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Apotheon: game review

Title: Apotheon
Genre: Platformer
Developer: Alientrap Games
Release date: 3 Feb 2015
Platform: РС / PS4
Website: http://www.apotheongame.com

Gods no longer care about the people. Zeus was angry for them and decided to cancel the entire human race. The world shudders at the endless wars, the earth dries up without rain, fish is no longer live in rivers, and harvest is eaten by locusts. Our hero is a Greek Nikandreos. And he is the last hope of humanity. He colludes with wife of Zeus with the aim to kill some members of the divine pantheon to restore the status quo.


And why only some of them? Well, many gods do not agree with their ruler: they love the earth and people, do not want to indulge their father, though cannot openly contradict. And this is the plot: some gods need to be won, and others - to win over, the third - to persuade at least do not interfere.

However, the plot of the game is absent: the story is based on the performance of the set tasks at the same time appearing in the game world. No mandatory requirement. Thus, you have complete freedom of movement on the locations.

Apotheon is a platformer, that is, the whole world is the player sees from the outside. Character is quick and agile, so moved with rapid speed. Locations are plenty, each of which is beautifully framed: hot Greek city; cave of the monster; basement, where people drunk; forest of Artemis; prison and so much more.


In addition, the game is visual beautiful: remember Nicholas Kuhn’s volume read to a child "Myths and Legends of Ancient Greece", remember the illustrations in the book - basically they depict painted amphorae and vases. They are unpretentious silhouettes, which, however, very clearly show the events in the life of the Greek folk. And this is the picture of the whole game - like an animated picture on an amphora. The virtual world is made so that every screenshot from the game want to print and hang it on the wall of ethnographic museum. Perfect meticulous work on every shot hits and very conducive to dive into the world of ancient myths.

ApotheonThe atmosphere is perfectly depicted: everything in the game helps to maximize emphasizing Greek style. If it's music, in each location it is different and it fits perfectly into the environment: in the forest plays harp, during the fight knocking drums and so on. If there is a voice of the characters, each character speaks with a maximum pathos, and every voice is perfect for the person. In addition, there is a large number of small details amazingly accurate atmosphere.

And around the game world there are numerous textual materials with excerpts from the Greek epic. Then you have Homer, and folk art, and clippings of the myths and so on. Each text is an excerpt of the game for a reason it is in place.


In general, the study locations in Apotheon is given a high attention because the game has freedom of movement, the player curiosity is encouraged by variety of useful items. Over the Olympus you can find weapons, ammunition, herbs, and ingredients for bombs.

All this is useful during the game and make it easier. Especially important is reserve the therapeutic agent: the game is pretty tough punishes you for any error by significant decrease of protagonist’s health. In addition to health, it is armor. Its amount depends on your equipment that can be improved on a regular basis in the stored gold coins. They fall from the opponents, but it is much more gold is around locations.

After a while, fighting with opponents becomes really difficult: they are actively using shields, easily catch you at the most inconvenient moment, while they are actively jump and dodge every way from your blows. At the same time, the battles take place very quickly and rapidly.


Each enemy requires its own approach, so the game has a lot of different kinds of weapons and defenses. Our hero is universal soldier, because he appeals equally well with both close and long-range combat: switch between a sword, a spear, a bow is realized by a single keystroke.

However, each weapon has its own characteristics: clubs do a lot of damage, but require a few seconds on the sweep; spears cause moderate damage, but require smaller attack; swords and daggers cause the least damage, but the sweep is very fast. Picking up a bow you should be prepared to go without protection for close combat.


Each weapon has its margin of safety, so that before the next heroic campaign it should be fixed and there is a need to buy tools. In addition to an impressive list of weapons, there is no less impressive list of types of ammunition: the poisoned arrows; fiery darts; arrows, which are able to be divided into a few during the flight; arrows, causing increased damage in the back, as well as bombs, incendiary mixtures, and much more.

And most importantly, Apotheon is amazingly undemanding to hardware platform. The game is easy to run even on older and slower devices, so be sure to try this amazing interactive tour of the legends of ancient Greece!

System requirements:

  • OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7
  • CPU: Intel Dual Core 2,0 GHz or AMD Athlon X2 5200+ 2,6 GHz
  • RAM: 1 GB
  • Graphics card: with support for DirectX 9.0c

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