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Hard disk WD Red Pro (WD4001FFSX) with capacity of 4 TB: review and testing

Based on previous successes of lineup WD Red, designed for use in NAS-systems or in for RAID-arrays, in the summer of 2014 the company Western Digital has expanded its product range by lineup WD Red Pro, which includes a model for the storage medium and large scale with 8 - 16 compartments. The drives WD Red Pro use a unique technology WD NASware 3.0, providing an unmatched level of compatibility, stability, reliability and performance.

WD Red Pro (WD4001FFSX)

Unlike the lineup WD Red, model of the new series got extended five-year warranty, as well as a higher spindle rotation speed (7200 rpm). Recall that the series WD Red drives have a three-year warranty and the spindle rotation speed at 5400 rpm.

WD Red Pro lineup includes three HDD-drive with a different capacity: 2, 3, and 4 TB respectively. For testing we have the flagship version with a maximum capacity WD WD4001FFSX.

The specs:

Producer and model

WD Red Pro


Form-factor, in



SATA 6 Gb/s

Capacity, TB

4 (WD4001FFSX)

3 (WD3001FFSX)

2 (WD2001FFSX)

Spindle rotation speed, rpm


Cache memory, MB


The maximum data transfer rate from the cache memory into system Gb/s


Supported data transfer rate between the system and drive, MB/s


Noise level at idle, dBA


Noise level in the search mode, dBA


Power consumption, W





waiting/sleep mode


Operation/storage temperature, °C

+5…+60 / -40…+70

Shock resistance in operating mode, G

during 2 ms at reading


during 2 ms at reading/writing


Shock resistance in disabled state (during 2 ms), G


Dimensions, mm

147 x 101,6 x 26,1

Weight, g


Limited producer’s warranty, years


Producer website

Western Digital

Lineup WD Red Pro


WD Red Pro (WD4001FFSX)

In contrast to the more affordable models of the company Western Digital, which are delivered in the antistatic bag, the flagship device of lineup WD Red Pro received a plastic bag, which protects device during transportation to the final customer.

WD Red Pro (WD4001FFSX)

The front side of the hard drive is notable for the traditional label, which contains basic information about the device. In particular, the name (WD4001FFSX), belonging to the lineup WD Red Pro NAS and 64 MB of cache. Additionally, you can see the date of manufacturing, its maximum power at 12V and 5V lines, as well as a considerable list of received certificates. The drive is manufactured in Thailand.

WD Red Pro (WD4001FFSX)

The reverse has a control board with a sticker in the form of QR-code and service information.

WD Red Pro (WD4001FFSX)

The lower sidewall WD WD4001FFSX contains connector SATA 6 Gb/s and 8-pin jumper, which allows you to adjust modes by closing various contacts.

WD Red Pro (WD4001FFSX)

CrystalDiskInfo 6.5.2 utility confirms the stated spindle rotation speed of the drive at 7200 rpm. Also note the support of some useful technologies:

  • NCQ (native command queuing) - command queuing, which allows to optimize the productivity of storage;
  • S.M.A.R.T. (Self-monitoring, analysis and reporting technology) - a monitoring system that monitors the state of the drive, making possible to predict the time of its failure.

Temperature of WD WD4001FFSX during scanning was 46°C at an ambient temperature of 27°C. The product operates quietly: noise of head movement is visible, but does not attract attention.

WD Red Pro (WD4001FFSX)

The drive comes pre-formatted for NTFS. Moreover, its effective capacity is 4 TB.

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