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Review of iOS applications. Release 3

Despite the relatively various solutions, the market of gadgets continues its rapid development. Therefore, trying to keep up with the trends in the IT-industry, we have decided to offer you a series of articles dedicated to software for devices running on iOS, which should successfully compete with OS Android in the premium segment.

This material will be useful for both the current owners of Apple gadgets, as well as for those who are still get acquainted the purchase Apple solutions. We will start, perhaps, with a number of applications of already familiar platforms, diluting them with some less known programs. We sincerely hope that the current review will encourage you to obtain a new and enjoyable experience in the use of a number of interesting and useful software.


Speedtest.net Mobile Speed Test 3.4.2

It is unlikely that there is an active PC user who has never used the service to test the Internet connection speed speedtest.net. According to the website it has been used for more than 7 B times. Due to such popularity a mobile application for iOS-devices called «Speedtest.net Mobile Speed Test» was released. It makes it easy to test the speed of Internet connection in less than 30 seconds.

Among the functions of utility and opportunities for its application do note:

  • information about the speed of downloading files, and ping the network;
  • demonstration of the stability of the connection using the graphs in real-time;
  • verification of the claimed speed of your ISP to detect problems;
  • tracking of past tests due to conduct detailed reporting;
  • the opportunity to share results with other users.

Speedtest.net Mobile Speed Test Speedtest.net Mobile Speed Test Speedtest.net Mobile Speed Test

The version of Speedtest.net Mobile Speed Test 3.4.2 has some errors removed.

Developer: Ookla
Size: 17.4 MB 
Compatibility: iOS 7.0 or next
Distribution mode: free
Download: Speedtest.net Mobile Speed Test 3.4.2

Opera Coast 4.10

If the application Opera Mini was originally created primarily to conserve mobile traffic, this aspect in most cases is not so important for the users of high-speed Wi-Fi-networks. So they will be more appropriate to use another product of Norwegians called «Opera Coast». This application is one of the most popular browsers for the platform iOS, able to provide the following capabilities:

  • the most comfortable work in the Internet on the iPhone and iPad due to the use of simple, intuitive gestures;
  • the browser itself provides the user with interesting news, articles, and websites based on the frequently visited characteristics and themes;
  • visual providing of search results, making it easier to choose the source of information, more in line with your needs;
  • customize the browser by the available wallpapers, including the ability to load your own images;
  • high degree of safety: the browser will notice the user in case of detection of threats;
  • the opportunity to share interesting sites and materials with friends;
  • use of technology Opera Turbo allows you to quickly download page and use the Internet without interruption when working in slow networks;
  • synchronization of data Opera Coast between iPhone and iPad via iCloud.

Opera Coast Opera Coast Opera Coast

The version of Opera Coast 4.10 has the following useful changes:

  • Opera Turbo technology now compresses the video;
  • use of a progress indicator in case slow loading of pages;
  • ability to go back to the secure sites (using protocol HTTPS) without having to reboot the previous page;
  • the ability to share pages in Pocket, Evernote, Pinterest and Kik;
  • improved stability of the application.

Developer: Opera Software ASA
Size: 41.0 MB 
Compatibility: iOS 7.0 or next
Distribution mode: free
Download: Opera Coast 4.10

Skype 5.11

Microsoft with its service Skype certainly wants to make it available only for the operating systems of its own design. But Satya Nadella and other leaders do understand that in this case users will soon use alternative services for correspondence and phone calls rather than rush to the stores to buy electronic gadgets and computers running Windows. Therefore, Microsoft constant produces current version of Skype software for other platforms. Thus, the owners of iOS-devices can not only to use the familiar service, but also regularly receive updates to the continued support for the current version.

List of Skype benefits software is as follows:

  • instant search of relatives and friends among the more than 300 M users;
  • send of free messages at the touch of a button;
  • voice and video calls around the world to stay in touch even during long trips;
  • calls to mobiles and landlines at low rates allow use the service as the primary method of communication;
  • using the function to send files, you can always share the brightest moments of life with your friends without facing limitations on the size of attachments in e-mail;
  • Skype application is available for all modern platforms, including for "smart" TVs, so you can always and everywhere to stay in touch with friends and family.

Skype Skype Skype

The version of Skype 5.11 has overall improvements, as well as added new languages: Czech, Romanian and Ukrainian.

Developer: Skype Communications S.a.r.l
Size: 63.6 MB 
Compatibility: iOS 7.0 or next
Distribution mode: free
Download: Skype 5.11

Google+ 4.8.3

Google do not hesitate to move in new directions, where the competition seems to be already quite high. But, as we see, due to the fame Californians are doomed to success in a variety of areas and social networks is one of them. Despite the fact that Google+ has taken start relatively recently, in 2011, after only a year and a half it managed to take second place in the world by number of users.

Client-application for users of this social network is available for owners of iOS-devices. It has the name Google+ and allows more convenient to use the following features:

  • following the publication you are interested;
  • communicate with like-minded people;
  • publish preferred content from bars of other users, communities and web pages;
  • join the community for an exciting discussion of interest issues;
  • monitor your favorite topics;
  • to share photo and video content to subscribers;
  • store photos and videos online;
  • easy to find pictures by searching pictures;
  • used for photographs automatic correction of images and a variety of effects.

Google+ Google+ Google+

In the upgraded version of Google+ 4.8.3 application performance was increased, and some bugs were removed.

Developer: Google
Size: 73.1 MB 
Compatibility: iOS 6.0 or next
Distribution mode: free
Download: Google+ 4.8.3

Digg 5.6.2

If you regularly read a variety of news and want to be informed of all developments on the topics you are interested in, the application Digg should appear on your gadget. It offers its users the most interesting and discussed articles from the Internet, so you do not have to browse through several different sources. As a result, you get the most interesting and rich Internet digest with the most relevant and timely publications. Using this app you can:

  • be in the network of favorite authors and follow their activity;
  • to share liked materials through social networks Facebook and Twitter, email or SMS;
  • save articles for reading in applications Digg, Instapaper, Pocket and Readability.

The application has full support for iOS 7, including dynamic font and background refresh. Also, there is support for VoiceOver for the blind or visually impaired people.

Digg Digg Digg

The new version of the application Digg 5.6.2 has fixed errors.

Developer: Digg
Size: 21.0 MB 
Compatibility: iOS 7.0 or next
Distribution mode: free
Download: Digg 5.6.2


Lumosity Mobile 4.1

Regardless of the kind of basic human activities, a variety of exercises for the development of the brain will never be superfluous. Especially that each of us certainly would like to have a good memory, or increase attention. For example, when meeting did you notice difficulty in remembering names or crossing the street and wondering about something you did not pay attention to the traffic light and got eloquent rebuke from the driver of a passing car. There are a lot of such examples and they are all related to the fact that one or another part of the brain does not work as we would like. What do you do when you do not like the condition of your muscles? That's right, you do exercise. Therefore, here you also need a suitable trainer.

Lumosity Mobile application is designed specifically for those who want to train memory, attention and other aspects. It has received many useful comments, including the well-known publications such as The Guardian and the Wall Street Journal, and now you can absolutely free to install the program on your iPad, iPhone and iPod. Using it just 15-20 minutes a day, you will be able to develop the necessary qualities to get interesting and useful experience with the gadget.

Lumosity Mobile Lumosity Mobile Lumosity Mobile

Version Lumosity Mobile 4.1 provides the ability to collect underwater treasures collection which is a new challenge for your memory.

Developer: Lumos Labs, Inc.
Size: 54.8 MB 
Compatibility: iOS 7 or next
Distribution mode: free
Download: Lumosity Mobile 4.1

iTranslate 8.1.2

For those who travel a lot, or engaged in the study of foreign languages, a useful and practical tool for translating will be the application iTranslate. It has received a lot of positive reviews due to the good functionality and ease of operation. The first is the possibility of translating words, phrases and texts in more than 90 languages, the presence of speech voice output and other features listed below. For example, if you want to listen to the sounds of phrase in English with an Australian accent, iTranslate application will satisfy your request. Moreover, you can choose a male or female voice for a better "communication" with the program.

Among other features of such a useful application do note the following:

  • availability of dictionaries, providing output more correct translation of words, depending on the context of their use;
  • Latin transliteration allows Latinize texts written using non-Latin characters (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Greek, Hindi, Russian, and others.);
  • optimization for fast typing and the use of branded sign when copying and pasting text;
  • sending friends and family via email, SMS, Facebook or Twitter;
  • view the latest transfers and saving the later viewing offline;
  • optimization of the application allows you to use it on all devices running iOS, regardless of the size of the screen;
  • speech input text to be translated (only in version Premium).

iTranslate iTranslate iTranslate

The dictation error has been fixed in iTranslate 8.1.2.

Developer: Sonico GmbH
Size: 27.9 MB 
Compatibility: iOS 7 or next
Distribution mode: free
Download: iTranslate 8.1.2

Office software

Microsoft Excel 1.7.2

Increased competition in the software market has forced Microsoft to provide free basic functionality of their applications. Unfortunately, this is true only for mobile platforms, but it is possible that over time this trend will go into the realm of traditional PCs. In the meantime, all the owners of gadgets running iOS applications can be satisfied using Microsoft Excel, which for many has become an indispensable tool for creating tables, record-keeping, or perform complex mathematical calculations. Since the program has a whole list of useful features, we mention only the most important ones:

  • work with formulas, tables, diagrams, notes, summary tables, and other elements will help you make the most simple to handle and visualize all the necessary information;
  • tables have the same form as on the PC and Mac, and mobile devices;
  • viewing of email attachments, as well as opening Excel-files from OneDrive, Dropbox, OneDrive for business or SharePoint;
  • app remembers where the file is closed, so you always begin where it ended last time, even when switching to another device;
  • wireless printing through technology AirPrint;
  • availability of special formulas keyboard allows more convenient to add numbers and formulas;
  • presence of AutoSave;
  • the ability to send content via email.

Microsoft Excel Microsoft Excel Microsoft Excel

The version of Microsoft Excel 1.7.2 has some errors correction.

Developer: Microsoft Corporation
Size: 241 MB  
Compatibility: iOS 7.1 or next
Distribution mode: free
Download: Microsoft Excel 1.7.2

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