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CPU Intel Core i3-4130 review and testing

Intel Core i3-4130 is the fourth-generation Haswell-based CPU. During the production the basic focus was shifted to the sphere of energy optimization with the aim to develop either compact desktop or mobile computers.

Intel Core i3-4130

The object of this review takes an intermediate position in modern Intel Core i3 line, so it has sufficiently balanced parameters with acceptable cost for mass users.

During the testing we have estimated product characteristics, its performance and overclocking capability. But before proceeding to processor analysis let's estimate the integration and construction of firm cooler.

Package, delivery set and standard cooling system

Intel Core i3-4130

The box has blue and yellow colors with lots of high-quality printing. This design is typical of all series of Intel Core i3 / i5 / i7 4th generation processors. Also you will find a label with name of model and usable CPU socket.

Intel Core i3-4130

On the top side there is a transparent opening that allows you to examine processor form without opening the package.

Intel Core i3-4130

From one box side you will find a list of  Intel Core i3-4130 advantages:

  • Two physical cores, Intel Hyper-Threading technology, 4-Ways Multitask Processing;
  • Intel Smart Cache technology;
  • Integrated Memory Controller that supports two-channel mode and DDR3 and memory card;
  • Three-year limited warranty;
  • Intel HD Graphics 4400 graphics core.

Intel Core i3-4130

In addition on one box side there is a white sticker with protective Intel hologram. It contains a short CPU information and device serial number.

Intel Core i3-4130

Intel Core i3-4130 delivery set includes: cooling system, short user manual, warranty service coupon and sticker for computer frame.

Intel Core i3-4130

Intel E97379-001 cooling system is produced by Foxconn Company. Small cooler has classic baffle shape and the following parameters: 12V and 0.17A.

Intel Core i3-4130

Compact round cooler has aluminum structure and contacts with CPU through a thin layer of thermal paste. As far as Intel Core i3-4130 has a low heat release, the copper core is not used.

Design and technical specification

Intel Core i3-4130 Intel Core i3-4130

CPU frame contains model name, clock frequency and producer country (Costa Rica). On the reverse side there are contacts for Socket LGA1150 connection.

The specs:


Intel Core i3-4130



CPU socket type

Socket LGA1150

Clock frequency, MHz




System bus frequency, MHz


L1 cache memory capacity, KB

2 х 32 (data memory)

2 х 32 (instruction memory)

L2 cache memory capacity, KB

2 х 256

L3 cache memory capacity, KB


Micro architecture

Intel Haswell

Number of cores/ threads



MMX, SSE, SSE2, SSE3, SSSE3, SSE4.1, SSE4.2, EM64T, VT-x, AES, AVX, AVX2, FMA3



Supply voltage, V


Max calculated power (TDP), W


Critical temperature, °C


Manufacturing process, nm



Intel Hyper-Threading

Intel (VT-x) virtualization

Intel VT-x including Extended Page Tables (EPT)

Intel 64 architecture

Idle condition

Intel SpeedStep

Thermal control technology

Integrated memory controller


Max memory capacity, GB


Memory type


Number of memory channels


Max network capacity, GB /s


ECC memory support


Integrated Intel HD Graphics 4400 core


CPU frequency, MHz


Max Turbo Boost frequency, MHz


Usable memory capacity, GB



Intel Quick Sync Video

Intel InTRU 3D

Intel Wireless Display

Intel Clear Video HD

Max number of supported displays


Producer website

Product page


Intel Core i3-4130

On the basis of present table we can draw a conclusion about good CPU performance. In spite of absence of Intel Turbo Boost support its basis clock frequency (3,4 GHz) will ensure quite good performance for modern games. Integrated Intel HD Graphics 4400 core is a good complement to support the operating system interface and standard applications. But if you want to enjoy a comfortable presentation of modern games it is better to use a discrete graphics card.

Intel Core i3-4130

Using CPU-Z 1.68 utility program we got the same values specified in official specification table Intel Core i3-4130. Intel Turbo Boost technology is not supported by this model. CPU rated frequency at the moment of reading was 3398 MHz including multiplier “х34”. Core voltage was 1,106 V.

Intel Core i3-4130

After the transition to idle mode the multiplier value fell to "x8", and frequency decreased to 800 MHz.

Intel Core i3-4130

Cache memory distribution is the same as for previous generation processor (Intel Ivy Bridge). There are 32 KB of cache memory per core with 8 associativity channels for data and instruction caching respectively. Also there are 256 KB of L2 cache memory with 8 associativity channels per each core and 3MB cache memory of L3 including 12 associativity channels of general usage.

Intel Core i3-4130

Memory controller supports DDR3 modules that operate with 1333 and 1600 MHz. Also they operate in dual channel mode.

Intel Core i3-4130

Intel Core i3-4130

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