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Digital Video Recorder Lauf Ultra Braun: review and testing

According to practice and our own tests, the most compromise models of DVRs are solutions with price tag of $80-120. They often have all the necessary functionality and provide an acceptable quality of the recording. In general, they satisfy the needs of most users. But what about the models that go beyond the specified range, in particular, cheaper DVRs? Is it reasonable to alarm about them, or it is better to add some money for better parameters? We think that the issue of concern to many motoring fans. Naturally, we could not ignore it, so we decided to take a representative from the lower segment of the market ($80) and study its potential in practice more detailed. We chose the model Lauf Ultra Braun, which stands out among its competitors due to the original appearance.

Lauf Ultra Braun

The specs:


Lauf Ultra Braun 

Image Sensor


Effective pixel quantity, MP


Recorded video modes

1920 х 1080 @ 30 fps

1280 х 720 @ 60 fps

848 x 480 @ 30 fps

640 x 480 @ 30 fps

Recorded video format

.MOV (codec H.264)

View angle, °


Lens aperture



Yes (max resolution - 4032 х 3024)

Sound recording


GPS module


Shock  sensor


Motion sensor


Record activation

Automatic, manual, according motion sensor, according shock sensor

LCD-size, inches


Memory card


Memory card capacity, GB


Embedded memory


Capacity of built-in battery, mA*h


External interfaces

1 x mini-USB
1 x mini-HDMI

2 х A/V

Additional capabilities

High Dynamic Range

Relative humidity, %


Ambient temperature,°С



Dimensions, mm


Weight, g


Producer website


Product page


Packaging and content

Lauf Ultra Braun

DVR Lauf Ultra Braun is shipped in a compact cardboard box which provides protection against shock and possible mechanical damages. The image allows to evaluate the appearance of the device and a short list of parameters on the reverse side provide the description of its main features.

Lauf Ultra Braun

However, all data that may be of interest to potential buyers are not indicated here. It is not good news due tit the fact that the company does not have an official site with details of the model.

Lauf Ultra Braun

Supplied set of  DVR Lauf Ultra Braun includes the following components:

  • bracket with suction cup to fix the device on the windshield;
  • car charger;
  • cable with HDMI socket;
  • cable mini-USB↔USB;
  • decorative bag;
  • manual.

For a complete happiness only the A/V-cable is required. However, given the low cost of the device, this package could be described as quite rich. For example, not many competitive solutions boast of the presence of cord with HDMI connectors. Also, maybe someone will appreciate the presence of a decorative bag. We don’t think that it will be useful for the recorder, but you can use it for other purposes, for example, as a protective cover for mobile phone.

A device with standard car plug and fairly long cable are used to power the device. The parameters of the input voltage are 12/24, output - 5 V and 1 A.

Design and external environment

Lauf Ultra Braun

The first thing that catches your eye when you look at Lauf Ultra Braun is, of course, its outstanding appearance. Brown body combined with black panels and chrome buttons looks great. This model certainly can be called one of as the most attractive among similar solutions of the same type.

At the same time the case has a good build quality: panels are made of thick plastic and perfectly fitted to each other. Since the conditions for the operation of the device are not favorable, this aspect is quite important.

Unfortunately, we could not find official information about the dimensions of Lauf Ultra Braun. According to own measurements it is 113 x 46 x 32 mm, which is comparable to the size of other DVRs executed in the shell with a vertical layout.

Lauf Ultra Braun

Almost the entire front side is taken by a 2.7-inch screen closed by plastic transparent plate on the top. On sides are the basic controls and a small LED that indicates the status of the device and its mode of operation. Also here you can find the hole for the microphone. By the way, the quality of the sound recording is at a very high level (of course, by the standards of DVRs).

Lauf Ultra Braun

Unfortunately, the manufacturer has provided very little information about the most important part of the solution, namely the lens. We suppose that it uses glass optics with multiple lenses. But here's the other technical details, such as the aperture ratio, viewing angle, and a number of other parameters cannot be defined by eye. Therefore, any conclusions about the quality of the lens we will do on the basis of the video. The receiving part is a 3-megapixel sensor that allows you to record video at a maximum resolution of 1920 x 1080 and a rate of 30 fps.

The process of capture and save video is cyclic. Although, if necessary it can be run manually. Also the recording starts automatically when shock sensor (G-Sensor) or motion is responses. The first tracks speeding of the car on three axes. If there is a strong shift of the value (for example, during the shock), the recorder starts recording automatically. The second sensor reacts to the emergence of moving objects in the frame. This function is useful when the driver walked away from the car or a car is left in the parking lot.

The other interesting features include functions of the camera with the ability to take pictures in resolutions up to 4032 x 3024. However, it will lose its value without built-in battery.

Lauf Ultra Braun

Ergonomics of body and the appearance deserve only the most flattering words. The main four buttons that serve to navigate menus, activate recording and select the operating mode of the DVR are of big size. They have a clear pressure degree, so the configuring of device will not cause any trouble.

Lauf Ultra Braun

Two additional buttons can be found on the upper end of the housing. The first activates the DVR and the second provides access to the menu.

Model Lauf Ultra Braun has all the necessary connections that will be useful to the user during its operation. Some of them (mini-USB port, and two A / V-out) are placed on the upper end of the housing.

Lauf Ultra Braun

The rest (HDMI and a slot for memory cards) are located on the sides of the DVR. Thus, you can easily output images directly to a monitor or TV. As for the memory card, everything is standard: only format microSD is supported. In this case, the maximum amount can reach 32 GB. According to personal experience we recommend the use the solutions of a class 6 or higher. In practice, the copy speed of the memory card was about 12 MB/s, which is comparable to high-end devices from other manufacturers.

Lauf Ultra Braun

To place the tested model on the windshield the device has a special bracket with a movable hinge at the end. Usign it Lauf Ultra Braun can be easily configured in the most optimal space to the user, and in case of need to change position in seconds.

DVR is located directly next to the rotary mechanism, so it should be no spurious vibration and rocking while driving on a bad road.

Lauf Ultra Braun

The bracket is secured using powerful suction cups. This method is quite simple and at the same time reliable. In addition, it leaves no trace on the surface. As a result of installation or removal process occurs rapidly and without any additional effort.

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