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Kingston HyperX Fury (64GB) Flash Drive: Review and testing

Kingston is a major manufacturer of a number of devices, primarily associated with different types of memory. In addition to production of the most massive solutions the assortment of producer is also notable for the presence of an extensive line of HyperX, designed to meet the needs of gamers and overclockers. In addition to RAM, solid state drives, headsets and peripherals, it also includes USB-drives. At the moment they include three models: DataTraveler HyperX Predator (with an impressive capacity of 512-1024 GB and increased protection), DataTraveler HyperX 3.0 (with high speed performance) and HyperX Fury. The latter are the most affordable solutions with the prefix «HyperX», and its top-end representative came to us for testing. 

Kingston HyperX FURY

Against the background of the outstanding figures of fellow in the lineup, flash drive HyperX FURY with capacity of 64 GB at first glance does not look so impressive. It is characterized by a lower declared speed performance and less accessible capacity. But what are the parameters in reality? Is it a worthy representative of the lineup HyperX? All this you will find out in the review.

The specs:

Producer and model

Kingston HyperX FURY


USB 3.0 (backward compatible with USB 2.0)

Capacity and color, GB

64 (HXF30/64GB, black)
32 (HXF30/32GB, blue)
16 (HXF30/16GB, red)

Max copy speed, MB/s





Case material


Temperature, °C





Computability with OS and consoles

Windows 8.1 / 8 / 7 (SP1) / Vista (SP1, SP2)
Mac OS 10.6.X and next
Linux Kernel 2.6.X and next
PS3, PS4
Xbox 360 (only with FAT32)

Overall dimensions, mm

60,23 x 21,4 x 9,8

Weight, g

8,68 − 8,76

Warranty, years


Producer website

Kingston HyperX
Product page

New product is available in three variants of capacity:16, 32 and 64 GB. All of them are black, but the cases with capacity of 16 and 32 GB have red and blue inserts.

The manufacturer claims the read and write speeds of the new item at a level of 90 and 30 MB/s respectively. Looking ahead, we note that these figures were obeyed without many efforts.

You've probably already noticed the compatibility list, where in addition to operating systems the manufacturer guarantees the support of operation of new item with game consoles PS3, PS4 and Xbox 360 (the last supports only FAT32 formatted drive). This is one of the features of HyperX FURY, allowing it to look as a solution for gamers.

You’ll probably agree that talk about the reliability of a device we can only be on the basis of its active use over a long period. Therefore, we only note that the 5-year warranty on the flash drive is not a common case. Therefore, the manufacturer does not doubt that during even such a long time this drive can performs user’s tasks without problems.


Kingston HyperX FURY

Packaging made in black and red colors, will not allow a potential buyer to pass by new item. The front side contains the name of the drive (HyperX FURY), claimed speed performance (read 90 MB/s and write 30 MB/s), the type of interface (USB 3.0, backward compatible with USB 2.0), and the warranty period (5 years). The icons at the bottom indicate about the possibility of using this solution when working with computers, and consoles PS3, PS4 and Xbox 360.

Due to the blister packaging the buyer also can immediately evaluate one of the most distinctive aspects of the test solutions, namely its design.

Kingston HyperX FURY

On the reverse side of the package is a list of compatible operating systems, and general data about the drive. The novelty is produced in Taiwan and boasts of an impressive list of received certificates.

At the top of the page has a link to the official website of the manufacturer. It informs about the warranty conditions.


Kingston HyperX FURY

Kingston HyperX FURY

Flash drive HyperX FURY has the original form of the body than immediately attracts attention. It is made of matte plastic, which provides usability and preserve its original look. And relief sidewalls allow you to quickly and easily connect and remove the device. Alas, such a refined and thoughtful body has no place for the LED of flash drive activity.

The information includes the indication about the capacity (64 GB) applied by white paint, as well as engraving informing about the device belongs to the lineup HyperX and its compliance with the essential requirements of EU directives.

When buying large batches of flash drives (at least 50-100 pcs. depending on the model), you can decorate them in a single corporate style thanks to program Co-Logo from the company Kingston. You can get more details about it via the following page.

Kingston HyperX FURY

Kingston HyperX FURY

Novelty has a classic composition, which implies the presence of a cap to protect the interface from external influences. The shape allows to put a cap on the back side that will minimize the risk of losing it each time you use the drive. Also the storage contains corresponding protrusions, which ensure its secure attachment.

Kingston HyperX FURY

Interface is presented by connector USB 3.0, compatible with its predecessor in the face of USB 2.0 and reliably protected by a cap.

Kingston HyperX FURY

Also note the presence in the body of a convenient tab that will allow to carry a flash drive as a keychain or on the strap and constantly have media at a hand. This is facilitated by relatively small dimensions (60,23 x 21,4 x 9,8 mm) and light weight (less than 9 g).

Kingston HyperX FURY

Utility Flash Drive Information Extractor notes the use of the controller Phison 2303 (2251-03) and MLC-memory manufactured by Toshiba.

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