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HIS R7 250Х iCooler (H250XF1G) graphics card: review and testing

Lineup of HIS includes not only high-end solutions and mid-range models, but also more affordable graphics cards. And one such version will be described in today’s review. 

HIS R7 250X iCooler (H250XF1G)

Video accelerator HIS R7 250X iCooler 1GB GDDR5 PCI-E DLDVI-D/HDMI/VGA or HIS R7 250Х iCooler or HIS H250XF1G is a modification AMD Radeon R7 250X presented in 2014 and is equipped with one gigabyte of video memory of standard GDDR5. The key features include the operation on the reference frequencies and the use of original branded cooling system iCooler. 

As for the AMD Radeon R7 250X, you can find its key features in the review of version PowerColor Radeon R7 250X, well we are going to proceed directly to the familiarity with the modification of HIS.

The specification of graphics card HIS R7 250X iCooler (H250XF1G):



(HIS H250XF1G)

Graphics core

AMD Radeon R7 250Х (Cape Verde XT)

Q-ty of shader pipelines


Support of technologies and API

DirectX 11.2, OpenGL 4.3, AMD Mantle, AMD Eyefinity, AMD App Acceleration, AMD HD3D, AMD CrossFireX, AMD PowerPlay, AMD PowerTune, AMD ZeroCore

Core clock speed, MHz


Memory frequency (effective), MHz

1125 (4500)

Memory capacity, GB


Memory type


Memory bus, bit


Memory carrying capacity, GB/s


Bus type

PCI Express 3.0 x16

Max resolution

Digital up to 4096 x 2160

Analog up to 2048 x 1536

Screening interfaces

1 x DVI-D

1 x HDMI

1 x D-Sub

Support of HDCP and HD-video decoding


Minimal power supply capacity, W


Additional power sockets PCIe

1 x 6-pin

Dimensions taken from official website (according measurements in own test lab) , mm

170 х 110 (182 х 112)


Drivers can be downloaded here: HIS or GPU

Producer website


Packaging and content

HIS R7 250X iCooler (H250XF1G)

The novelty comes in a small, vertically oriented box decorated in corporate style. In addition to the references to the amount and type of video memory the front side specifies about the use of corporate cooler iCooler and the presence of the supplied software to control the operation of the graphics card (HIS iTurbo). Special mention is given to the use of the internal interface of PCI Express 3.0.

HIS R7 250X iCooler (H250XF1G)

The reverse side of the box has a reference to the support of several technologies of company AMD (AMD HD3D, AMD PowerTune), as well as a list of the key features of the graphics card.

HIS R7 250X iCooler (H250XF1G)

A list of system requirements for the computer is also located on the back side. Based on the recommendations, the power supply should have a capacity of at least 400 W and one 6-pin cable PCIe.

HIS R7 250X iCooler (H250XF1G)

Supplied set of tested model includes only the disk with drivers and utilities, and user manual, which is quite logical for the graphics card in this price range.

HIS R7 250X iCooler (H250XF1G)

To display an image the original set of interfaces is used:

  • 1 x DVI-D;
  • 1 x HDMI;
  • 1 x D-Sub.

The following resolutions are supported:

  • Digital up to 4096 x 2160;
  • Analog up to 2048 x 1536.

Design and circuitry

HIS R7 250X iCooler (H250XF1G)

The graphics card HIS R7 250x iCooler (H250XF1G) is performed on a very compact PCB of blue color> it term of design it is very similar to the standard version AMD Radeon HD 7750. The key difference between these two models is the presence of 6-pin power connector on the right side of the tested new item. The remaining elements of the on-board layout are the same.

HIS R7 250X iCooler (H250XF1G)

HIS R7 250X iCooler (H250XF1G)

Power of model HIS R7 250x iCooler (H250XF1G) is performed on standard three-phase circuit where two phases are reserved for the needs of graphic core, and another one for the memory chip.

The GPU power subsystem is implemented on the two-phase digital PWM controller APW7098, located on the front side of the PCB.

HIS R7 250X iCooler (H250XF1G)

In addition to slot PCI Express 3.0 x16 graphics card power supply is provided through an extra connector on the right side of the PCB. In accordance with the recommendations of AMD, a 6-pin version is used. Note thy ease of connection and, most importantly disconnection of the power cord PCIe.

HIS R7 250X iCooler (H250XF1G)

The reverse side of the PCB has variety of electrical components, mounting screws of the cooling system and a number of labels with service information.

AMD Radeon HD 7770 with updated version AMD Radeon R7 250X uses one connector for the appropriate bridge for the implementation of the technology AMD CrossFireX. The test model also supports the technology on the software level, allowing you to combine two video accelerators for joint calculation of graphic effects without bridge AMD CrossFireX.

HIS R7 250X iCooler (H250XF1G)

The heart of the hero of this review is the graphics chip AMD Cape Verde XT, produced by 28-nm process technology. It consists of 640 unified shader pipelines, 16 ROP units and 40 texture units. Since HIS R7 250x iCooler (H250XF1G) comes with a reference frequency formula, the graphics core operates at recommended value of 1000 MHz.

HIS R7 250X iCooler (H250XF1G)

The total capacity of memory is 1 GB and it is collected via 4 chips SK hynix H5GQ2H24AFR-T2C with the capacity 256 MB each, which run on the recommended by AMD to the effective frequency of 4500 MHz. Data exchange between the graphics core and memory is realized through a 128-bit bus, which is able to pass 72.0 GB of information per second.

Cooling system

HIS R7 250X iCooler (H250XF1G)

The graphics card with installed a proprietary cooling system iCooler takes two expansion slots and has a total length of 170 mm according to the official website (182 mm as measured in our lab).

HIS R7 250X iCooler (H250XF1G)

HIS R7 250X iCooler (H250XF1G)

The cooler consists of a small whole radiator fins and a fan with an impeller of 87 mm in diameter, mounted on the plastic housing.

HIS R7 250X iCooler (H250XF1G)

Model Apistek GA91O2H As is used a fan. The nominal voltage of its operation is 12 V and the amperage is 0.35 A, which results in a power of 4.2 W.

HIS R7 250X iCooler (H250XF1G)

In the automatic control mode of fan speed, at maximum load, the GPU was heated up to 59°C and cooler was worked with the 36% of its maximum capacity. Subjectively, the sound level at a speed of 2150 rpm can be described as below average. In this case, it was quite comfortable for continuous operation in front of the PC.

HIS R7 250X iCooler (H250XF1G)

After the forced rotation of fans at the maximum speed (3900 rpm), the core temperature is dropped to 53 degrees. Create noise exceeded the average level and became uncomfortable.

HIS R7 250X iCooler (H250XF1G)

In case of load absence the frequencies of the graphics core and memory are automatically reduced, allowing them to decrease the power consumption and heat. In this mode, the GPU temperature did not exceed 37 degrees, and the level of noise was pretty quiet, but with a little background.

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