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SSD-drive Transcend SSD370 (TS1TSSD370): review and testing

Not very long ago lineup of 2.5-inch SSD-drives of company Transcend was by new solutions. This allowed to make clearer differentiation of available models, as well as to expand the already considerable range of its products. For example, it has a place for solid solutions with the designation «Standart», which are notable for the use of already outdated interfaces: PATA and SATA 3 Gb/s. But the model with the prefix «Premium» differ by high-speed interface SATA 6 Gb/s. Currently they include three versions of the SSD: Transcend SSD320, SSD340 and SSD370 which differ in the type of used controller. The first two are based on well-known chips Seagate SandForce SF-2281 and JMICRON JMF667H respectively. But the models of series Transcend SSD370 are based on the controller's of own production Transcend TS6500.

Transcend SSD370 (TS1TSSD370)

For testing we received the model Transcend SSD370 (TS1TSSD370) with capacity of 1TB. On its example we’ll look the capabilities of a new corporate controller, as well as the overall performance of the most capacious solutions in the current lineup.

The specs:

Producer and model

Transcend SSD370




SATA 6 Gb/s

Capacity, GB

1 ТB – TS1TSSD370

512 GB – TS512GSSD370

256 GB – TS256GSSD370

128 GB – TS128GSSD370

64 GB – TS64GSSD370

32 GB – TS32GSSD370


Transcend TS6500

Memory type

Synchronous, Micron ONFi 3.0 MLC NAND Flash



Storage temperature, °C


Operating temperature, °C


Impact load, G (during 0,5 ms)


Supply voltage, V


Reduced data transfer rate (ATTO), МB/s





Non-reduced data transfer rate (CrystalDiskMark), МB/s





Transfer rate of casual blocks with capacity of 4 KB (Iometer), IOPS


75 000


75 000

Dimensions, mm

99,8 x 69,8 x 7

Weight, g




OS compatibility

Windows 8 / 7 / Vista / XP

Linux Fedora 13 / Ubuntu 9.10 / Solaris 10 or next

Mac OS 10.4 or next

WinXP Embedded / WinCE or next


Producer warranty, years


Producer website

Product page

Model Transcend SSD370 has capacity variation from 32 GB to 1 TB. Therefore, the sale variations are available for a variety of purposes: from small solutions to set the system to the most capacious, designed to fully replace the slow hard drive.

Appearance and packaging

Transcend SSD370 (TS1TSSD370)

The novelty is shipped in a cardboard box, made in the traditional color gamut. The informative content includes the name of the drive (Transcend SSD370), an indication of its size (1 TB), the type of interface (SATA 6Gb/s), form factor (2.5-inch) and the presence of the adapter in the kit for installation of new item into 3.5-inch drive bay. Also there are key advantages of this solution:

  • good price/performance ratio;
  • fast and reliable transmission of data;
  • mode «DevSleep» for ultra-low power consumption;
  • availability of the complete software for copying the local disk, including the system.

Transcend SSD370 (TS1TSSD370)

The reverse side of the packaging contains a table of specifications, which in addition to the general characteristics also carries information about the speed capability of the new item when working with different types of data. Also the rear side is notable by the presence of general information about the new product on 20 languages. Here, the manufacturer notes lightweight of SSD-drive, high-impact design, the ultra-high speed data access, low power consumption and quiet operation. In short, the benefits of SSD-drives are described in general.

Transcend SSD370 (TS1TSSD370)

Transcend SSD370 (TS1TSSD370)

Sidewall of box duplicate the marked information on the front and back sides. We note the indication of support of the technology TRIM and the ability to download software to create a copy of the operating system Transcend SSD Scope (section «System Clone») from the official manufacturer's website.

Transcend SSD370 (TS1TSSD370)

Inside the box the carrier is placed in a plastic blister which will help protect it against external influences during transportation. Package of Transcend SSD370 includes only the necessary items to set it into the housing desktop computer:

  • holer for mounting the device in a 3.5-inch drive bay;
  • a set of screws;
  • installation and setup guide booklet with warranty.

The absence of SATA cables for power supply and data transmission we consider as justified, since they often are in the kit with the motherboard and power supply. Otherwise, they can always be purchased separately. Also in the box there is no disc with additional software, as the manufacturer offers to download the necessary software directly from the official website.

Transcend SSD370 (TS1TSSD370)

Transcend SSD370 (TS1TSSD370)

New product is made in matte black plastic case, and all the additional information about it is placed on the labels. It contains the drive model, the type of interface, the place of production (Taiwan), as well as information about the passage of a variety of different certifications. The reverse side of the drive also contains four holes used to install it into a desktop PC with the bundled holder.

Transcend SSD370 (TS1TSSD370)

The data is transferred via the SATA 6 Gb/s. On the sides you can find four holes for mounting the new item in 2.5-inch drive bay of your computer.

Its body has a thickness of 7 mm, which is more common value for the current models of drives, and allows the test solution even in compact Ultrabooks and other laptops.

Unfortunately, we did not have opportunity to open the case and search the hardware components of the drive. Therefore, we provide only the textual description of the main components provided to us by the manufacturer.

The "heart" of the novelty is controller Transcend TS6500. As we have already mentioned, it is the main difference from other Transcend SSD370 lineups. This chip supports all the modern technologies necessary for an effective and durable operation of SSD. A couple is two banks of DDR3 RAM with total capacity of 1 GB (this figure varies depending on the amount of storage). The constant memory is represented by 8 chips Micron ONFi 3.0 MLC 22-A085 with multi-level cell structure, made according to 20-nm technology process. Consequently, the capacity of each of them is equal to 128 GB.

Transcend SSD370 (TS1TSSD370)

Utility HD Tune Pro has support of technologies TRIM, SMART and NCQ:

  • NCQ (native command queuing) - command queuing which allows to optimize the performance of the drive;
  • S.M.A.R.T. (self-monitoring, analysis and reporting technology) is a monitoring system that monitors the status of the drive, making possible to predict the time of its failure;
  • TRIM - allows you to directly delete stored in flash memory data and to release immediately unactuated place (free blocks) to record new data.

Also note the support of technology used by the controller ECC (error-correcting code) allows to determine the read/write error information and, if possible to correct them. The manufacturer claims about the correction of up to 40 bits of data for each 512-byte block.

Transcend SSD370 (TS1TSSD370)

Utility CrystalDiskInfo also informs about the enabled technology DevSleep (SATA Device Sleep Mode), designed to reduce energy storage that will be particularly useful when installing new item in laptops. It allows you to completely turn off the power interface SATA, at the same time this fact will not be noticed by the user, since its renewal takes less than 20 ms.

The capacity of memory is 954 GB, and a mismatch with expected capacity of 1 TB is connected with decimal carry of measuring units. This marketing idea is used by all drives manufacturers.

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