanted calls or text messages;
  • tracking of lost or stolen mobile device (with the possibility to lock it, remotely remove data, take a picture and send it to a pre-defined photo mailbox, etc.).

McAfee Mobile Security & Antivirus McAfee Mobile Security & Antivirus McAfee Mobile Security & Antivirus

The new version of antivirus software McAfee Mobile Security & Antivirus can boast the following changes:

  • improved performance of the scan;
  • bugs fixation.

Developer: McAfee (Intel Security)
Size:  10 MB
OS Android: 2.3 and next
Method of distribution: free (the program allows the purchase of additional features for real money)    
Download: McAfee Mobile Security & Antivirus

Communication and travel

UC Browser

A new version of the popular mobile web browser UC Browser is available. The motto of this application is «Surf it Fast». That is, developers have shifted the emphasis towards fast loading web pages and search of specific information. However, they gave UC Browser simple and concise interface with extensive personalization. Don’t forget about the necessary functions:

  • The use of tabs for simultaneous operation of multiple web pages;
  • Integration of download manager that processes multiple streams at the same time;
  • A mode «Incognito» for the protection of personal data when surfing the net;
  • Support the night mode for more comfortable work in the dark;
  • Support for a variety of gestural commands for working with tabs and control various parameters (brightness level, sound, etc.).

UC Browser UC Browser UC Browser

The new version of UC Browser has the following improvements:

  • accelerate access to Facebook;
  • accelerated search for information;
  • 10% increased speed of execution of the application.

Developer: UCWeb
Size:  depends on device
OS Android: 2.2 and next
Method of distribution: free 
Download: UC Browser

ICQ Messenger

The program ICQ Messenger is well known for many. It is the messenger for text messaging to individual or group chats, as well as for the implementation of free audio and video calls within an application. Additionally, users can share funny stickers, photo or video, send free SMS-messages to mobile phones and look for the images on the Internet. And in order to prevent unauthorized access to the application for device, you can set a PIN code to start it.

ICQ Messenger ICQ Messenger ICQ Messenger

The new version of ICQ Messenger integrates the following changes:

  • support for GIF-animation;
  • ability to rename contacts;
  • expanded opportunities to send stickers and photographs;
  • increased level of performance.

Developer: ICQ
Size:  depends on device
OS Android: depends on device
Method of distribution: free (the program allows the purchase of additional features for real money)      
Download: ICQ Messenger

Boxer 2.2.1

Boxer is a fast, compact, secured and free postman who takes email from many popular services (Gmail, Exchange, Outlook, Yahoo, Hotmail, iCloud, Office 365 and others). It supports standard protocols IMAP and POP3, so you can use it to receive emails from other, less popular services.
The important features of the program Boxer include:

  • integration with popular services Dropbox, Box and Evernote for easy organization of received and sent the content;
  • the ability to move any email in the list of scheduled;
  • the use of tags for easy organization of mails;
  • the ability to personalize the interface.

Boxer Boxer Boxer

List of changes in the program Boxer 2.2.1:

  • support for Material Design;
  • improved work with Gmail-profile;
  • increase the overall speed of the application;
  • the ability to create a new folder;
  • reduced load on the battery;
  • updated language localization.

Developer: Boxer
Size:  18 MB
OS Android: 4.1 and more
Method of distribution: free (the program allows the purchase of additional features for real money)      
Download: Boxer 2.2.1


If social networks are primarily developed for communicating with friends, Tinder is positioned as an excellent service to find new friends or even lovers. It operates in close integration with Facebook and Instagram, that provides the necessary analytical information.

Analyzing the preferences and interests of users, their geographical location, a list of friends and a lot of other options, it gives the profiles of the people. If you really like the person it is possible to further continue the dialogue in an internal chat Tinder.

Tinder Tinder Tinder

The new version of Tinder has reduced number of Facebook-permits.

Developer: Tinder
Size:  depends in device
OS Android: depends in device
Method of distribution: free
Download: Tinder


Music Player 2.7.0

Music Player Software is a music player designed to play audio tracks. It provides support for many popular formats and allows you to quickly find the music files on your mobile device. The advantages: 

  • the ability to play individual songs, albums, folders or saved playlists;
  • the ability to synchronize the lyrics with the music;
  • presence of 5-band equalizer;
  • support for 22 preset equalizer sets to automatically change the sound;
  • your own playlists or sort performers (for example, by genre);
  • the ability to install any picture as wallpaper.

Music Playe Music Playe Music Playe

The new version of the music player Music Player 2.7.0 contains the following modifications:

  • updated GUI;
  • list of recently listened tracks;
  • improved stability of the equalizer;
  • ability to set a song as a ringtone;
  • bugs fixation.

Developer: Mobile_V5
Size:  4.5 MB
OS Android: 4.0 and next
Method of distribution: free
Download: Music Player 2.7.0

Snapseed 2.0.93990626 

Snapseed program is popular due to its wide range of tools, implemented in the form of easy to learn and easy to use a function. Many of the photos operations of Snapseed were previously available only in the desktop graphics packages.

Here is just a small list of its key features:

  • improved quality of the image by automatically selecting the optimal parameters;
  • improve of photo details in manual mode;
  • cut, rotate or transform images;
  • remove dust and dirt from the photo;
  • use multiple filters to the entire image or to a separate part;
  • the ability to cancel and re-applied filters image editing;
  • adding perspective and alignment of the horizon.

Snapseed Snapseed Snapseed

Version of graphics editor Snapseed 2.0.93990626 is characterized by the following improvements:

  • Tool Grunge;
  • Increased possibility of providing facilities;
  • Improved visual component functions HDR Scape;
  • The possibility of opening drawings from other programs;
  • Bugs fixation.

Developer: Google
Size:  23 MB
OS Android: 4.1 and next
Method of distribution: free
Download: Snapseed 2.0.93990626

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