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Strontium Jet Flash Drive (16 GB): review and testing

At the moment the market of flash drives of different form factor is quite strongly saturated in Ukraine by all the solutions from different vendors. However, current participants are not only manufacturer of such goods. For example, since 2002, quite successfully operates and develops Singapore company Strontium Pte Ltd. For Ukraine it is the so-called gray horse, as its products are sold in other countries. And in fact, this manufacturer takes a strong position in more than 30 countries (Australia, New Zealand, China, Taiwan, India, USA, Canada, etc.).

Such a distribution of products is understandable, because at it monthly produced about 500,000 memory modules and 7,000,000 different flash devices. The list of products is wide enough: memory modules for different types of equipment (desktop PCs, laptops, etc.), flash cards (SD, MicroSD), flash drives and solid state drives.

In this article we would like to acquaint you with the classic flash drive of its production - Strontium Jet Flash Drive (SR16GBBJET) with capacity of 16 GB, which is equipped with interface USB 3.0.


The specs:

Producer and model

Strontium Jet Flash Drive
(option SR16GBBJET with capacity16 GB)


USB 3.0 (reverse compatible with USB 2.0)

Capacity, GB




Min read speed, MB/s


Min write speed, MB/s




OS compatibility

Windows 8.1 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP

Linux Kernel 2.6.0 or next

Mac OS X 10.5 or next

Dimensions, mm

59,56 x 18,5 x 8,5

Weight, g


Operating supply voltage, V

4,5 – 5,5

Operating temperature, °C


Warranty, years




Product page

This drive is available in three capacity variation: 16, 32 and 64 GB. Actually, these are the currently most relevant volumes for performing various tasks associated with moving the information and store it.  

Performance specifications are nice detailed. It should be noted that the manufacturer claims only minimum read and write speed. Of course, we would like to see and maximum values, but the specified minimum is the line below which level of performance should not drop that is important for any buyer. Indeed, there are cases where the maximum and minimum rates very much strife among them, which sometimes results in slight bewilderment about the real performance. As for the average performance, then we will know it only after the tests. Operating temperature range is very wide, but it is unlikely that someone will use a device at + 70°C, because in most cases the device of this kind is used in everyday life. In respect of colors you should pay attention that the blue option is only available for 16 GB.


Strontium Jet Flash Drive is shipped in classical container formed from a combination of plastic and cardboard. On the one hand, cardboard is eco-friendly material that is easily utilized, and on another the blister packaging traditionally allows to examine the appearance of a flash drives without opening it. The main color of the packaging is yellow, which is able to attract the customer's attention and highlight the device from the competition.

The front side contains the following information: capacity (16 GB), interface (USB 3.0) and model (Strontium Jet Flash Drive). The only word that, in fact, carries no information is «Turbo», as neither the information sheet or on the manufacturer's website it is not mention that it's part of the model name. All other information is submitted for the opposite direction.

The back side contains additional information about the drive. Here are four reasons for which the manufacturer recommends the purchase of this device:

  • High-speed data transmission;
  • guarantee 100% testing of products;
  • use only high-quality components;
  • 5-year warranty.

Well, the information is really interesting. This is especially true to pre-testing of all drives, confirming their performance. The warranty period at 5 years - is also fairly good indicator. After all, it is an objective of good service life of the drive.

For more information, see the information about the capacity, or rather the number of files in different formats, which can be written to the device (audio, video, image). There is also information about the original files, because in most cases quite strongly dependent on the level of compression on anything and focuses manufacturer.

As regards the compatibility of the device with different variants of operating systems we can confidently say that the range of the most common operating system is covered quite well.

Flash drive is made in Taiwan, and the company is headquartered is in Singapore. The test instance is focused on the Russian market, as referred to in the text of an extra white sticker. Apparently, the company Strontium Technology Pte Ltd in the near future may move to the development of a new market for Ukraine.



External formation Strontium Jet Flash Drive is made in the style of classic flash drive. Dimensions of new item are not too large. However, is quite comfortable keep it in hand even owners of large palms. 

Drive case is made of a material like aluminum, which adds some confidence in its reliability and durability. There are also small inserts of plastic.

After one of such insert has identification of the device status. The LED flashes red only when reading or writing data.

The metal part of the unit is matte painted. This surface is very practical, because it does not collect fingerprints. It is difficult to say how reliable the cover is, because the answer to this question can be given only after a few months of operation. Although according the experience with the use of flash drives like the surface can be said that traces of use will inevitably occur, especially if you wear it in a jeans pocket with keys. 

For the safety the USB-connector is equipped with a protective cap, which is quite tight on the plug. However, there is no difficulty in removing it. A cap is made of a material such aluminum with plastic insert inside the nozzle to a denser connector. If you are worried that during operation of Strontium Jet Flash Drive can lose or forget the cap, it can be put on the back side of the flash drive. This option is provided by the manufacturer.

Proprietary software

In the case of purchasing Strontium Jet Flash Drive the user may use a number of proprietary utilities which are mostly oriented to facilitate the implementation of the model, and sometimes specific tasks. They are available for free download from the official website of the company.


Thus, for formatting it is recommended to use the utility Formatter, which, unfortunately, when you try to use has not detach this flash drive. For low-level formatting, the company also has a program Low Level Format Tool. It is available for download on the official website of the product. 

During the execution of the tests it was established that the device controller is marked NSM3261 AAS, while utilities in the window title has the inscription "NSM3261 AA» and «NSM3261 AB». So it is not possible to use them. Additionally, we note that the program Flash Drive Information Extractor also allowed to learn applied in Strontium Jet Flash Drive memory chips. They were the MLC-chips of known company Hynix.

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