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The most interesting software innovations and events. Release 141

Every day a huge amount of different software is produced and updated. To help you to sort out these updates our portal continue to provide a series of articles devoted to the most interesting events in the world of software industry. For ease searching all programs and utilities are divided into topics.

Setting of PC components

GPU-Z 0.8.1

A new version of the utility GPU-Z. It is used to obtain the maximum possible information about the installed graphics card, monitor the changes in some of its parameters and diagnose certain problems. List of its key advantages can be supplemented by the following paragraphs:

  • does not require installation (optional installable package file is present);
  • cares for system resources;
  • allows the validation procedure of video settings;
  • absolutely free.


List of changes in the program GPU-Z 0.8.1 includes the following items:

  • added full support for graphics card of series NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960;
  • added preliminary support for GPU NVIDIA GM200;
  • added support for graphics cards NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980M, GTX 970M, GTX 660 (960 shaders), GT 705, GT 720, GT 745M, NVS 310, Grid K200;
  • added support for graphics cards AMD Radeon R9 255, FirePro W7100, HD 8370D;
  • implemented preliminary support for integrated graphics processor of series Intel Broadwell;
  • ensured a correct definition of the vendor of video memory on graphics card of company NVIDIA;
  • added support for sensors on the cards of NVIDIA, uses the bus PCI Express;
  • improved system for determining future products of company AMD;
  • improved the possibility of determining the memory vendor in the future APU;
  • some bugs were fixed.

Developer: TechPowerUp
Distribution mode: free   
Download: GPU-Z 0.8.1

Setting and optimization of operating system

Advanced SystemCare FREE

Advanced SystemCare FREE is a system utility designed for complex service of OS family of Windows. The developers have included many useful tools that will allow:

  • clean the system from unnecessary files;
  • clean registry from obsolete records;
  • clean the user's confidential data;
  • fix incorrect labels;
  • optimize system performance;
  • defragment drives;
  • scan the system for malware and remove it in the event of detection;
  • remove any programs;
  • restore accidentally deleted files;
  • delete any files without the possibility of recovery;
  • optimize the use of network resources;
  • accelerate work of games and much more.

Advanced SystemCare

The new version of Advanced SystemCare FREE has fixation of minor bugs and updated user interface.

Developer: IObit
Distribution mode: free  
Download: Advanced SystemCare FREE

IObit Uninstaller

A new version of IObit Uninstaller is now available to download. Unlike the standard solutions for the operating systems Windows, it has greater functionality. The key advantages include:

  • simple and intuitive user interface with a variety of language locations;
  • the ability to delete multiple programs simultaneously in the background;
  • support for the mode «Powerful Scan», which allows you to delete entries program left the in the registry and created folders;
  • support for the mode «Forced Uninstall» to uninstall those programs that are not removed by standard tools;
  • availability of the mode «File Shreder» for the complete and irreversible deletion of files;
  • ability to control system restore points.

IObit Uninstaller

The modifications of the program IObit Uninstaller are the following:

  • accelerated startup time;
  • improved efficiency and increased speed of the removal program;
  • improved support for high-resolution displays (including 4K);
  • updated some language files;
  • some bugs were fixed.

Developer: IObit
Distribution mode: free
Download: IObit Uninstaller

System test

RightMark Audio Analyzer 6.4.1

Everybody can download the new version of the benchmark RightMark Audio Analyzer. It is intended for testing quality of analog and digital paths of any audio equipment: sound cards, portable MP3-players, home CD/DVD-players, and speakers. The procedure is done by testing the playback and recording of reference signals that have passed through the test signal path. Further, via frequency analysis algorithms RightMark Audio Analyzer determines the efficiency and quality of the device under testing. For those who are unfamiliar with measured technical parameters, the program provides conditional verbal value.

RightMark Audio Analyzer

Innovations in RightMark Audio Analyzer 6.4.1 as follows:

  • a new size: 2, 4, 8 million. In spectral analyzer of arbitrary files;
  • test of phase distortion;
  • problems with coding in HTML-report were fixed.

Developer: RightMark Gathering
Distribution mode: free
Download: RightMark Audio Analyzer 6.4.1

Intel Processor Diagnostic Tool x86 / 20.0.0.W.MP-1 x64

This is a new version of program Intel Processor Diagnostic Tool, which is primarily designed to test the functionality of branded processors. During the tests it identifies the CPU model, checks its clock frequencies, testing support specific functions, and produces a stress test its operation. The last point is particularly useful for overclockers, because stress test allows safe and 100% load the processor, to check the stability of the overclocked system.

Intel Processor Diagnostic Tool

Developer: Intel
Distribution mode: free
Download: Intel Processor Diagnostic Tool x86 / 20.0.0.W.MP-1 x64

Secure and management

Avira Rescue System

Sometimes we face with situations when the virus affects or alters the system boot files, preventing usual enter into the OS. Also boot options of the virus with the OS kernel are available. They are very difficult to be detected. In such cases, you can use the recovery disks. One of them is Avira Rescue System.

To apply this program in practice you need to download ISO-image and write it to disk or flash drive. Next, you should download it to your computer to create the recovery disk or flash drive. It will provide access to the following tools:

  • Avira Rescue System is a set of anti-virus applications to check your PC;
  • FireFox Web Browser is a Web Browser to find specific information in the network;
  • Home Folder is a File Manager for working with data of external or internal storage;
  • GParted is a tool for working with the drive (create, format, split, merge, etc.);
  • Terminal is a command bar.

Avira Rescue System

Developer: Avira GmbH
Distribution mode: free
Download: Avira Rescue System

IObit Malware Fighter

IObit Malware Fighter is a free version of anti-virus utility designed to find and remove all sorts of viruses on your computer. It uses heuristic dual engine for fast detection and removal many types of malicious software: Trojans, keyloggers, adware or spyware, and other. The developers emphasize the high efficiency of the functioning of IObit Malware Fighter, even in the case of deep integration of malicious software into the operating system, and fully compatibility with other antivirus software allows you to use this solution as an additional protection.

The key advantages include:

  • use module Security Guard to increase the level of protection;
  • use the tool Browser Protect to protect the home page that is used search engine and user data from malicious programs;
  • availability of tools Plugin/Toolbar Cleaner to remove annoying or unnecessary plug-ins and toolbars that are integrated in a web browser;
  • support for module Anti-Tracking for cleaning programs, watching user data;
  • presence of the module DNS Protect DNS for effective protection against hacker attacks;
  • support for the mode «Silent for » the minimum user distracting from system messages.

IObit Malware Fighter

Summarizing an extensive list of changes in the anti-virus utility IObit Malware Fighter, we would like to highlight only the key points:

  • updated graphical user interface;
  • greatly expanded data base of malicious objects;
  • integrated a new antivirus engine with increased efficiency scan and clean your system; 
  • module Security Guard is added to increase the level of protection;
  • tool Browser Protect is added to protect the home page used by the search engine and user data from malicious programs;
  • tool Plugin/Toolbar Cleaner is added to remove annoying or unnecessary plug-ins and toolbars that are integrated in a web browser;
  • implemented module Anti-Tracking for cleaning programs, watching user data;
  • module DNS Protect is integrated to effectively protect DNS against hackers;
  • a mode «Silent» is added to reduce the load on the system and minimize the number of system messages;
  • supports Windows 10 Technical Preview;
  • several other changes.

Developer: IObit
Distribution mode: free
Download: IObit Malware Fighter

Internet usable programs

Google Chrome 40.0.2214.91

If you are interested in a convenient, fast and functional web browser, you can pay attention to Google Chrome. It has a simple interface and is characterized by the support of modern technologies. All this guarantees a high download speed of web pages and rich functionality including:

  • use the address bar for simultaneous administration of searches and the names of Web sites;
  • support tabs to load new web pages;
  • restoration of a set of tabs that were active in the previous session;
  • support for anonymous browsing mode in which information about a user visits any website is not fixed on the computer;
  • integration of standard WebRTC, which involves the direct use of resources of webcam and microphone for the implementation of communication between people in real-time;
  • transfer the contents of web pages using the context menu;
  • personalization of the user interface;
  • the ability to install multiple plug-ins and add-ons;
  • support for many language localizations.

Google Chrome

Web browser Google Chrome 40.0.2214.91 has the following changes:

  • updated information dialog box for the application Chrome;
  • increased level of security;
  • some bugs were fixed.

Developer: Google
Distribution mode: free 
Download: Google Chrome 40.0.2214.91


OoVoo LLC company has introduced a new version of its eponymous product. ooVoo is a free group video chat for simultaneous communication with up to 12 people that will be very useful for ordinary users and commercial organizations. In addition, the program allows you to make free voice calls between other users of ooVoo or for a small fee to mobile and worldwide phones. We would like to note the other benefits of the program:

  • the possibility of instant text messaging;
  • video call support recording function;
  • the ability to record video messages (up to 5 minutes) for any user ooVoo;
  • availability of the file sharing of up to 25 MB;
  • support for syncing contacts with e-mail, Facebook or Twitter for quick search of friends and acquaintances on ooVoo;
  • the possibility of joint view videos from YouTube in communication in the group video chats;
  • support the transmission function of the screen to show the contents of video chat participants.


Developer: ooVoo LLC
Distribution mode: free
Download: ooVoo

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