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Smartphone Lenovo S60: review and testing 

Just few years ago we have met the technology expansion, when the company Lenovo entered the mobile phone market. Due to a very reasonable price policy and constant introduction of advanced technologies it could to gain loyal fans around the world and make tangible nervous most famous competitors.

Lenovo S60

This article will be focused on a stylish and multifunctional smartphone Lenovo S60, which, thanks to attractive design, modern hardware platform and more than adequate cost is a perfect solution for a fairly wide audience of users. But let's begin our review with a review of the specifications.

tags: lenovo   wi-fi   gps   4g   android   qualcomm   micro-sim   ips   microsd   snapdragon   cortex-a53   micro-usb   nfc   multi-touch   bluetooth 4.0   
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Smartphone GIGABYTE GSMART Rome RX: review and testing

Despite the huge advertising budgets and very productive marketeers, not every user is willing to pay a significant amount of money for the advertised brand or invest in a completely uncalled range of options. Often, for such a category of people the main criteria for selection of new mobile devices are reasonable price and practicality that cover all of the advanced functionality.


In this article we will talk about a relatively inexpensive, but quite required smartphone - GIGABYTE GSMART Rome RX, which is due to the classic design, good hardware platform and a very reasonable cost can be a good option.  And we begin our review from a detailed review of the technical characteristics.

Producer and model

tags: gigabyte   gsmart   wi-fi   gps   ips   microsd   bluetooth 4.0   micro-sim   android   arm   mediatek   cortex-a7   
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Globex X8 (GU8012C) tablet: review and testing

When choosing inexpensive and efficient tablet the user faces with a difficult task, since the domestic market includes a large number of manufacturers and models. Such type of gadgets includes the hero of our next review, namely Globex X8 (GU8012C).

Globex X8 (GU8012C)

Novelty has a classic look, 8-inch IPS-display, efficient hardware platform and a wide range of wireless communication technologies. We will try to answer to the question: "What the potential buyer can expect from the tablet?" But fist of all let’s start from the technical characteristics:


tags: wi-fi   ips   gps   mediatek   3g   microsd   android   arm   micro-sim   bluetooth 4.0   micro-usb   cortex-a7   globex   
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Smartphone Fly EVO Tech 4 (IQ4514 Quad): review and testing

For quite a long time on the domestic market, the brand Fly won the favor and loyalty of users due to the wide range of different product range and very good price/features ratio. Today for testing we have a mid-range smartphone Fly EVO Tech 4 (IQ4514 Quad), designed for a wide range of users.

Fly EVO Tech 4 (IQ4514 Quad)

New product offers classic appearance in the popular 5-inch form factor, good performance and good functionality. How successful is the smartphone will be descried in this review. But first of all lets notice a technical specification of the device:


tags: fly   wi-fi   gps   ips   mediatek   microsd   android   micro-usb   arm   micro-sim   multi-touch   dlna   bluetooth 4.0   cortex-a7   
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Tablet Impression ImPAD 9314: review and testing

Not always the desire to buy a new tablet computer coincides with the presence of a sufficient amount of fund, which significantly reduces the range of devices available for purchase. In connection with the financial crisis, the price for models of famous brands was significantly increased, making them even less affordable to many users. Fortunately, the mobile market almost every day is extended with new and very interesting devices, many of which can boast of a good balance between functionality and reasonable price.

Impression ImPAD 9314

With one of these devices will be described in today’s article. Fir testing we have a promising and well-balanced tablet Impression ImPAD 9314, that has a number of attractive and highly demanded features. The interesting features of mobile gadget for a relatively modest cost of 2899 ($ 139) and some hidden features will be learnt by reading our further review. We will start it traditionally from the detailed consideration of technical characteristics.

tags: impression   wi-fi   gps   ips   android   arm   microsd   micro-usb   micro-sim   dlna   cortex-a7   mediatek   ddr3   bluetooth 4.0   multi-touch   
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SmartphoneBenQ F5: review and testing

Probably for most users the Taiwanese company BenQ is primarily associated with monitors, projectors and various computer peripherals. Some may remember the mobile phones under the brand BenQ-Siemens, which were issued from 2006 to the second half of 2008. After five year break the company decides to return to the rapidly growing smartphone market with two models: BenQ F3 and A3, which received good specifications and were aimed at the local market. For now the arsenal of the Taiwanese manufacturer includes two current smartphones - BenQ T3 and BenQ F5, designed for the international market in the medium and high price range, respectively. The older model was tested in our test lab and we will try to understand how it is interesting to potential buyers.

BenQ F5

The novelty has a modern look with qualitative materials, 5-inch HD IPS-display, common quad-core processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 400, the main camera module 13-megapixel Sony Exmor sensor and a number of other equally interesting features.

The specs:


tags: benq   wi-fi   qualcomm   ips   gps   snapdragon   android   3g   4g   nfc   dlna   microsd   sony   exmor   micro-usb   bluetooth 4.0   multi-touch   micro-sim   cortex-a7   802.11 n   
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SmarphoneLenovo VIBE X2: review and testing

Many modern smartphone manufacturers trying to draw attention to their devices through a kind of "arms race", which means an increase in the size of the display, the number of processor cores, camera resolution, and other important parameters. So sometimes it turns out that the smartphone has pretty interesting specifications, but from the outside nothing special apart from the competition - all the same unsightly monoblock. All this is clear for the company Lenovo, which is able to create not only interesting gadgets in terms of price/features, but may surprise potential buyer by original appearance. In this regard, nice is a model from lineup Lenovo VIBE, absorbed the advanced technical features and interesting design. A striking example is the hero of our regular review Lenovo VIBE X2.

Lenovo VIBE X2

This model is original and has quite sophisticated design with qualitative materials. All this is wonderfully complemented by 5-inch Full HD IPS-screen, high-performance processor MediaTek MT6595M, the main 13 megapixels camera and a number of other equally interesting features, which we will discuss below. The specs:


tags: lenovo   wi-fi   4g   3g   mediatek   gps   bluetooth   ips   arm   android   full hd   dlna   micro-usb   lte   cortex-a7   corning gorilla glass   multi-touch   802.11 n   micro-sim   soc   
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Smartphone ZTE Nubia Z7 mini: review and testing

Over the past few years Chinese mobile phone manufacturers made a huge burst in development. Until recently their products had a plain design, low-quality build quality, slurred hardware and software with uncomfortable control aspect. The appearance of Android OS greatly simplified life of the creator of such devices and at the same time increased competition between them. "Fashion" OS applied in smartphones of world-known manufacturers strongly pulled Chinese devices in terms of functionality, but at the same time has increased demands to the hardware. The Chinese unnamed devices became popular for user with higher demands in terms of performance and design.

After a few years of competition for buyers in the domestic and foreign markets the Chinese smartphones were completely transformed. Companies whose names are in our area were not popular now offer phones with flagship systems, high-quality screen and uninteresting design. This is complemented by current versions of the Android OS with useful add-ons from the manufacturer and affordable price.

Against the background of bold newcomers more notable Chinese companies are in an interesting position. On the one hand, their image doesn’t allow to skim the cream like global brands, often offering overpriced smartphones with outdated features. On the other hand, they cannot make price dumping as the cost is higher than that of their younger compatriots with a small staff and advertising costs.

ZTE Nubia Z7 mini

In such circumstances some Chinese brands try to offer smartphones with good quality equipment and technical support at a price slightly higher than "anonymous" devices, but much lower than that of identical offers from international companies. This class of solutions includes the smartphone ZTE Nubia Z7 mini. This model was bought by the author for personal use, and now will try to tell you about the pros and cons of this model.

tags: zte   android   qualcomm   wi-fi   4g   lte   snapdragon   3g   micro-usb   gps   microsd   ips   exmor   4k ultra hd   dts   corning gorilla glass   bluetooth 4.0   micro-sim   widi   dlna   multi-touch   
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Smart Watch and Phone: sWaP Social review and testing

Fiction of the past dreamed of a time when advanced technology will give people bright and unusual gadgets that provide unprecedented functionality. Movie characters certainly had a small device able to instantly process the vast amounts of information, or provide an advantage in battle.

And during last few years we have almost completely surrounded by high-performance mobile systems, thin and quite powerful smartphones, as well as a variety of other electronic gadgets. And due to the current trend toward miniaturization and the introduction of new technologies, we became the observers of the emergence of something extremely compact and rather unusual. And this is smart watch. The turning point in the industry was in 2013, when "arms race" had not only the world-famous industrial giants Apple, BlackBerry, Google, LG and Samsung, but other equally ambitious and persistent enthusiasts.

sWaP Social

This time we managed to get quite interesting and very promising device in terms of the functionality Smart Watch and Phone sWaP Social. Unlike most of the competitors in the market, this model is not just a stylish accessory with a slightly expanded set of functions, but is a full-fledged smartphone in a compact wristwatch form factor. So let’s start our acquaintance with the detailed examination of the technical characteristics of the gadget.

tags: swap   wi-fi   gps   bluetooth 4.0   micro-usb   3g   tft   android   micro-sim   mediatek   cortex-a9   dlna   arm   
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Tablet PocketBook SURFpad 4 M: review and testing  

The company PocketBook International, in our opinion, does not need any special presentation. Starting from 2008 (when the first electronic reader PocketBook 301 was released) and to present day professional development team never stopped to please loyal fans of the brand by qualitative multimedia devices and e-books. And more recently the company is actively gaining new market segment - the multimedia tablet PCs.

PocketBook SURFpad 4 M


Regular readers, who are closely watching the daily news of our information portal, certainly know about the start of sales of the new series of tablets - PocketBook SURFpad 4. Therefore, we could not miss the opportunity to test one of these rather interesting devices. And for testing we have a model of the lineup PocketBook SURFpad 4 M, equipped with Retina-display with a diagonal of 7.85 inches and a resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels. In addition, the tablet has a number of additional features, which you can learn from our further review.

The specs:


according to test results, the performance of the tablet is at a high level. eight cores paired with a good graphics accelerator is more than enough to meet almost all daily tasks, including to launch advanced mobile games. the device can easily cope with playback of various hd-content, as has the support of an impressive number of video and audio formats “from the box”.
tags: pocketbook   wi-fi   gps   microsd   bluetooth 4.0   arm   micro-sim   3g   ips   mediatek   microsdxc   microsdhc   micro-usb   android   cortex-a7   dlna   802.11 n   miracast   multi-touch   
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Microsoft Lumia 535 Dual SIM smartphone: review and testing

Last year Microsoft has completely closed the deal with the Finnish company Nokia concerning the acquisition of its mobile phone business. And in the end of the year the software giant released the first smartphone under its own brand Microsoft Lumia 535. Novelty has familiar design and relatively affordable price tag. Smartphone had visited our lab, so we are ready to share the results of own acquaintance with this model.

Microsoft Lumia 535 Dual SIM

The device is the embodiment of the concept of “5×5×5”. Where the first five is the key integrated services and applications Microsoft (Skype, Office, Cortana, OneDrive and Outlook). The second and third five is a wide-angle 5-megapixel front camera and 5-inch IPS-display with qHD resolution. Lets’ start from the specifications:


tags: microsoft   lumia   wi-fi   windows   ips   nokia   micro-usb   micro-sim   gps   qualcomm   3g   microsd   snapdragon   cdma   cortex-a7   bluetooth 4.0   dlna   multi-touch   802.11 n   soc   
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Samsung Galaxy S5 (SM-G900H) smartphone: review and testing

he Korean company Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. is one of the biggest and most famous players in the IT-industry. It does not need any introduction, as well as its range of devices Samsung Galaxy. The story of one of the most popular and most successful lineup of Android-devices dates back to 2009 with the launch of the first smartphone Samsung i7500. Now it has expanded considerably and includes not only smartphones, but also a number of other equally interesting devices such as: phablet, tablet, iPod, camera and smart watches. Therefore, the family of Samsung Galaxy has a division into subfamilies: Samsung Galaxy S and Samsung Galaxy Mega, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Samsung Galaxy Note, Samsung Galaxy Player, Samsung Galaxy Camera and Samsung Galaxy Gear. Due to this diversity lineup of "Galaxy" can meet the needs of most users. Howeverthe main business card of the Korean manufacturer is a series of smartphones Samsung Galaxy S, which with each generation takes up at all the successful practices of the company and successfully competes with the flagships of other manufacturers (primarily smartphones Apple iPhone). Therefore, the appearance of each new model is a significant event in the smartphone market.

Samsung Galaxy S5

This year (February 24) a new flagship smartphone of Koforean companie Samsung Galaxy S5 was introduced. During the first month of sales the sold copies were more than 11 million. Thereby surpassing the 10% performance of its predecessor (Samsung Galaxy S4) for the same period. It should be noted that to achieve this level for the model Samsung Galaxy S3 the company spent 50 days, and the similar amounts of models Samsung Galaxy S2 and Samsung Galaxy S have been implemented during only five and seven months respectively.

We suggest to start form the technical characteristics:


tags: samsung   galaxy   wi-fi   micro-usb   4k ultra hd   gps   microsd   usb 3.0   android   exynos   mhl   amoled   nfc   micro-sim   full hd   cortex-a15   bluetooth 4.0   dlna   802.11 ac   
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Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 8.0 4G LTE tablet: review and testing

It's not a secret that today's mobile technology gradually and irrevocably intrudes on the lives of every person without exception. And this, in our opinion is a very positive occurrence. Try to figure it out for yourself, it’s not bad to have at own disposal a device with a good performance and a relatively large screen and at the same time in a rather small and lightweight case. Well typing and editing the text, watch videos, play your favorite games and at the same time you don’t need to screw up own eyes to the small screen of the smartphone or carry a heavy laptop. Recently, these features were combined in one device named tablet. Totally "have killed" the laptop market, it has become an integral part of the modern person. And it is worth to note that one of the leading roles in this situation played a Korean company Samsung. The range of devices from this manufacturer is expanding every year, constantly introducing advanced technology and giving users new opportunities.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 8.0 4G LTE

Confirmation of the above said is Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 8.0 4G LTE which came to us for testing. This 8-inch device is a bright representative of fourth generation tablet from the Korean manufacturer. The gadget has a good hardware platform provided by the tandem of quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 and graphics accelerator Qualcomm Adreno 305, which are running under the latest operating system Android 4.4.2 KitKat. But the main highlight of the new product  in our view is the support of a new generation of mobile networks - 4G LTE.

tags: samsung   4g   lte   galaxy tab   qualcomm   wi-fi   microsd   gps   snapdragon   android   tft   micro-usb   pls   arm   cdma   multi-touch   3g   micro-sim   bluetooth 4.0   dlna   
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ALCATEL ONETOUCH IDOL X+ smartphone: review and testing

In 2004 the French telecommunications company Alcatel-Lucent specifically its department engaged in mobile devices, has joined hands with the same department of the Chinese company TCL Communication. As a result now we have joint company of TCL & Alcatel Mobile Phones Limited (TAMP), where 55% of the stock owned by TCL and 45 % by Alcatel-Lucent. All plants for the production of phones have been moved to China. And in 2005 TCL had completely bought safety stock and renamed the company as TCT Mobile and conclude an agreement that allows it to produce phones under the brand Alcatel. Now the company developings smartphones under the brands TCL and ALCATEL ONETOUCH for markets in Asia, Latin America, Europe and other regions. It is actively cooperating with the big operators and distributors. TCL Communication is among the top ten fastest-growing mobile phone manufacturers.


For testing we have smartphone ALCATEL ONETOUCH IDOL X+ which bears the title of leader and meets all the canons of the market. Novelty can boast the newest platform MediaTek MT6592, 5-inch Full HD IPS-display, progressive audio decoder Hi-Fi ES9018 and a number of other interesting features which will be discussed below. We suggest to start with a review of the technical characteristics of new item:


tags: wi-fi   gps   mediatek   arm   full hd   ips   micro-sim   dlna   snapdragon   micro-usb   qualcomm   bluetooth   sony   nfc   802.11 n   multi-touch   corning   alcatel   alcatel onetouch   tcl communication   
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