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WD WD Purple WD10PURX 1TB Hard Drive review and testing

Western Digital company is well known to our readers for its diverse range of models of hard drives. So, its range includes the following line of drives:

  • WD Blue - designed for use as a system disk to perform daily tasks;
  • WD Black - used in systems where the storage of large amounts of data is combined with the need for high-speed access to them;
  • WD Green - known to own energy efficiency and low-noise performance;
  • WD Red - designed for use in RAID-arrays;
  • WD VelociRaptor - unique solutions that are compromise between the relatively slow hard drives and expensive SSD-drives.

Not long ago Western Digital has introduced another line WD Purple created for use in video surveillance systems. What is the specificity of these decisions?


Applied technology AllFrame works with instruction set for streaming data of protocol ATA, reducing the number of errors that can decay images or dropped frames during video recording. Such power failures are typical in the case of usage ordinary drives in video surveillance systems. They can have serious consequences for security in the case of missing important points.
The availability of technology TLER minimizes the opportunity of idle of RAID-array carrier when an error occurs in one of the drives.

In this case, their correction is postponed to a more convenient time when the system is loaded. Thus, in spite of the error that occurred, a storage array continues to operate, recording the required data. In addition, the product has optimized caching algorithms to work with multiple threads of high capacity that is typical for video surveillance systems. After all, here we have the processing volume data is most often recorded with several cameras. Also the priority of memory allocation for data recording has been modified. Drives of series WD Purple are tested for compatibility with a wide range of security systems. They can operate in terms of major changes in temperature, higher vibrations and most importantly around the clock. These hard drives are designed to work with a maximum of 32 cameras in the case of usage up to 8 carriers simultaneously.

One of the key aspects of the storage line WD Purple is low power consumption. Thus, in the usual operating mode when reading/writing it is from 3.3 W in terabyte solution to 5.1 W in the most capacious 4-terabyte model. When this work is accompanied by a low level of noise from 22 dB in 1-TB version up to 26 dB in 4-TB unit. Series WD Purple has technology IntelliPower. It allows you to change the speed of rotation of the plates depending on the current task, thus providing high efficiency, low vibration and energy consumption, as well as a longer service of drives.

The high quality of the products is a 3-year limited manufacturer's warranty.


Now let's move from theory to practice and study the range of WD Purple on example Western Digital Purple (WD10PURX) 1TB.

 The specs:

Producer and model

Western Digital Purple (WD10PURX)




SATA 6 Gb/s

Capacity variations





Rotation speed of drive spindle, rpm


Cache memory, МB


Max data transfer rate from cache memory to system, Gb/s


Supported data transfer rate between system and drive, MB/s


Noise level during idling, dB


Noise level during searching, dB


Power consumption, W





waiting mode


Temperature working/ storage, °C

0 … +65 / -40 … +70

Shock resistance in operation condition, G

during 2 ms when reading



during 2 ms when reading/writing


Shock resistance in disabled state (during 2 ms), G


Dimensions, mm

147 x 101,6 x 26,1

Weight, g


Limited warranty, year


Producer website

Western Digital

WD Purple

Supported transfer rate from the drive to the system according to the official specifications is 110 MB/s. Note that in the 2 - and 3-TB solutions, the figure is more impressive 145 MB/s and 4-terabyte version can boast with speeds up to 150 MB/s. However, these specifications are not a priority, and the requested values will allow quite comfortable work with video content.

Naturally, that more capacity solutions are a bit noisier and consume more electricity. This circumstance is caused by different number of plates used in them. But even with the most capacious 4-TB solution these values remain at a comfortable level.



The novelty is shipped in a traditional antistatic package. It is enough to protect the board from electrostatic discharge and moisture.


On the front of the drive there is a traditional label that contains basic information about the device. It is name (WD10PURX), belonging to the lineup WD Purple and availability of 64 MB of cache, and also the ability to work in 24/7 mode. Additionally you can see the production date of the drive, its maximum power consumption on lines 5 and 12 and list of certificates. The drive is made in Thailand.


The back side is notable by presence of small PCB. To prevent damages all functional elements are placed on the reverse side. Traditionally, here is also a silver seal designed to equalize the air pressure inside the drive.


Data exchange between the hard disk and the computer is carried out by using the SATA 6 Gb/s. 8-pin connector is designed to change modes of device.


The owner will have 931 GB of disk space, and a mismatch with the specified value in the 1 TB is connected with a decimal unit conversion used by manufacturers. Thus, the operating system calculates 1 TB as 240, ie 1 099 511 627 776 bytes. Manufacturers come from decimal calculations: 1 TB = 1, 000 000 000 000 bytes.


HD Tune Pro utility determines the rotation speed at 5400 rpm. Device temperature during the test did not exceed the mark of 36 degrees, which is great and very important indicator, taking into account the work around the clock.

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