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SILICON POWER Marvel M70 - USB flash drive - 128 GB: review and testing

Classic flash drives are the solutions with a cap putting on the connector USB. This kind of drives became widespread and popular, but they are optimal not for all users. On the one hand, this design allows to protect the interface of the connector, but on the other the cap always tries to get lost, and as a result requires more user’s attention. Certainly you more than once came back to the place of the last backup information with the aim to find a missing element, which in addition to protection also provides unified and beautiful look.

Silicon Power Marvel M70

The company Silicon Power, which boasts of huge assortment of flash drives, also has presented solutions that do not require constant care for the cap. However, theUSB connector is protected during transport from contact with the keys and other things that can damage it. Protection is implemented in a simple and comfort way: after using the media its retractable interface is hidden inside the case. One of such solutions is the flash drive Silicon Power Marvel M70 with capacity 128GB, which will be discussed later in the review.

The specs:

Producer and model

Silicon Power Marvel M70

(testing option SP128GBUF3M70V1S with capacity 128 GB)


USB 3.0 (backward compatible with USB 2.0 and USB 1.1)


128 GB SP128GBUF3M70V1S

64 GB SP064GBUF3M70V1S

32 GB SP032GBUF3M70V1S

Max copying speed, MB/s










Dark gray / silver

Case material

zinc alloy / plastic

Operating temperature, °C


Compatibility with OS

Windows 8 / 7 / Vista / XP

Mac OS 10.3.X and next

Linux Kernel 2.6.X and next

Dimension, mm

56,6 x 20 x 12,4 (±0,3)

Weight, g

16,8 (±10%)

Producer warranty



CE / FCC / BSMI / Green dot / WEEE / RoHS / KC

Producer website

Silicon Power

Product page

New product is available in three capacity options: 32, 64 and 128 GB. As you can see, the model is not offered in popular versions with a capacity of 8 and 16 GB, therefore, it is positioned to transfer large amounts of data.

It is natural that in such a case and we would like to see high speed performance, because otherwise the advantage of a large amount will be leveled by long-time copy of data. According to the specification, this aspect of testing model is good: the manufacturer claims the max speed at a level of 240 and 80 MB/s for read and write, respectively. And we are going to check this information during testing.

Also we want to note the presence of a lifetime warranty for the drive Silicon Power Marvel M70, which traditionally provides the confidence of the high quality of product.


Silicon Power Marvel M70

Packaging trends is notably different from that used in other flash drives of the company Silicon Power. If normally it is used a compact packaging made of cardboard with a small blister part, in this case there is a relatively large box. Such decision if questionable, since inside such bulk packaging there is only a relatively small flash drive, and the rest area remains unclaimed.

On the other hand, such a step has been taken to increase the surface area of the box, allowing to put more information about the product. Thus, the front side contains the name of the new item (Silicon Power Marvel M70), an indication of its capacity (128 GB) and interface (USB 3.0), a mark about lifetime warranty, as well as an indication of the speed characteristics. Additionally, you can evaluate the appearance of the drive by means of a transparent opening and images demonstrating the use of the design with a retractable connector. The inscription at the bottom reports about the zinc coating of the case.

Silicon Power Marvel M70

The reverse side of the packaging bears some additional information on the 14 languages. Among the features of new product the manufacturer notes: the use of zinc alloy coating of the case; design without a cap, allowing to forget the problem of cap lost; high-speed characteristics which are possible through the use of USB 3.0 with a capacity of 5 Gbit/s. Here you can also find a list of compatible operating systems, received certificates and marks about the ability to download free utilities SP Widget and SP Rescue.

At the bottom is information about producing country of the device, namely Taiwan.

Silicon Power Marvel M70 Silicon Power Marvel M70

Sidewalls of the package provide additional information about the device inside. So, in addition to the above mentioned special features, here is the presence of LED- indicator of drive activity, as well as the ability to store up to 19 240 18-megapixel photos, up to 1 200 minutes of Full-HD video and up to 2 184 hours of high-quality MP3 music.


Silicon Power Marvel M70

Silicon Power Marvel M70

Flash drive Silicon Power Marvel M70 has a nice design due to the predominance of curved elements on the body. According the information it is possible to learn the manufacturer, the capacity of memory (128 GB) and application interface USB 3.0.

Silicon Power Marvel M70

The housing consists of two panels: top gray and bottom silver. According to the manufacturer, the housing is made of plastic and zinc alloy. Also zinc is felt on the bottom panel, although under it likely is the usual plastic. The top panel has not such sputtering.

As for build quality, at a detailed study we found a gap between the panels of USB connector. However, the usability remains the same.

Silicon Power Marvel M70

The product is remarkable by the presence of the eye, allows you to wear it, for example, as a key ring.

Silicon Power Marvel M70

The flash drive Silicon Power Marvel M70 uses connector uses retractable USB 3.0 connector. Its extraction is carried out by shifting the slider, which requires a little effort. To place the interface back into the case it is necessary to have to push the slider and move it in the desired direction. Thereby an accidental movement of the connector USB is prevented.

Silicon Power Marvel M70

LED-indicator of the product activity is represented with a small red LED. When connecting a flash drive it lights, and during data transfer it blinks that allows you to monitor operation of the device. Do note its little brightness therefore the drive will not distract the user when used in the dark.

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