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Flash drive Silicon Power Blaze B31 (64 GB): review and testing

For many users the choice flash drive is quite a challenge that can be explained by a number of reasons.

Firstly, according to practice, the speed indicators of flash drives do not always correspond to the values specified by the manufacturer. And if the manufacturer has decided to leave this information inaccessible to the average user, the choice of flash drive looks like a pig in a poke. Secondly, a similar situation is observed with the consumer properties of flash drives. Since most of them are available in single blister packs, the buyer cannot to hold the device in hand, to evaluate how tightly the cap is, observe the design, evaluate the creak of the case under some strain, etc.

So we continue to inform you not only about processors, graphics cards and other important components that directly affect the performance of your PC, but also touch the niche of compact drives, trying to describe their advantages and disadvantages as detailed as possible. Then you can to buy one or the other solution with full confidence that it is the best to meet your custom needs even the online store.

Silicon Power Blaze B31

In this article we will describe a capacious flash drive, equipped with USB 3.0 interface and enclosed in a stylish package that does not include a cap. Therefore, if you sometimes have a problem with a cap lost, the tested flash drive Silicon Power Blaze B31 with capacity of 64 GB is the right device that can save you from such situations.

The specs:

Producer and model

Silicon Power Blaze B31


USB 3.0 (backward compatible with USB 2.0 and USB 1.1)

Capacity and color, GB

128 SP128GBUF3B31V1U

64 SP064GBUF3B31V1U
32 SP032GBUF3B31V1U
16 SP016GBUF3B31V1U
8 SP008GBUF3B31V1U

Came material


Operating temperature, °C


OS compatibility

Windows 8 / 7 / Vista / XP

Mac OS 10.3.X and next

Linux Kernel 2.6.X and next

Dimensions, mm

54,2 x 20 x 12,1

Weight, g


Warranty, years

Limited lifetime

Producer website

Silicon Power

Product page

The novelty is available in one of the five options by capacity: 128, 64, 32, 16, and 8 GB. At the same time it is available only in blue color. Note that the arsenal of the manufacturer includes solutions with an identical appearance (Silicon Power Ultima U31), made in yellow and red. But they also differ in the use of a USB 2.0 interface and a few other options in terms of capacity.


Silicon Power Blaze B31

The novelty comes in a blister pack, which is usual for most modern flash drives. This solution is cheap enough, and its advantage is the ability to observe the drive nearby. Despite a common packaging format, here you can recognize the handwriting of manufacturer: distinctive style, colors and content - all this we have already seen in the examining of other flash drives manufactured by Silicon Power.

The front side informs us about the name of the drive (Silicon Power Blaze B31), its capacity (64 GB) and the type of used interface (USB 3.0). You can also learn about compatibility of new item with Windows 8, there is a rotary four-way protective mechanism, providing a lifetime warranty to the flash drive and the ability to download free software to recover deleted data from the drive.

Silicon Power Blaze B31

The reverse side of the package tells us about the main features of this product in 14 languages. As has been noted on the front side, it includes the presence structure that doesn’t require the cap. The design is characterized by rotational arc with four locking position. Also here you can find a complete list of supported operating systems and received certificates.

Some information is also on the inner side of the box. Here the manufacturer reminds about the availability of not only flash drives but also external hard drives, RAM modules and solid-state drives. It also proposed to register the drive on manufacturer's website by clicking on the appropriate link. Note that this procedure can be performed using an application that is initially placed on the drive.


Silicon Power Blaze B31

Silicon Power Blaze B31

Case of Flash Drive Silicon Power Blaze B31 consists of two parts. The use of translucent blue plastic as a material of one of them is perceived very well: nice color, drive activity LED is rayed through the body and the surface does not easy collecte dirty fingerprints. Also we liked the availability of suitable curves for the fingers, allowing easily to connect and remove the drive from even the tightest ports.

Other plastic part of the housing is represented by plastic arc. It is made in the black, but that does not stop the drive to look attractive. The use of this element eliminates the need for a cap, and the USB connector is protected from external influences.

Information amount on the drive is minimal: the black part contains the abbreviation of producer, and blue - its size, interface type and the certification data.

Silicon Power Blaze B31

Silicon Power Blaze B31

Silicon Power Blaze B31

The main feature of novelty is swivel mechanism design. It has a small gap, which doesn’t affect the strength of the flash drive. This element looks quite reliable, and it can only be broken by applying too much force.

Protective arc can be locked in four positions: closed, open and rotated by 90° in both directions. The last two modes are useful, for example, when you connect the drive to a laptop or tablet, allowing it protrudes from a connector.

Silicon Power Blaze B31

As we’ve mentioned, Silicon Power Blaze B31 is characterized by a red LED. It blinks during data transmission. The glow is moderately bright and unobtrusive, so that even in the dark it will not irritate the user.

Silicon Power Blaze B31

The length of the test flash in a closed state is 54.2 mm, width is 20 mm. Due to these parameters it will be quite comfortable for everyday use: it is not so easy to lose like a more compact solution, and it will take a minimum of storage space in your pocket.

Silicon Power Blaze B31

The heart of new item is Phison PS2307 controller and memory SanDisk's of type TLC (three-level memory or Triple Level Cell).

Silicon Power Blaze B31

Interface Silicon Power Blaze B31 is presented by current connector USB 3.0, compatible with the predecessors in the face of USB 2.0 and USB 1.1.

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