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The most interesting software innovations and events. Release 127

Every day a huge amount of different software is produced and updated. To help you to sort out these updates our portal continue to provide a series of articles devoted to the most interesting events in the world of software industry. For ease searching all programs and utilities are divided into topics.

Setting of PC components

MSI Afterburner

MSI Afterburner program does not require special representation, because it is quite popular solution in a wide range of users. It is designed to monitor and optimize the parameters of graphics cards. Among its main advantages we nnote:

  • the ability to change the three basic values of voltages: GPU, memory subsystem and block PLL;
  • the ability to change the TDP index;
  • possibility of testing the graphics adapter to verify the reliability and accuracy of its work;
  • monitoring of all key parameters of the graphics card;
  • creation of five profiles with saving the settings;
  • ability to maintain any gameplay;
  • the ability to personalize the graphics interface;
  • support many language localizations.

MSI Afterburner

The list of innovations in the program MSI Afterburner is as follows:

  • added ability to control the GPU voltage for standard versions of the graphics card AMD Radeon R9 295X2 with controller NCP81022;
  • improved support of reference versions of graphics cards AMD Radeon HD 7990 and AMD Radeon R9 290X;
  • optimized usage of system resources;
  • module RivaTuner Statistics Server is updated to version 6.1.2.

Developer: MSI

Distribution mode: free      

Download: MSI Afterburner

ASUS GPU Tweak 2.6.4

If you want to learn more about the graphics card or plan to set its parameters according to your preference, then you can use the program ASUS GPU Tweak. It can be used with graphics cards from different manufacturers and provide a many useful information. It allows to:

  • find details about the graphics card, GPU, memory type and clock speed;
  • monitor in real-time changes of GPU temperature, the level of its load, voltage and fan speed;
  • provide the frequency setting of GPU and memory, as well as the fan speed;
  • save successful settings to one of five profiles for rapid subsequent activation;
  • update the driver or version BIOS.


Developer: ASUS

Distribution mode: free      

Download: ASUS GPU Tweak 2.6.4

HDClone Free Edition 5.0.6

HDClone Free Edition is a useful program which is used for bit-copy the entire contents of one hard drive to another. Thus, when buying a new hard drive it is possible to transfer all the data stored on the previous item including the operating system.

Utility HDClone Free Edition supports operation with IDE, SATA, eSATA and USB-drives, providing the correct copying of files of operating systems Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8. Program allows to create a backup copy of the data storage device or restore of all files.

HDClone Free Edition

Developer: Miray Software

Distribution mode: free      

Download: HDClone Free Edition 5.0.6

Setting and optimization of operating system

Glary Utilities

Program Glary Utilities is a collection of useful components that are designed to support and optimize 32/64-bit versions of operating systems Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7 and 8. Among the numerous functionalities of this program we will mention only the most important:

  • removal of temporary and unnecessary files;
  • cleaning the registry from obsolete information;
  • optimization of the list of automatically startup programs;
  • complete removal of all the installed programs;
  • optimizing of the usage of RAM;
  • complete removal of certain files without recovery ability;
  • restore files that have been deleted by mistake;
  • protection of files and folders from unauthorized access;
  • search for and delete of duplicate files, and much more.

Glary Utilities

Key changes of Glary Utilities are:

  • increased running speed;
  • improved performance of module Erase History;
  • improved compatibility with the program Memory Optimizer;
  • small changes in GUI and error correction.

Developer: GlarySoft

Distribution mode: free      

Download: Glary Utilities

Tweaking.com - Windows Repair 2.7.5

A new version of the program Tweaking.com - Windows Repair is prepared. It allows you to restore the initial state of the operating system, the functionality which were damaged due to the action of various kinds of viruses or user errors. Note that this program can operate in one of three modes:

  • Basic is a safe mode where the main components may be restored;
  • Advanced mode activates almost all the functionality of the program;
  • Custom. The user can choose the components of the Windows operating system for checking and restore their correct operation.

Tweaking.com - Windows Repair

The new version Tweaking.com - Windows Repair 2.7.5 has minor changes in the GUI and fixes some grammatical errors in a text description.

Developer: Tweaking.com

Distribution mode: free      

Download: Tweaking.com - Windows Repair 2.7.5

Folder Colorizer 1.3.3

Program Folder Colorizer is designed for easier visual identification of folders in Windows. By default they have the same color labels, so they are distinguished primarily by name. However, now it is possible to easily change the color of any folder icon, and this is done from the context menu as the program Folder Colorizer is integrated into the shell of Windows. The user can select a color from several presets or define own. It is also possible to restore the normal color of a folder. We can only add that the program is free, but when installing you have optionaly install a few extra tools that are not required for its immediate operation.

Folder Colorizer

Developer: Softorino

Distribution mode: free      

Download: Folder Colorizer 1.3.3

System test

3DMark 1.3.708

Updated version of popular benchmark 3DMark. It is positioned as a universal solution for testing and comparing the performance levels of different devices from smartphones and ending of desktop computers. At the same time they can be running under different operating systems: Windows, Windows RT, Android or iOS. Thus, 3DMark is an effective tool not only for overclockers competition, but also to choose the optimal device for setting price/performance.

Benchmark 3DMark is presented as three different sets of functionality:

  • 3DMark Basic Edition is a free basic version which includes all necessary components for testing different devices;
  • 3DMark Advanced Edition is improved paid version that offers the possibility to change the settings, has at its disposal several preset modes and additional tests and can display graphics performance and has several other advantages;
  • 3DMark Professional Edition is a paid version for business users which has a maximum functionality.


Key changes in the new version of the benchmark 3DMark 1.3.708:

  • added support of test kit Sky Diver, designed to test the level of performance of gaming laptops or medium level PCs;
  • possible to run individual benchmarks of version 3DMark Basic Edition;
  • SystemInfo module has been updated to version 4.29 (improved support for new hardware);
  • increased demand for Windows 7 when running 3DMark 1.3.hhhh (requires SP 1);
  • change the file names with the extension .3 dmdef which are used when run from the console versions of 3DMark Professional Edition.

Developer: Futuremark

Distribution mode: free betaware version/ paid extended version           

Download: Folder Colorizer 1.3.3

Safety and management

Remove Fake Antivirus 1.99

Free antivirus utility Remove Fake Antivirus is designed to deal only with certain types of viruses combined in the category of "fake antivirus". They are introduced to the system and periodically inform the user about detected viruses. You need to download additional files. After download and install them, the virus continues to parasitize the system, and in certain cases, lead to the complete stoppage of its operation. Namely for such type of viruses this program was developed.

Remove Fake Antivirus

The new version of program Remove Fake Antivirus 1.99 has the possiblity to remove the virus Windows Prime Shield.

Developer: Olzen

Distribution mode: free

Download: Remove Fake Antivirus 1.99

Internet usable programs

Opera 22.0.1471.50

A new version of the web browser Opera is available to download. Its source code is based on the cores Chromium and Blink, and WebKit is used as the engine for rendering. This combination guarantees high speed, security and reliability, as well as provides better compatibility with different types of websites. List of advantages of this Web browser includes:

  • support for comfort for user interface;
  • the ability to use the address bar to search;
  • ability to combine sites from Speed Dial panel in groups for easier use;
  • support of tool Stash which allows you to record the website address, its metadata and screenshots in a special area on the home page, which subsequently allows you to search among the site you want visited by keyword or screenshot of the web page;
  • availability of tab panel;
  • use of the service Discover, which offers the user thematic information from the Internet according to preset preferences;
  • support for Off-road mode for compression of web pages and faster download them from a slow link;
  • download Manager files from the Internet;
  • possibility of connecting additional programs.


List of changes in the web browser Opera 22.0.1471.50 is the following:

  • improved navigation over the history of viewed pages;
  • optimized support of monitors with high resolution;
  • error correction.

Developer: Opera Software

Distribution mode: free

Download: Opera 22.0.1471.50

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