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Transcend microSDHC Class 10 Premium (16 GB) memory card: review and testing

With the advent of many mobile devices, where an important role plays high recording speed, manufacturers try to maintain range of memory cards at the appropriate level of performance. Thus, we have tested a model of Transcend microSDHC UHS-I Ultimate, which showed impressive speed characteristics: up to 75 MB/s when reading and 47 MB/s when writing data to the drive. However, the majority of such high performance will be required only if the specific tasks. For example, the recording of high quality video content in the resolution 4K Ultra HD. Previously for this task more overall and productive memory card Compact Flash was used. For most also ordinary users who want to expand the memory of own smartphone or tablet, the capabilities of available solutions without the support of the specification UHS-I it is more than enough. The same goes for video recorders or digital cameras shoot video in the resolution of Full HD.

The company Transcend is a well-known manufacturer of various kinds of hard drives for a variety of applications, also do not forget about the more affordable solutions that can meet the needs of the majority of the owners.

Transcend microSDHC Class 10 Premium (TS16GUSDC10)

One of these low-cost solutions is a memory card Transcend microSDHC Class 10 Premium (TS16GUSDC10) with capacity 16 GB. Despite the fact that the novelty does not support the specification UHS-I, the note “Class 10” in its title suggests that its minimum write speed is 10 MB/s. Let’s recall that the video recorders for Full HD video require memory cards at least of Class 6, that is write speed of at least 6MB/s. Consequently, the speed performance of new item will be enough for video recording at resolution 1920 x 1080. But more about its hidden features you'll learn later in this review.

The specs:

Producer and model

Transcend microSDHC Class 10 Premium (TS16GUSDC10)

Supported standard

SD 3.0



Speed class

Class 10

Max copying speed, MB/s


Capacity variation, GB (without/with adapter)

32 (TS32GUSDC10 / TS32GUSDHC10)
16 (TS16GUSDC10 / TS16GUSDHC10)

Supply voltage, V


Working temperature range, °C


Overall dimensions, mm

15 x 11 x 1

Weight, g


Durability, connection/disconnection cycles

10 000

ECC support


Producer warranty

Limited life warranty

Additional software


Producer website

Product page


As you can see, the tested memory card is available in four options: 32, 16, 8 and 4 GB. Each of them is available with SD-adapter (the letter «H» in the title), and without it.

As for the high-speed characteristics, there is the compliance with speed standard Class 10, which determines the minimum write speed (10MB/s). Also the manufacturer declares that the maximum copy speed is up to 20MB/s. But are these characteristics actual? We will learn only in the testing process.

Design and packaging

Transcend microSDHC Class 10 Premium (TS16GUSDC10)

Bright red package design is designed to attract the attention of potential buyers. In the center of package you will find the memory card Transcend microSDHC Class 10 Premium in a blister, which protects it against external influences during transportation. Also, the manufacturer prudently put on the front of the cardboard box the inscription, which inform about the capabilities of new item. So, here are: capacity (16 GB), speed class (Class 10), maximum data copying speed (20 MB/s), form factor (microSDHC) and limited lifetime warranty. Inscription «Great for Full HD Recording» informs that the speed capabilities of the device is enough to record video at resolution 1920 x 1080 pixels.

Transcend microSDHC Class 10 Premium (TS16GUSDC10)

The reverse side of packaging is typical for Transcend memory cards and flash drives. Thus, in the upper left corner of the manufacturer notes the amount of content that can fit on a test novelty: 6552 five or 3276 ten pixel photos, 4000 songs in format mp3 (bitrate of 128 Kb/s), 88 hours of video in the resolution of 320 x 240 or 240 minutes of Full HD video. As you can see, the capacity of 16 GB will be enough to use the device in digital cameras to store thousands of images. You should also note the relevance of the use of 16-GB solutions in DVRs, where the recording is cyclic.

According to the manufacturer, the new product is suitable for mobile phones, cameras, automatic recording devices and GPS-navigators. A short note on the storage of card memory recalls that the new product should be kept away from the destructive forces of water, heat, animals, and children.

Also the package has a mention about the utility RecoveRx: its compatibility with the Windows 8/7/Vista/XP and Mac OS X v 10.5. More details about the capabilities of the application will be discussed in the appropriate section.

Transcend microSDHC Class 10 Premium (TS16GUSDC10)

Transcend microSDHC Class 10 Premium (TS16GUSDC10)

Inside the package you can find additional information about the warranty, and a small specification table (the last we would like to see on the outer surface).

Transcend microSDHC Class 10 Premium (TS16GUSDC10)

Transcend microSDHC Class 10 Premium (TS16GUSDC10)

Memory card Transcend microSDHC Class 10 Premium is made of black plastic and has a standard size (15 x 11 x 1). The small dimensions of the drive did not prevent the manufacturer to put here some basic information about it, including the volume and speed class of the device. The reverse side contains eight standard strips and a mark about the place of production - Taiwan.

Transcend microSDHC Class 10 Premium (TS16GUSDC10)

By default, the media is formatted as a single volume FAT32, and the available capacity is 14.7 GB. Mismatch with the promised 16 GB is connected with a decimal unit of information transfer instead of the received binary.

Transcend microSDHC Class 10 Premium (TS16GUSDC10) Transcend microSDHC Class 10 Premium (TS16GUSDC10)

Due to the limit of file volume at around 4 GB, we recommend to reformat the memory card as that exFAT or NTFS, which will allow to write more capacity files.


The following bench was used to test Transcend microSDHC Class 10 Premium card memory:


ASUS P9X79 PRO (Intel X79, Socket LGA2011, DDR3, ATX)


Intel Core i7-3930K (Socket LGA2011, 3,2 GHz, 12 МB cache)

Cooler for processor

ZALMAN CNPS12X (Socket LGA 2011)


2 x DDR3-1333 1024 MB Kingston PC3-10600

Graphics card

AMD Radeon HD 6970 2 GB GDDR5

Hard drive

Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 ST3500418AS, 500 GB, SATA-300, NCQ

Card reader

Transcend RDF8


Seasonic X-660 Gold (SS-660KM Active PF), 650 W, 120 mm Fan


Microsoft Windows 7 64-bit

Transcend microSDHC Class 10 Premium (TS16GUSDC10)

Transcend microSDHC Class 10 Premium (TS16GUSDC10)

Transcend microSDHC Class 10 Premium (TS16GUSDC10)

Transcend microSDHC Class 10 Premium (TS16GUSDC10)

Transcend microSDHC Class 10 Premium (TS16GUSDC10)

Transcend microSDHC Class 10 Premium (TS16GUSDC10)

Transcend microSDHC Class 10 Premium (TS16GUSDC10)

Testing has shown good speed characteristics of the product. However, they were even higher than originally stated by the manufacturer. Thus, the read speed was up to 45 MB/s, which is twice higher then marked on the package the maximum rate 20 MB/s. Record occur at speed up to 11.6 MB/s which is consistent with the standard Class 10. Also note that the memory access time and CPU loading when using the Transcend microSDHC Class 10 Premium is slightly lower than the same indices in other solutions.

Utility Intel NAS PT not only confirms the obtained results, but also demonstrates a little higher data copying speed on the drive (about 14 MB/s), including when recording HD-video.  

Therefore, the tested memory card allows not only recording high-quality content, but also reading it at a fairly high speed, which will greatly reduce the time of data transfer from the drive.

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