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Kingston SSDNow V310 (960 GB): review and testing

The modern market of SSD-drives is filled with a variety of solutions from different producers. At the same time many of them have similar or even identical content as only few companies deal with production controllers and memory chips for solid drives. In this review we will talk about a pretty interesting drive. Its main distinguishing feature is impressive by the standards of SSD capacity of internal memory 960 GB. The manufacturing of such capacious solutions can do only a few companies which include well-known and Kingston.

Kingston SSDNow V310 (SV310S3B7A/960G)

A large capacity of model Kingston SSDNow V310 (SV310S3B7A/960G) is not the only feature of this drive. It also boasts of a comprehensive range of supplies set intended for more convenient work with the new product when it is installed in both the desktop and the laptop. In this material you will learn more about these and other properties of the test SSD, as well as how much memory has affected the speed.

The specs:

Producer and model

Kingston SSDNow V310




SATA 6 Gb/s
(reverse compatible with SATA 3 Gb/s)

Capacity, GB





Dark gray

Storage temperature, °C


Operating temperature, °C


Permissible vibration, G

During work (7 – 800 Hz)


In idle mode (10 – 2000 Hz)


Compressed data transfer rate, MB/s





Non-compressed data transfer rate, MB/s






Max transfer rate of random blocks of 4 KB (IO METER), IOPS


40 000


20 000

Max transfer rate of random blocks of 4 KB, IOPS


27 000


10 500

Drive rating in PCMark 8

4 700

General number of the information, TB

2 728

Mean time of no-failure operation, hours

1 000 000

Power consumption, W

Maximum during writing


Maximum during reading




In idle mode


Overall dimensions, mm

100,1 x 69,8 x 7

Weight, g


Producer warranty, years


Producer website

Product page

Model Kingston SSDNow V310 is represented only by the solution with capacity 960 GB. In this case, it is available in four bundling options: individual SSD-drive (SV310S37A/960G), upgrade kit for desktop computer (SV310S3D7/960G), notebook upgrade kit (SV310S3N7A/960G) and a universal set (SV310S3B7A/ 60G). For testing we have the last option, but the user can buy the drive separately or only with necessary set of accessories.

Design and packaging

Kingston SSDNow V310 (SV310S3B7A/960G)

The test drive is shipped in a cardboard box of pretty large size, which is connected with its extensive bundle. Also this is proved by a mark on the front side with the inscription «SSD UPGRAGE KIT» and with the image of desktop and laptop computers. The inscription below specifies about 10-times advantage in speed compared to traditional hard drives. Then you can see the information about the capacity of new item (960 GB) and high-speed performance when working with compressible data (up to 450 MB/s during reading and writing), as well as a mark about 3-year warranty. Also, the front side is decorated with an image of the SSD-drive made in the traditional Kingston lineup.

Kingston SSDNow V310 (SV310S3B7A/960G)

The reverse side of the package attracts the attention by the description of an impressive equipping of the product. Also here are marked the main aspects of the SSD usage: increased speed of system startup, application performance and reliability.

Kingston SSDNow V310 (SV310S3B7A/960G)

The bottom of the package contains a list of the special features in different languages, the list of received certificates and mark about complete software Acronis True Image HD (compatible with Windows 7 (SP1), Vista (SP1, SP2) and XP (SP3)).

Kingston SSDNow V310 (SV310S3B7A/960G)

The inner side of the package is also not empty: in addition to basic warranty terms and conditions the way to install the drive in the laptop (using the supplied adapter) and desktop PC (using brackets) are specified.

Kingston SSDNow V310 (SV310S3B7A/960G)

The content of boxes is neatly stacked inside a special form, so you should not worry about the safety of kit during transportation.

Kingston SSDNow V310 (SV310S3B7A/960G)

Kingston SSDNow V310 (SV310S3B7A/960G)

Kitting of Kingston SSDNow V310 (SV310S3B7A/960G) is very extensive and includes:

  • pocket for 2.5-inch drive;
  • cable USB↔mini-USB for connecting computer to a pocket; 
  • SATA cables for power and data transfare;
  • sealant to set the product in the 9.5-mm laptop compartment;
  • holder for the drive in the 3.5-inch bay of desktop computer;
  • set of screws;
  • CD with software.

Let’s remind that this kitting is intended for installation of the device in desktop PC or laptop. On one hand, when using SSD-drive in one of these types of computers, the rest of the kit will remain unused. In this case you can save some money by purchasing the drive with specialized accessories.

On the other hand, the difference in cost is very small, so that the final choice may depend on the actual range of a particular store.

Special attention should be given to complete disk. In addition to manual of replacing the drive and video instructions in different languages it has the application Acronis True Image HD. It will create an exact image of operating system and move it to the SSD-drive in an identical form. That is, there is no need to reinstall the system to a new drive. The disc is startup, which greatly simplifies the implementation of theoperation. The only "but" - not all modern laptops are equipped with an optical disc drive. In this case you should take care of creating a bootable flash drive.

Kingston SSDNow V310 (SV310S3B7A/960G)

Kingston SSDNow V310 (SV310S3B7A/960G)

The most interesting component of the universal (in our case) and laptot kit is a pocket for a 2.5-inch drive. It is assumed that after installing SSD-drive the used previously disk will be unclaimed. In addition it can contain important data that must be transferred to the newly acquired drive. A complete pocket is used for this aim.  

It is made of plastic. The only exception is the metal top cover. According the size the device corresponds to the conventional external 2.5-inch hard drive. One of its sides has blue LED-indicator and connector mini-USB 2.0. Also here you can find a supplied cable USB↔mini-USB that allows you to connect a pocket to computer. Do note that due to the use of the USB 2.0 data transfer rate will be at the level of 480 Mbit/s.

Kingston SSDNow V310 (SV310S3B7A/960G)

LED has a very pleasant blue glow with brightness should be little lower for a more comfortable working in the dark. During data transmission the indicator flashes, indicating an activity inside the drive.

Kingston SSDNow V310 (SV310S3B7A/960G)

Kingston SSDNow V310 (SV310S3B7A/960G)

The back side of the pocket is has a label containing some information about the device, including the indication of the place of production (China). Also you can see a small lock that secures the removable lid.

Kingston SSDNow V310 (SV310S3B7A/960G)

Kingston SSDNow V310 (SV310S3B7A/960G)

Under it there is a spot for 2.5-inch drive. The hard drive is connected to the pocket via SATA.

Kingston SSDNow V310 (SV310S3B7A/960G)

Kingston SSDNow V310 (SV310S3B7A/960G)

The role of mediator between the SATA connectors and mini-USB plays a small bridge, based on the controller Initio INIC-1608L.

Kingston SSDNow V310 (SV310S3B7A/960G)

Kingston SSDNow V310 (SV310S3B7A/960G)

The tested drive is performed in gray color with texture and label that are typical for many SSD manufactured by Kingston. On the front side of the device you can find its name, memory capacity, power options, as well as its place of production (Taiwan). The reverse side contains four holes intended for installation the drive in a desktop PC using the bundled holder.

Kingston SSDNow V310 (SV310S3B7A/960G)

A familiar connector SATA 6 Gb/s intended for high speed data transfer is used as interface.

Kingston SSDNow V310 (SV310S3B7A/960G)

Kingston SSDNow V310 (SV310S3B7A/960G)

Drive Kingston SSDNow V310 has a standard design: body consisting of two metal panelshas the printed circuit board. One of the panels uses thermo pad which helps to remove heat from the controller to the housing.

Kingston SSDNow V310 (SV310S3B7A/960G)

Kingston SSDNow V310 (SV310S3B7A/960G)

Taking into account a high capacity, it is quite natural that the memory chips are soldered on both sides of the board. Also on one side you can detect controller and the RAM bank.

Kingston SSDNow V310 (SV310S3B7A/960G)

Drive controller is presented by chip PHISON PS3108-S8. It provides compatibility with interfaces SATA 3 Gb/s and 1.5 Gb/s, support of a range of technologies including ECC, and RAM of standard DDR3. The bank of last is located next to the controller and is labeled as «Kingston D2516EC4BXGGB». This is a chip with capacity of 4 Gb/s (512 MB) operating at a frequency of 1600 MHz at a voltage of 1.35 V.

Kingston SSDNow V310 (SV310S3B7A/960G)

Permanent memory is presented by 16 chips Micron NW510 (MT29F512G08CKCABH7-6:A) with capacity of 512 Gb/s (64 GB) each. In total we have 1024 GB, but 64 GB (1/16 volume) are reserved for internal algorithms with the aim to more uniform use of all the memory cells and extend the life of the drive as a whole.

Kingston SSDNow V310 (SV310S3B7A/960G)

Utility HD Tune Pro has the support of the technologies TRIM, SMART and NCQ:

  • NCQ (native command queuing) - command queuing which allows to optimize the performance of the drive;
  • S.M.A.R.T. (self-monitoring, analysis and reporting technology) - a monitoring system that monitors the status of the drive, making possible to predict the time of its failure;
  • TRIM - allows you to directly delete stored data and to release immediately unactuated place (free blocks) to record new data.

Kingston SSDNow V310 (SV310S3B7A/960G)

Application Trimcheck-0.7 also had confirmed the use of storage technology TRIM, which is important for long-term and effective work of SSD.

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