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NaviPower Gaming V8 White case review

Market of computer components is full with the models that are not wide popular among users. But a small popularity is not a feature of bad quality as well as the popularity is not 100% earnest of high efficiency and productivity of offered product.

We faced with this fact many times when testing of system units. As it is known, high functionality, appearance and ergonomics of inner space are very important for these devices. In case of gamer casings the requirements are twice higher because bad cooling or low-quality case assembling can ruin the impressions about powerful gaming configuration.

To avoid this situation we want to provide the information about more or less known new product over computer market. NaviPower Company is not wide known and popular, but it has quite interesting products, for example: case NaviPower Gaming V8 White.

NaviPower Gaming V8 White

The specs:




Gaming V8 White 

Case type

Middle Tower

Form-factor for motherboards

Mini-ITX / microATX / ATX




1 х 5,25 inch (outside)

1 х 3,5 inch (outside)

3 х 3,5/2,5 inch (inner)

Slots for expansion cards


Max. length of graphics card, mm


Max. height of CPU cooler, mm



1 x USB 3.0

2 x USB 2.0

2 х audio outputs (headphone, microphone)

docking station for outside connection of drive with SATA interface  



  • no

Installation opportunity:

  • on front panel - 2 х 80 mm / 2 х 120
  • on top panel - 2 х 120 mm
  • on side panel - 1 х 120 mm
  • on back panel - 1 х 80 mm / 1 х 120 mm
  • on bottom panel - 1 х 120 mm
  • on plastic holder - 1 х 120 mm

Power supply unit



front and top panels: plastic

tub: steel with thickness 0,65 mm

side panels: with thickness 0,62 mm

Case size, mm

480 х 200 х 485

Wight, kg


Producer/distributor website


Packaging and content

NaviPower Gaming V8 White

NaviPower Gaming V8 White case is supplied in carton box that protects it against mechanical damages and cracks. Bright printed printing trade is absent, as well as the list of technical parameters.

NaviPower Gaming V8 White

Set of delivery of NaviPower Gaming V8 White includes:

  • set of fastening screws and support of motherboard installation;
  • clamps for cable bundle;
  • fastening system for support of bulky graphics cards;
  • two removable plastic panels of light-green and orange colors.

These components will be enough for assembling of NaviPower Gaming V8 White. Regarding fastening system for support of graphics cards, we will observe it little bit latter during more detailed introduction with case.


NaviPower Gaming V8 White

NaviPower Gaming V8 White has “Gaming” type. Gamers will be glad to have aggressive design, plenty of perforated plates and bright coloring. In addition, the side panel has acryl inspection hole.

The case is performed in popular form-factor Middle Tower and has standard dimensions 480 х 200 х 485 mm. You can select among two color variations: black (Gaming V8 Black) and white (Gaming V8 White).

NaviPower Gaming V8 White

Also using removable panels you can change the appearance of the case making it more specific and interesting.

NaviPower Gaming V8 White

Front panel is made of thick plastic and has high harshness. At the bottom you will find 2 holes for air inputs for fans (if they are installed) which are closed by metallic lattices with small cells. Dust foam filters were not detected as the flow of cooled air into case is provided via these cells.

The top panel has a section for card-reader which is hidden over opening shutter. Also here you will find a place for optical drive. Between them there are: control elements “POWER” and “RESET”; indicators of computer and drive operation, as well as information panel of built-in fan controller. Listed below you will find the description of fan controller.

NaviPower Gaming V8 White

In contrast to analogues solutions, it has automatic fan control. It means you don’t need to adjust the speed of rotation manually. The device will do this operation independently. Data of its correct operation can be got via outside thermal sensor which should be installed inside the case. The higher air temperature, the faster fans are rotated (4 pcs). Information panel on the front side replicates sensor data. This scheme is pretty useful in practice. The one thing we would like to improve is raise temperature range. But having tested the sensor location it became possible to get good and correct fan controller operation.

We would like to note that all buttons and indicators have mild blue backlight. On white background it looks perfectly at any time.

NaviPower Gaming V8 White

The interfaces are presented by 3 USB ports (one corresponds to USB 3.0 standard and other - USB 2.0) and 2 audio sockets for headphone and microphone connection. They are placed on the top panel and have suitable access. Also there are removable plugs that cover each socket. 

NaviPower Gaming V8 White

But this is not the end of case advantages. Behind interface panel there is docking station for “hot” connection of SATA drives. Also there are two groups of fan holes with size 11,5 х 12,5 cm и 11,5 х 9,5 cm.

NaviPower Gaming V8 White

Back panel has standard Middle Tower configuration: Supply unit is at the bottom, there are 7 slots for expansion card, back fan size is 120mm. In addition we pay your attention to the presence of outside hoses intended for liquid cooling.

NaviPower Gaming V8 White

Lower panel has a big perforated area (22,5 х 12cm) intended for feeding of cold air to power unit and case inside (there is a place for 120mm fan). It is covered with removable dust filter fastened with the help of magnets.

There are 4 legs at each case corner. They are made of rubber helping to avoid vibrations during computer operation. Its high is 15mm and air will go through power unit even if NaviPower Gaming V8 White will be installed on a pad.

NaviPower Gaming V8 White

As we have already said, left side wall is equipped with big acryl inspection holes. Also here is one 120mm fan. Steel sheet thickness including painted cover is 0.62mm which is good value for this case.

During testing we did not have any question to case hardness and assembling quality. Everything is perfect: panels are suited, there are no gaps.

Internal device

NaviPower Gaming V8 White

This photo provides good presentation about internal space arrangement into NaviPower Gaming V8 White case. Tub is painted in black color, and the thickness of steel sheet is 0.65mm. The manufacturer has selected non-standard design. Instead of one common support for drives he has chosen two.  This fact will allow to install any type of available graphics cards. According official data, the maximum length of graphics adapter should not exceed 360mm. It means that even double chip solutions will be suitable for this device.   

The building of gaming system from two graphics accelerators requires attentiveness and consideration of layout of PCI Express x16slots on motherboard. On some models the second PCI Express x16 slot is at the bottom and this causes a problem for graphics card installation as it will be set against the hard disk drive. But from other hand the marked is flood with various solutions and you will not face with the problem of proper motherboard and graphics accelerators selection.

NaviPower Gaming V8 White

As we have already talking about graphics cards, we want to mention about presence of special plastic carrier. It performs two functions: first of all it is suitable for installation of 120mm fan to air the graphics adapter, and also it can be used to prevent the sag of graphics cards.   

NaviPower Gaming V8 White

If you are going to use it against sag of the cables, you should take a system from delivery set. This photo demonstrates how it should be in practice.

NaviPower Gaming V8 White

The bin with outside sections takes its proper place. Each section is equipped with special locks. It means that for fixation of optical drive and card-reader you should not use screwdrivers. In addition we want to note that second 5.25inch section is full with fan controller and cables.

NaviPower Gaming V8 White

Lower bin has good arrangement. In comparison with various cases it is turned at 90°, i.e. faced to the user. In basket there are 3 spots for drive fixing, each is equipped with special removable frame.

NaviPower Gaming V8 White

The process of hard disk installation is quite intuitive and will not take much time. Each frame has holes for SSD-drive connection.

NaviPower Gaming V8 White

Assembled construction is fixed solidly and without any backlashes, but the rigidity of the frame should be higher. Rubber gaskets are in places of drive contact.

NaviPower Gaming V8 White

Also vibrations preventing elements are placed in spots of power unit connection.

Set of  NaviPower Gaming V8 White delivery does not include any fan, although there many places for their installation:

  • on front panel - 2 х 80 mm / 2 х 120
  • on top panel - 2 х 120 mm
  • on side panel - 1 х 120 mm
  • on back panel - 1 х 80 mm / 1 х 120 mm
  • on bottom panel - 1 х 120 mm
  • on plastic holder - 1 х 120 mm

So if required it is possible to organize inside air circulation or proper blow of graphics card.

NaviPower Gaming V8 White

The cables of ports and buttons are quite long. It means it is possible to get even the most distant part of motherboard. There is only HD Audio connector. 3-contact connectors of FAN type are used to connect to fan controller.

NaviPower Gaming V8 White

The tray of motherboard opposite to the CPU socket has a big hole to install/remove coolers without dismantling the whole system. Also here  there are many small holes to pack the cables.

NaviPower Gaming V8 White

Between the tray and side panel the manufacturer left enough space. If required you can put here all necessary cables.

NaviPower Gaming V8 White

In general we liked the design of internal space of NaviPower Gaming V8 White. We did not face with any complaints during the installation of motherboard with all components as well as connection and cabling.. At that almost all cables were placed outside the tray of motherboard. This improved air circulation inside case. In the result the build was pretty and neat.

NaviPower Gaming V8 White

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