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Hard disk Western Digital Red with capacity 6 ТB – WD WD60EFRX: review and testing

In the era of universal distribution terabytes of data, multi-disk network storage ceased to be the prerogative of the corporate sector. For a long time nobody will be surprised by the presence of a small NAS-devices in a private home or small office. More and more manufacturers develop their solutions to create compact, multi-drive storage systems. In this regard there is an issue of accessible but at the same time silent and energy efficient drive that provids fast and reliable access to information 24x7.

The company Western Digital (WD), as one of the undisputed leaders in the market of storage devices, could not stay away from this issue. Using the gained experience, its engineers have developed a series of drives WD Red, which are specially optimized for NAS systems or as part of RAID-arrays.

Western Digital Red (WD60EFRX)

This type of hard drive we obtained for testing, namely Western Digital Red (WD60EFRX) with capacity of 6 TB. All the nuances of operation and available features of new item will be described today’s review.

The specs:

Producer and model

Western Digital Red





SATA 6 Gb/s









750 GB WD7500BFCX 

Spindle rotation speed


Cache memory

64 MB

Max data transfer rate from cache to system

6 Gb/s

Supported data transfer rate between system and drive

175 МB/s

Noise level in idle mode

25 dB

Noise level in search mode

28 dB

Power consumption


5,3 W

Idle mode

3,4 W

Waiting/sleep mode

0,4 W

Operating/storage temperature

0…+65°C / -40…+70°C

Shock resistance in operation condition


during 2 ms in read mode

65 G

during 2 ms in read/write mode

30 G

Shock resistance in inactive status (during 2 ms)

250 G

Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF)


1 M. hours

Overall dimensions

147 х 101,6 х 26,1 mm


750 g


3 years (limited)

Producer website

Western Digital

Lineup page Red

As we can see, the lineup of drives WD Red is represented with a wide range of devices with capacity from 750 GB to 6 TB. Almost all available models are made in the form factor 3.5", have high-speed interface SATA 6Gb/s and the cache memory of 64 MB and also have support of data transfer rates between the system and drive at level of 175 MB/s. Exceptions are two drives (WD10JFCX and WD7500BFCX), which are more energy efficient and have smaller cache size (16MB). They are made in a different form factor (2.5") and intended primarily for use in portable devices.

Due to the continuous improvement of proprietary technologies the engineers of Western Digital could significantly improve the quality of the final product. Thus, the updated technology NASware 3.0 provides a more stable and efficient operation of the drives in the NAS configurations of multiple hard drives. A support of technology 3D Active Balance Plus, which is responsible for the improved balance of disk plates in two planes, greatly improves the speed and reliability of disk drives. This is a pretty important function, because the absence of proper balancing of hard drives leads to excessive vibration and noise in multi-drive systems, which significantly reduces the life and the performance level.

Along with other models of the manufacturer, series of hard drives WD Red uses a technology IntelliPower. It implies an optimal balance between the spindle speed, transfer rate and operation of algorithms information, which allows to achieve an acceptable level of performance at low noise and high energy efficiency.

In addition, it is worth to note the presence of a 3-year limited warranty from the manufacturer, which also confirms the high quality of product.


Western Digital Red (WD60EFRX)

Traditionally the novelty is shipped in an antistatic package, which protects it against moisture and electrostatic discharges. In addition, the simplicity of the package allows to save a little on the final cost of the device.

Western Digital Red (WD60EFRX)

On the front of the drive is a paper label that contains all the necessary information about the disc. Here you can find the model name (WD60EFRX), the size of the internal memory (6 TB), a connection interface (SATA 6 Gb/s) and the amount of cache memory (64 MB). You can also find out the date of manufacture (July 14, 2014) and the country of production (Thailand). Traditionally for drives of series WD Red label edge are painted in red, which means the ownership model to the devices, specifically designed to work in systems or as part of NAS RAID-arrays.

Western Digital Red (WD60EFRX)

On the back side of the WD WD60EFRX is a printed circuit board, which is responsible for the functionality of the drive. To support the safety and to prevent damage from careless behavior, all the important elements are put on its reverse side. In addition there is a small seal intended to equalize the air pressure inside the drive.

Western Digital Red (WD60EFRX)

On the bottom of the hard drive is located interface SATA 6Gb/s responsible for the exchange of data between the hard drive and the connected device. Located next the 8-pin connector is used to change the operating mode of the drive.

Western Digital Red (WD60EFRX)

After formatting the drive to file system, the user will have 5.45 TB, and the mismatch with declared index of 6 TB is connected with decimal carry of measuring units.

Western Digital Red (WD60EFRX)

Utility HD Tune Pro has identified spindle speed at the level of 5700 rpm. During the measurements, placed in a loose pocket hard drive was heated up to 40 degrees, which can be considered as a good result.

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