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Smartphone Samsung Galaxy S6: review and testing

In recent years, all have become used obtain one of the most technological gadgets on the market due to release of a new flagship smartphone of series Samsung Galaxy S. And it is a rule that each model can meet the needs of even the most demanding user. And if the functionality of all devices of the Korean manufacture was always at the highest level, in terms of design solutions were criticized. This is primarily due to the insignificant differences between the appearance of devices and in terms of used materials.

Samsung Galaxy S6

This year at the MWC in Barcelona admirers of the brand received a pleasant surprise in the form of a presentation of two flagships - Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, which got a new design using glass and metal in the structure. For testing we have the first model without the curved screen and prefix «Edge», but this device is no less interesting. All features are described in today’s review. But first of all let’s learn the technical specifications:

Producer and model

tags: samsung   galaxy   wi-fi   amoled   gps   android   arm   nfc   bluetooth   4k ultra hd   corning gorilla glass   cortex-a53   exynos   multi-touch   ddr4   micro-usb   cortex-a57   4g   3g   
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Edifier Studio R2000DB Multimedia Speaker: review and testing

The range of speakers Edifier contains a variety of solutions: starting from miniature plastic speakers for auding of workplace up to multi-channel stereo kits that come very close to the top mark of the segment "multimedia speakers."

But there are exceptions that could to overcome the attraction of its multimedia cradle and enter the segment of the entry level Hi-Fi-systems. These exceptions include a model Edifier S2000, which for many years leads the lineup of stereo kits of this manufacturer. 

Edifier Studio R2000DB

It is important to note at the end of last year Edifier announced Edifier Studio R2000DB, aimed at the upper multimedia segment. It is not a direct replacement for Edifier S2000 and is significantly cheaper. In addition, the novelty has lost an external amplifier, but has got Bluetooth and more powerful digital amplifiers for each speaker, which is consistent with the spirit of modernity. In this review we will look and listen to it, and will share our experiences with you.

tags: edifier   studio   rca   bluetooth   
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Review of Android applications. Release 7

The Android platform is rapidly and successfully came into our lives. In the field of smart phones and tablets it confidently holds the leading position. By the highest standards it is a merit of Google, which could find the optimal model that satisfies the key players: device manufacturers, application developers and users. As a result, during only a few years a huge ecosystem of various software products has created.

Their main mass is located at the company store Google Play, where they are very convenient categorized. But if you don’t want to waste your time looking for interesting new products, or in the news flow you are afraid to miss something interesting, we offer you to dive into the list of the most interesting and useful (in our opinion) programs. Traditionally, the focus will be on free applications. Let’s finish the introduction and go directly to the very novelties.

tags: android   pdf   google   facebook   wi-fi   bluetooth   cloud   
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Three-band stereo speaker Edifier Studio R2730DB: review and testing

When meeting with photos and characteristics of the models Edifier Studio R2730DB there is a strong sense of deja vu. After all, it is like as two peas to Edifier Studio 7 (R2700), who stayed with us last fall. There are the same diameter and size of the case. And the index clearly says about the changes that will be described.

Edifier Studio R2730DB

The first change is reflected directly in the index of the model. Edifier Studio R2730DB has got built-in receiver Bluetooth, which allows listening to music using the smartphone and tablet without spending time searching for connecting cables. Another significant improvement is the increased power of amplified sections: now each woofer can be bear 40 W (previously 32 W), and supplied to the midrange and tweeter output is reduced by 2 W to 14 W. Also here is a connector for connecting a subwoofer. The remaining advantages remained unchanged.

tags: edifier   studio   bluetooth   rca   
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Olympus OM-D E-M1 mirrorless camera: review and testing

A few years ago the Olympus completely refused the use of the classic mirror digital cameras. Such a step did some other manufacturers (including Panasonic, Samsung and Fujifilm). Having chosen the format Micro Four Thirds (MFT), the Japanese managed to compete to affordable mirror solutions. This is evidenced by the success of the model Olympus OM-D E-M5, which received several positive reviews from reviewers and from professional photographers. The next evolutionary step was the appearance of top-end camera Olympus OM-D E-M1, which absorbed the leading experience and corporate developments. It is designed to meet the needs of the most demanding user.

Olympus OM-D E-M1

This model has a classic appearance, the Live MOS sensor with 16.3 megapixel, fast hybrid autofocus, 5-axis optical image stabilization system, new brand processor TruePic VII and several other interesting features that will be described latter. Let’s start from the characteristics of Olympus OM-D E-M1:


tags: olympus   wi-fi   bluetooth   full hd   sdhc   sdxc   hdmi   mft   
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Sigma Comfort 50 Mini3 and Sigma Comfort 50 Light: review and testing

Despite the rapid development of the mobile industry and the incredible popularity of high-performance smartphones, there is a fairly large category of users who value practicality and ease of use of plain mobile phones.

The weak point of almost any modern gadget is its low security (large screen and slim body are very fragile) and low autonomy. But not every user needs a constant connection to the Internet or the ability to shoot HD-content, while the need to stay connected for a long time is the main prerogative. This is especially true of people over age group for which the important advantages are large and comfortable buttons, as well as plain user interface.

Sigma Comfort 50 Mini3 Comfort 50 Light

And the company Sigma mobile produces a full range of practical and low-cost mobile phones for such a category. In this review we will introduce two models: Sigma Comfort 50 Mini3 and Sigma Comfort 50 Light. And we will try to find out the main advantaged and features of the products.

tags: sigma mobile   micro-usb   bluetooth   tft   microsd   mediatek   
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SmarphoneLenovo VIBE X2: review and testing

Many modern smartphone manufacturers trying to draw attention to their devices through a kind of "arms race", which means an increase in the size of the display, the number of processor cores, camera resolution, and other important parameters. So sometimes it turns out that the smartphone has pretty interesting specifications, but from the outside nothing special apart from the competition - all the same unsightly monoblock. All this is clear for the company Lenovo, which is able to create not only interesting gadgets in terms of price/features, but may surprise potential buyer by original appearance. In this regard, nice is a model from lineup Lenovo VIBE, absorbed the advanced technical features and interesting design. A striking example is the hero of our regular review Lenovo VIBE X2.

Lenovo VIBE X2

This model is original and has quite sophisticated design with qualitative materials. All this is wonderfully complemented by 5-inch Full HD IPS-screen, high-performance processor MediaTek MT6595M, the main 13 megapixels camera and a number of other equally interesting features, which we will discuss below. The specs:


tags: lenovo   wi-fi   4g   3g   mediatek   gps   bluetooth   ips   arm   android   full hd   dlna   micro-usb   lte   cortex-a7   corning gorilla glass   multi-touch   802.11 n   micro-sim   soc   
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ALCATEL ONETOUCH IDOL X+ smartphone: review and testing

In 2004 the French telecommunications company Alcatel-Lucent specifically its department engaged in mobile devices, has joined hands with the same department of the Chinese company TCL Communication. As a result now we have joint company of TCL & Alcatel Mobile Phones Limited (TAMP), where 55% of the stock owned by TCL and 45 % by Alcatel-Lucent. All plants for the production of phones have been moved to China. And in 2005 TCL had completely bought safety stock and renamed the company as TCT Mobile and conclude an agreement that allows it to produce phones under the brand Alcatel. Now the company developings smartphones under the brands TCL and ALCATEL ONETOUCH for markets in Asia, Latin America, Europe and other regions. It is actively cooperating with the big operators and distributors. TCL Communication is among the top ten fastest-growing mobile phone manufacturers.


For testing we have smartphone ALCATEL ONETOUCH IDOL X+ which bears the title of leader and meets all the canons of the market. Novelty can boast the newest platform MediaTek MT6592, 5-inch Full HD IPS-display, progressive audio decoder Hi-Fi ES9018 and a number of other interesting features which will be discussed below. We suggest to start with a review of the technical characteristics of new item:


tags: wi-fi   gps   mediatek   arm   full hd   ips   micro-sim   dlna   snapdragon   micro-usb   qualcomm   bluetooth   sony   nfc   802.11 n   multi-touch   corning   alcatel   alcatel onetouch   tcl communication   
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