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The most interesting software innovations and events. Release 123

Every day a huge amount of different software is produced and updated. To help you to sort out these updates our portal continue to provide a series of articles devoted to the most interesting events in the world of software industry. For ease searching all programs and utilities are divided into topics.

Setting of PC components

GPU-Z 0.7.8

A new version of GPU-Z program released. It is used to obtain the maximum amount of information about installed graphics card, check parameters variation and certain fault diagnostics. The advantages of this program are:

  • it doesn’t require the installation (optional installer is available);
  • easily care about system resources;
  • validation of graphics card settings;
  • absolutely free.


There are the following key modifications for new GPU-Z 0.7.8  program:

  • the dimension of program window can be modified;
  • improved support of graphics cards NVIDIA GeForce Tesla, GTX Titan Black, GTX 780 Ti;
  • extended support of graphics cards AMD Radeon R9 295X2, R9 M275, HD 7500G, FirePro W9000;
  • extended support of graphics cards NVIDIA GeForce Titan Z, GTX 745, GTX 880M, 870M, 860M, 850M, 775M, NVS 510.

Developer: TechPowerUp
Distribution mode: free
Download: GPU-Z 0.7.8

EASEUS Partition Master Free Edition 10.0

A new version of program EASEUS Partition Master Home Edition is appeared. It provides easy-to-use and free tool for work with drive sections in Windows or Linux operating systems. It is used to:

  • create/delete a section on the drive;
  • change the size/transfer/combine drive sections;
  • convert/format the sections;
  • defragment the driver;
  • error check the physical surface of HDD-disk;
  • control the sections of Linux-systems;
  • operate with external drives or RAID-arrays, etc.

EASEUS Partition Master

The following modifications of EASEUS Partition Master Free Edition 10.0 program are available:

  • OS migration to SSD/HDD;
  • the support of multiple languages;
  • improved support of SSD-drives;
  • the support of UEFI motherboard and GPT drive is optimized;
  • improved performance level;
  • correct some errors.

Developer: Chengdu Yiwo Tech Development
Distribution mode: free
Download: EASEUS Partition Master Free Edition 10.0

Setting and optimization of operating system

Wise Care 365 Free 2.96.241

A new version of Wise Care 365 Free program is available to download. In combines several utilities and modules intended for complex PC service with Windows OS.  Wise Care 365 Free has an ordinary multilingual graphics interface which provides a rapid access to its main features:

  • search and delete of unnecessary temporary files;
  • clean of logs out from out of date and unnecessary records;
  • OS optimization;
  • defragment of the driver of registry;
  • system loading time optimization;
  • file deletion without restore;
  • generation of passwords, etc.

Wise Care 365 Free

Wise Care 365 Free 2.96.241 program has the following innovation:

  • the support of new programs (Apple Software, Microsoft Security Essentials, etc);
  • some errors were removed.

Developer: WiseCleaner
Distribution mode: free
Download: Wise Care 365 Free 2.96.241


The need to reinstall the operating system or transfer user files to another computer appears very often. At the same time we may forget to copy files from the desktop, save playlists of audio players and settings of web browser or to backup e-mails. In the process of system reinstalling these files as well as many others can be removed which would take additional time for their recovery and the efficiency will not be 100 %.

In such case you can use a new utility PCtransfer. It immediately offers you to save the most important components: desktop files; inlays, settings and history of popular web browsers; electronic correspondence; photos, audio and video files that are stored in standard folders (My Pictures, My music, My video); data taken from program Skype and playlists of audio players. Also the user can add any other programs on his own and PCtransfer will save not only standard but also given settings. After that it will be possible in a single click of the mouse to keep a backup of all the selected objects and restore them on a new computer or after reinstalling the system.


Developer: IObitDistribution mode: freeDownload: PCtransfer

Wise Program Uninstaller 1.61.80

Wise Program Uninstaller is a quite a useful program designed specifically proper to remove the installed programs. It is intended to replace the standard tools of operating systems Windows because it has a number of additional advantages:

  • it allows you to delete files that remain after the uninstall process of the program;
  • has a special mode Forced Uninstall intended to delete programs uninstalled by standard method;
  • supports the function of modification/fix of improper programs.

Wise Program Uninstaller

The list of modifications of new version Wise Program Uninstaller 1.61.80 is the following:

  • Uninstall Log function was added;
  • Residual Items Recover function was realized;
  • minor changes were added.

Developer: WiseCleaner
Distribution mode: free
Download: Wise Program Uninstaller 1.61.80

Safety and management

McAfee Stinger

McAfee Company has provided the next version of its proprietary anti-virus utility McAfee Stinger. It is used as an additional means in the diagnosis of computer for viruses, Trojans, worms and other types of hazardous and harmful software.

The base of McAfee AVERT Stinger is an efficient engine that scans the ordinary files, archives, processors and even DAT-files with a digital signature. The advantages are:

  • compact sizes and the careful usage of system resources;
  • high speed and efficiency;
  • ability to work correctly with the installed antivirus program;
  • possibility of portable usage.

McAfee Stinger

The new version of anti-virus utility McAfee Stinger the cognition of some malicious objects is improved: Adware-SweetIM, PWS-Zbot.gen.oj and VBS/Autorun.worm.k.

Developer: McAfee
Distribution mode: free
Download: McAfee Stinger

Panda Cloud Cleaner 1.0.98

Panda Cloud Cleaner program is designed to search and neutralization of viruses. It has a simple interface and high operation speed. Its principle is based on the use of cloud collective security mechanism.
After the launch Panda Cloud Cleaner scans the computer and sends the collected information to the cloud where the analysis of these data and the generation of the necessary actions are performed. After receiving the necessary instructions Panda Cloud Cleaner neutralizes the files and objects which are rated as “dangerous”. 

Panda Cloud Cleaner

Developer: Panda Security
Distribution mode: free
Download: Panda Cloud Cleaner 1.0.98

Internet usable programs

Opera 20.0.1387.91

A new version of popular the web browser Opera is appeared. Its source code is based on the Chromium and Blink cores and WebKit is used for engine for rendering. This combination guarantees high speed, security and reliability, as well as provides better compatibility with different types of websites. Here is a list of advantages of the Web browser:

  • support convenient user’s interface;
  • the ability to use the address line to enter search requests;
  • ability to combine websites with Speed Dial panels into groups for easier usage;
  • support of tool Stash which allows you to record the website address, its metadata and screenshots in a special area on the home page which allows to search among required websites keyword or screenshot of the web page;
  • availability of Inlay panel;
  • usage of Discover service which offers the user thematic information from the Internet according to prior setting;
  • support for Off-road mode for compression of web pages and faster download;
  • download manager files from the Internet;
  • possibility to connect additional programs.


The list of new version Opera 20.0.1387.91 modifications ahs the following state:

  • improved Off-road mode operation;
  • auto-updat operation is optimized;
  • for Russian locating the mode “Compression” was renamed into “Opera Turbo”.

Developer: Opera Software
Distribution mode: free
Download: Opera 20.0.1387.91

Free Music Downloader 1.51

A new version of Free Music Downloader which previously was called Last.FM Downloader is available for download. It allows you to search and download music from popular websites: Last.FM, ВКонтакте, YouTube, SoundCloud, GrooveShark, Mixcloud, Bitreactor, Muzebra, MP3Skull, XMusic and many others. The only thing you need is to select all or part of the supported websites and then enter the artist name or song. The program will start to search for all identities of the specified sources. As a result you can filter out the desired result and download the desired file on your computer.

Free Music Downloader

The following modification were added to a new version of Free Music Downloader 1.51

  • a proper operation with website Last.fm  was resumed;
  • the ability to download and conversion video from YouTube was added.

Developer: The SZ Development
Distribution mode: free
Download: Free Music Downloader 1.51

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