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LG G2 mini smartphone review and testing

Recently some manufacturers of smartphones begun to produce smaller versions of its flagship devices with the prefix «mini». And if at first glance you might think that this is a small copy of a "top" smartphone, then looking at the specifications you can find a lot of differences, sometimes quite significant. LG company has also gone through this way and released a smaller version of "top" model LG G2 which was already tested and left a lot of positive impressions.

Note that LG G2 mini was presented in February at the Mobile World Congress (MWC 2014). The smartphone is available in three versions. Two of them are equipped with a very similar processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 in modification MSM8226 or MSM8926 carrying on board the four cores and graphics Adreno 305. Moreover, the last has the support of the fourth-generation of mobile networks LTE with data transfer rates up to 150 Mbit/s. The third modification has quad-core processor NVIDIA Tegra 4i and graphics chip with 72 stream cores and also boasts with support of LTE. Note that the versions based on Snapdragon have 8 Mp main camera while the Tegra-MP has sensor 13.

LG G2 mini

For testing we have the current version LG G2 mini based on the Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 400 MSM8226. We propose to start the review from the technical characteristics of the product:




G2 mini D618

Type, form-factor

smartphone, monoblock

Connection standards

2G (GSM)

900 / 1800 MHz


900 / 2100 MHz

4G (LTE)

Broadband data transfer

GPRS (32-48 Kb/s), EDGE (236 Kb/s), HSDPA+ (up to 21,6 Мb/s), HSUPA (up to 5,76 Мb/s)

Type of SIM-card



Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 MSM8226: 4 cores ARM Cortex-A7, up to 1,2 GHz, L2 cache of 1 MB

Graphics adapter

Qualcomm Adreno 305, up to 450 MHz


IPS, 4,7", 960 x 540 pixels (234 ppi), touch, multi-touch up to 8 touches, protective Corning Gorilla Glass 2


1 GB


8 GB

Card reader

microSD (up to 32 GB)


1 x micro-USB

1 x microSD

2 x Micro-SIM

1 x mini-jack 3,5 mm




Sound processing








8 Мp, reverse matrix highlighting, auto focus, face definition, LED-flash, video recording in 1080p (30 FPS)


1,3 Mp, video recording in 720p

Communication capabilities


802.11b/g/n (Wi-Fi Direct, Wi-Fi Hotspot)


V4.0 (A2DP)









proximity sensor


lithium-ion cell: 2440 mАh

Charging device

Input: 100~240V AC at 50/60 Hz

Output: 5 V DC, 1 А



129,6 x 66 x 9, 99 mm


121 g




Android 4.4.2 Kitkat

User interface

LG Optimus UI 3.0

Official warranty

12 month

Producer website

LG Electronics

Packaging and content

We obtained the smartphone LG G2 mini without the packaging and set of delivery. Therefore, complete information about package content can be taken from the official website. Except the smartphone, complete has the following accessory:

  • charging device;
  • micro-USB cable;
  • user’s manual.

Design and elements layout

LG G2 mini

LG G2 mini is a classic representative of monoblock design with a touch screen. Most of the front side takes the display which has a fairly thin side frames only 3.6 mm. At the top there is mesh of speaker with metal insert over it that quickly collects dust and requires proper care. Near is the proximity sensor (sensor lighting and warning are available) and front camera. Bottom of display does not have any function keys as they’re virtual. The attention is attracted by chrome logo LG. In front part there is glossy plastic with its advantages and disadvantages.

LG G2 mini

Sides have no any controls, but the attracted by a thin chrome strip that imitates the metal. It's just plastic but such a design ides adds the solidity to smartphone.

LG G2 mini

The back side of LG G2 mini unlike the LG G2 is made not from glossy plastic and is demountable. Plastic is mat and has the texture of actively opposing the appearance of fingerprints and scratches.

LG G2 mini

On the top you can find main camera lens framed in metal ring. Below is a well-known control unit Rear Key. It combines the power/lock button and volume rocker. Accidental pressing of buttons is protected by small limit that rise above the case. In addition this solution provides less contact with protective glass surfaces. Next to the camera there is a single-section LED-flash.

Rocker has a few extra features. Thus, a long press of the volume up you can call a program Quick Memo which allows you to create quick handwritten notes. Hold the Volume Down key launches the camera where the same key can be used to take a photo or scale the images (operating mode is changed in the application). But assign a different function is impossible.

LG G2 mini

You’ll get used to such element layout after several hours of usage. The keys are found good to the touch and have a clear travel. As an alternative, the smartphone provides a fast and convenient way of unlocking KnockON - double tap in any place on the screen to unlock and double tap of the empty space or massage panel to reverse blocking.

LG G2 mini

The back cover can be removed by hocking the hole micro-USB which is quite convenient. It is tight, backlash and the gaps are not observed. Under the lid there are two slots for Micro-SIM. One of them is under connector microSD, which complicates the extraction of "Sims" and requires no additional tools.

LG G2 mini

LG G2 mini

At the top there are: IR transmitter, microphone of noise reduction and standard audio mini-jack 3,5 mm.  Bottom contains: micro-USB 2.0 jack and two perforated grilles fro stereo speakers. However, there is only one speaker, and it is hidden under the right grill while under the left there is the main microphone.

LG G2 mini

Having a relatively small size and small thickness (129,6 x 66 x 9,99 mm) the smartphone fits nicely in the palm. It is very comfortable pleasant to hold in particular due to the relatively small weight 121 grams. Thanks to this smartphone is pretty good to control with one hand, although to reach the opposite side of the display you need to change its position in the hand. According to these parameters it is similar to Huawei Ascend P6.

 Generally LG G2 mini is built very well: without all gaps and backlash. Case rigidity is good: it is very solid, does not bend and does not change its geometry with moderate torsion, glass is not pressed, there are no stains on the screen.


LG G2 mini

Display LG G2 mini has a diagonal of 4.7 inches, although traditionally «mini» has 4.3-inch set. Thus its matrix is made of IPS technology and protected by glass Corning Gorilla Glass 2. Not only diagonal was reduced (in comparison with LG G2), but the resolution is not Full HD (1920 x 1080) but only 960 x 540 that is qHD. At the same pixel density is 234 ppi, that is, with a strong desire you can see individual points, and at real using of smartphone they are almost invisible.

LG G2 mini

In any case, the display is nice: bright, very contrast, with excellent viewing angles and correct color reproduction. Maximum brightness of highlighting is more than enough to work in a bright sunny day, and the minimum for comfortable reading in a completely dark environment.

LG G2 mini

The main disadvantage is the absence of the light sensor. Instead, in the original OS firmware a special mode that automatically reduce the brightness to specified level is used. But it is suitable only in the allotted time (from 00:00 to 06:00). At other time period you have to change the brightness manually, which creates some discomfort.

LG G2 mini

Touch panel has good sensitivity (although there is not available to work in gloves) and reliably respond to touch including gestures. An unusual thing is a number of simultaneous touches 8 instead of the usual 5 or 10. Finger sliding over glass surface is good, but due to lack of oleophobic (grease repellent) surface it quickly collects the fingerprints, which are removed with a certain force.

In general, according to subjective impressions the display LG G2 mini is pretty decent. Despite the low (according modern standards) resolution, you can get a relatively detailed picture with natural colors.


As it was mentioned, a smartphone is equipped with one speaker located on the bottom. Due to such placement the sound is not muted if the device is lying on a horizontal surface. Also note the lack of a progressive audio chip Wolfson WM5110 which is one of the main advantages of the model LG G2.

Overall impression of the music playing is pretty good. Loud speaker is moderate. Depending on the style of the music you may hear low and high frequencies. Although for video, games and load communication such speaker should be more than enough.

Audio player has the advanced settings of additional effects. But you need to have special headphones for good listening. The smartphone has built in radio that lets you listen and record FM-broadcast radio stations operating in the frequency range from 87.5 to 108 MHz.

LG G2 mini

During the testing the speaker did not show any defects: voice is clear, moderately loud and quite detailed. The novelty has a supplied dictaphone which is useful when creating audio notes, but there is no function to record telephone conversations.


LG G2 mini

LG G2 mini traditionally is equipped with two digital cameras. Frontal module has 1.3 megapixels  sensor and is capable of making photos and videos with a resolution of 1280 × 960 and 1280 × 720 (24 FPS) respectively. The camera’s capacity is sufficient for video calls and self-portraits. Image detail is not bad. Viewing angle is not very big, but quite enough and does not cause complaints.

LG G2 mini

The main camera has 8-megapixel matrix and lens with light-gathering power of F2.4. Figures ISO in manual mode are from 100 to 800, and in automatic mode it is possible to get significantly higher indices. There is an LED flash, which is useful in low light. Photos have a resolution of 3264 × 2448. Video is recorded at 1920 × 1080 (30 FPS) and has a format MPEG4. Video quality is quite pleasant: focusing is fast, and the details are on the middle level. Mono sound.

BSI-sensor of main camera is pretty good and allows you to get enough high-quality images, especially under favorable conditions. Especially good photos are in HDR mode (“Dynamic mode”) that allows you to combine several shots with different exposures and thereby obtain a balanced picture without overbrights and blackouts.

Like the older model, the new product has a wide range of settings (white balance, color effects, etc.) that have intuitive icons. There is an opportunity to do a series of shots, activate the sport and panorama modes. Also a function of changes in exposure and focus type (manual, automatic or face definition) is available. Special attention is given to 9-pixel autofocus, which is useful for the group photo. Photosensitivity of module is at a good level: you can shoot in the evening, but in this case you should expect high values of ISO, which increases the level of noise in the image.

Generally the camera is praiseworthy as for the middle class. Using it you can get photos with good sharpness, natural-colored and in sufficient detail for the entire frame.

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